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High on Cloud 9: Flying with Singapore Airlines [SG-MNL Business Class] Review

If it’s traveling in comfort and leisure that you want, booking a Business Class Ticket is a must. Singapore Airlines is a testament to how great of an experience flying in business class can be. I used the miles I’ve collected with KrisFlyer to fund my trip.


Singapore Airline’s A350 is one of the top choices for those who want a comfortable and worthwhile Business Class experience.

PROS: Impeccable service both in-flight and on-ground. Recommended seats are probably one of the more comfortable seats available across many Asian airlines. Accessible WiFi.

CONS: Relatively small foot cubbies.


For this trip, I transferred 50,000 Citi from my Citibank PremierMiles card to KrisFlyer, which amounted to 20,000 miles. That was enough to get me this free business class trip from Singapore to Manila!

I spent around PHP600,000 in order to collect the points that I got just to be able to redeem this flight worth around PHP60,000. that’s technically 10% of my expenditure back!

Airport Experience

I flew from Singapore to Manila on an A350-900. The entire flight takes around 3 to 4 hours, but the service experience was very good so that helped with the wait.

Changi Airport Terminal 2

My flight started at Changi Airport Terminal 2. It’s one of the most well-kept and elegant airport terminals I’ve been to. Even with the steady stream of people flying all around the world, it always has an elegant atmosphere no matter where you go. It’s been awarded 50+ awards and has been the top airport in the world for 6 consecutive years.

Changi Airport Terminal 2 Singapore Airlines Business Class Check-in

I went straight to the check-in counter and got in line with a number of people. Needless to say, the line didn’t matter much because I didn’t have to wait long.

Changi Airport Terminal 2 Shopping District

After checking in, I spent some time exploring. The airport was very spacious, with ample amount of space dedicated to stores and outlets. When you look at the booths and the layout of the shops, you’ll get to appreciate how much the airport value aesthetics and design.

They also have a large variety of whiskies that you can try out for free. The duty free in Changi boasts the lowest prices in alcoholic drink relative to all other airports in the Asia pacific region.

SilverKris Lounge Sitting Area

With a few minutes left before the flight, I decided to head over the SilverKris Lounge. It was a bit dated and the lack of windows made it feel cramped. In my opinion, it is in need of a major renovation. It wasn’t very crowded when I went there —only a handful of people were minding their own business.

EDIT: I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the First Class Lounge of the  very same terminal. check out my review of it over here!


The whole boarding process went through like a blur.

The business class passengers could board at any time which made it convenient for me. It was so smooth and fast that I didn’t have any time to take pictures!

Seats and Seat Configuration

Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class Seat

Upon boarding the plane, I was amazed by the Business Class seats. These are the new award-winning seats from Singapore Airlines, which boasts the best-in-class materials for any business class product in the industry.

You are provided with free socks, slippers, eyeshades, and a pillow. Each seat has several compartments for your belongings, an 18-inch display controlled through a touchscreen remote, with hundreds of movies on-demand and a foot cubby in front when you go on bed mode.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat Inflight Entertainment

There are also power plugs and USB ports for charging gadgets. Plus, you get to access a satellite Wi-Fi on board the plane!

Another notable thing is that there aren’t any overhead bins at the center, making it feel less cramped!

Business Class Seat Lay Flay mode

The seats are measured at 28-inches and have around 60-inches of seat pitch. When in bed mode, it’s length reaches 78-inches. In my opinion, this was probably the best business class seat I have taken in my life! It’s unfortunate that I only got to spend 3 hours since the flight from Singapore to Manila is quite short.

Seat Recommendations

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat Recommendations

When it comes to searching for the best seats in Business Class, the seats in front are the best ones to choose. The space provided for you is sufficient so that you won’t have to worry too much about disturbances from the galley. Rows 11 and 19 are by far the must-have seats for the most comfortable flight experience!

It’s also nice to get the seats that are against the window for better privacy.

In SQ’s Business Class Seats, almost every seat will bring you the same amount of comfort. Those behind the first row, however, will have to be satisfied with a relatively low foot cubby that is placed below the armrest of the seat in front of you. And because of the alternating seat placements, you might have to sleep at an angle—something that can be an unsatisfactory experience for larger people.

Couples traveling together would probably want the seats in the middle.


We were greeted with smiles and were always attended to by the FAs on board. They explained to us how the flight was going to pan out and brought us a small menu for what to expect for the duration of the trip. They were very attentive and were always just a call away if there was anything that we wanted!

We were presented with welcome drinks and a warm towel upon boarding.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu

In addition, Singapore Airlines has made a name for themselves for having the best overall wine cellar in the Sky Awards 2017. With that being said, they offered some of their finest to us in Business Class.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Food

Their food was also notable. Although it lacked in presentation, it was able to make up for the taste.

Sadly, the “book the cook” service is not available for Singapore airline short flights except for first-class passengers. Don’t take my word for it, check the Singapore airlines website just to make sure.

Overall Experience

At the end of the day, my experience with flying Business Class in Singapore Airline was pleasant. They provided decent service overall, and nothing is going to take my mind off the seats for quite some time! if only the cubbies were a bit bigger, it would have been perfect.

I think that the lounge needs a lot of improvements for it to match what the flight gives. But as of now, it’s not something worth thinking about.

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