The Wing First Class Lounge

Cathay Pacific The Wing First Class Lounge Review

The Wing First Class Lounge is one of Cathay Pacific’s First Class Lounges within the Hong Kong International Airport. We highly recommend that you have at least four hours of spare time in order to maximize the experience in the lounges.

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To enter the Wing First Class Lounge, you need to satisfy certain requirements.

The lounge is open to any passenger that is flying First Class with Cathay Pacific or Dragon First Class; flying first class in any other oneworld carrier, a Marco Polo Diamond member on Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, oneworld carrier, or any codeshare flight in any cabin class, or a oneworld Emerald member flying on Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, any oneworld carrier, or codeshare flight.

The Wing Lounge Reception Desk

The reception desk to both first and business lounge was just one whole thing. The left side leads to the business lounge while the left side went straight to the section dedicated to the first-class lounge.

The Lounge

The elevator that leads to the First Class section is indicated by a large vertical pillar that simply said “First” with the Cathay Pacific logo.

The Wing First Class Lounge Elevator

The Wings First Class Lounge doesn’t have a ceiling. It’s completely open to the terminal. Because of this, there will always be times when it can be a bit noisy.

The lounge had several chairs of different types. I prefer their more generic seats that were quite large.

The Wing First Class Lounge Seating Area

There was also a champagne bar. The best thing about this place is that you can simply get a glass and move on to the other places. There were a few large seats here, however, it seemed a little bit too much for a solo traveler. This is why I just went on with the rest of the lounge.

On that note, the Champagne lounge is something that not all lounges have. A dedicated area for champagne will appeal to many a champagne connoisseur that might find themselves enjoying the lounge.

The Wing First Class Lounge Champagne Bar

The Wing First Class lounge had an ala carte menu and a buffet. Though most people would head straight to the Haven for a sit-down dinner, I just went ahead and looked at their menu and the buffet section. I planned to eat in the other first-class lounge, the Pier’s sit-down restaurant.

Below is the menu for The Haven.

The Wing First Class Lounge, The Haven Menu
The Wing First Class Lounge, The Haven Menu

The buffet selection had a limited number of hot dishes. There was also a type of soup that I didn’t look at properly.

The Wing First Class Lounge Buffet Selection

There was also this tea section that had an outstanding list of teas available.

The Wing First Class Lounge Tea Selection

For those who don’t like tea that much, there’s also an Elektra coffee machine right beside it.

The Wing First Class Lounge Elektra Coffee Machine

On the other side of the buffet table, there was a small liquor selection right behind a cheese tray.

The Wing First Class Lounge Minibar

For a better selection of alcohol, there was a full-service bar just a bit further in the lounge. The two baristas on duty were very much a delight to speak with. As the picture shows, there were a lot of Filipinos working here which made my stay more comfortable. Filipino hospitality, along with the amazing lounge made for a very nice experience.

The Wing First Class Lounge Full-service bar

Not exactly part of the First-Class lounge, but part still part of the Wing lounge itself was the noodle bar. It’s one of the more well-known parts of the lounge, and even first-class passengers would find it very endearing to visit this place as well.

The Wing First Class Lounge The Noodle Bar

The open kitchen concept, matched with a relatively nature-themed seating area, was an experience in itself. I’ve been here several times during my travels, and a bowl of noodles from here has always satisfied my tastes.

The Wing First Class Lounge The Noodle Bar Seating Area

Another notable area was the coffee loft. It’s essentially another, supposedly quieter seating area.

The Wing First Class Lounge The Coffee Loft

It was basically a few seats and tables dedicated to passengers that want to have a cup of coffee and read a newspaper.

The Wing First Class Lounge The Coffee Loft Seating Area

Now to the highlight of The Wing First Class Lounge. This is the only first-class lounge by Cathay Pacific that offers Cabanas.

The Wing First Class Lounge Hallway to the Cabanas

Cabanas are special shower suites, exclusive to Cathay Pacific, that might as well trump every other shower that other lounges offer.

Cabanas were essentially one big suite for a passenger. Inside was a bathtub, a shower, a vanity area, and even a large leather bed

The Cabana

Interestingly enough, no partitions were separating the shower and the bathtub. It may have just been to save space and make it feel bigger, but it was a great experience just spending time in it.

The Cabana

All the amenities and toiletries were found below a desk right before the bathing area.

The Cabana

There’s also a private toilet on the far side of the room.

Private Toilet

I had a quick shower and a long bath while I stayed here. It was such a relaxing area that it makes the wait for it really worth it.

Bear in mind that there are only five of these cabanas in The Wing First Class Lounge. Int order for passengers to get to use it, they should reserve them as soon as possible.

Each passenger can only stay for a maximum of 90 minutes in the Cabana—which was more than enough for people to fully experience Cathay Pacific’s Cabanas.

For anyone that wants to get the chance to use the Cabanas, I highly recommend getting it reserved as soon as you enter the lounge. The queue to use one can get pretty long, and if you’re someone that doesn’t have a lot of time, you might miss out just because you didn’t have it reserved.

Overall Impression

Before I give my opinion, I’d say that I will definitely come back to try out the Haven. However, even without it, I would rank the Wings First Class Lounge high on my list. Although I think that the seat variety and most amenities were rather decent at best, It’s the cabanas that carried this lounge high.

Even if it was just 90 minutes, It was excessive compared to how comfortable and private it is! I got to enjoy a hot shower and a very nice bath. One of the best features of the Cabanas was that they were temperature controlled. This means you won’t need to settle for the usually very cold climate within the airport.

At the end of the day, I spent most of my time within the Cabana and I can only say that it’s incredibly amazing. Whenever you get the chance to visit the Wing First Class lounge, you should make it a priority to get a slot to use the Cabanas!

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