Wings Transient Lounge Front

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 Wings Transit Lounge Review

Before anything, it’s important for me to point out that not every location that is named a lounge is worthy of being one. Such is the case for the Wings Transit Lounge, which I would consider more like a capsule hotel rather than an airline lounge. You can’t really compare this with World-class airline lounges like the First Class Lounge in Changi Airport, or even the Mabuhay Lounge at NAIA Terminal 2.


The Wings Transit Lounge is a pay-to-stay lounge. The bulk of its packages allow you to stay for at most 7 hours while also provided with a small buffet filed with only light snacks and some hot and cold beverages.

They have four different packages if you plan on staying there for 7 hours. You can choose from the Lounge, Capsule, Twin, or Family Package. They also have an area dedicated to BDO Diamond cardholders which will be the main focus of this review.

The Lounge

The Wings Transit Lounge has made some effort to entertain people through the way airline lounges do it. I personally didn’t expect much from this lounge as they’re much better known for their capsule room packages.

I’ve set my expectations pretty low, but once I entered the lounge, I was still pretty frustrated at how things were. There were barely any lights turned on and the cube-like seats were placed with little to no room in front of them. It all felt incredibly tight and uncomfortable. I tried the seats out and as I thought, they weren’t comfortable at all.

Wings Transient Lounge Sitting Area

Moving on to the other parts of the lounge, there was a workstation with two computers.

Wings Transient Lounge Work Station

The main area where the food was located was so small that there were only two tables near it. Although there were a few other tables some ways away, I still find it a bit too forced.     

Wings Transient Lounge Kitchenette

One thing I do like about the lounge is its shower rooms        

Wings Transient Lounge Shower Room

Though you have to squeeze into this space for you to have a good shower, it is still pretty decent considering there are a lot of lounges that don’t have any.

Wings Transient Lounge Shower

Overall Impression

The only reason I could think of that would make a BDO Diamond cardholder avail their free stay in this disappointing lounge is if they have nowhere else to go. The seats were bad, the food was inadequate, and overall it’s not even comparable to places like the Mabuhay lounge or the other foreign airline lounges.

I think their management should stick with just improving on their capsule rooms—something that they’re known for.

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