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Singapore Airlines A380 First Class SIN to HKG Review

I’m an avid fan of Singapore Airlines. Their A380 First class product is by far the best thing that I’ve ever experienced in the sky. This new product takes luxury travel to the next level. Out of all my flights this year and even comparing them to some of Paul’s flights, I’ll say that Singapore Airlines has once again exceeded my expectations.

Here are the three First Class flights:

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I basically flew in a mini-hotel room with a single bed complete with more attentive room service.

PROS: The most spacious suite in the sky. Very comfortable bed, great upholstery, delicious food.

CONS: No showers, Slightly loose seat


Such a premium flight is bound to be expensive. However, as mentioned in my previous flight, I was able to book this and two other first class flights, all for 222,000 Krisflyer Miles!


I checked-in at Changi airport. The place is still as beautiful as ever. I took advantage of there being barely any people and took these pictures. Changi Airport is one of the most beautiful airports that I’ve ever visited.

Changi Airport Interior
Changi Airport Interior

I checked in through the first-class terminal. The process was smooth and fast thanks to the staff that were eagerly waiting to help me finish things up.

As soon as I was finished, I explored the airport a bit just to admire the space and then headed straight for The Private Room.


I spent most of my time in the Private Room. I loved the privacy here, though still there wasn’t any ambient music playing. I just had a short lunch and enjoyed my time there.

Still, the Private Room is one of my favorite lounges considering privacy and their ala carte dining alone.

The Private Room Ala Carte Dish

Here’s a more in-depth review of the Private room.


Once boarding started, I was escorted to the plane. They handled all of the other processes. I was let onto the plane first.

Boarding Area

Once I was boarded and ready, I got to explore the rest of the plane, which was a great privilege.

Seat Cabin and Amenities

Singapore Airlines’ A380 First Class product has 6 seats or suites as they are called. 4 of them can be transformed into joint suites where the two passengers share a full bed.

The cabin itself wasn’t that impressive at first glance. However, the true experience can be found in the suites themselves. Each suite is equipped with a sliding door to make the experience as private as possible.

Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Cabin

The seats are 35 inches wide and have a seat pitch of 81 inches. Though there are some positions where there’s more legroom.

As you can see, the partition between 1A and 2A, and 1F and 2F can be put down so that the two passengers can enjoy a pretty large suite for themselves.

First Class Suite

The segments in the middle are the beds. I’ll show them to you later in the review.

First Class Joint Suite

You can see just how amazing these suites were. The distance between the seats is surreal. It’s incredibly spacious and comfortable.

My First Class Suite

And here’s a picture of me. Having just a small bag and a few handheld items, I had so much space for myself. The flight attendant was also very courteous enough to take a picture of me.

Secondary IFE Screen and Table

In its normal position, the seat faces a wall where there’s a small screen. Its primary function is to be the monitor where passengers can view announcements and such while the seat belt sign is on. To the right of it is a small table that hides the pull-out table for meal service. The meal menu and a few pamphlets can be found there as well.

32 inch IFE Screen

Next to the wall and windows is a tablet that serves as a controller for the whole suite.

In-flight Tablet

Next to it are three storage compartments.

Small Compartments by the Window

The one directly adjacent to the tablet is where the Bang & Olufsen headphones were located. Beside it was a compartment equipped with a back lit vanity mirror. An extra compartment was next to it for other hand-held items. Right below the drawers was another storage area that was secured by a leather strap.

Small Compartments by the Window

Seat controls and a handset for the IFE system were stowed away in the left armrest. The controls looked fairly simple as it only operated the seat recline, the position of the seat and the placement of the IFE screen.

Seat Controls and Handset

Here’s how the bed is prepared after turndown service. On its own, the bed is reasonably sized and was incredibly comfortable. Probably the most comfortable bed I’ve slept on in a plane. The pillows were fluffy as well.

For solo travelers, the partition does wonders in creating a premium suite.

I highly suggest flying Singapore Airlines’ A380 First class product as a couple. You’ll be able to sleep on one bed as you fly in the sky!

First Class Suite with Single Bed Setup

Unfortunately, the pullout table extends just a bit short of the bed. It’s perfectly placed so that you’ll be eating while you sit down on your seat. With such a premium product that is great for couples, they don’t give you the option of dining together. That’s something that I would suggest might improve the product even further.

Lavatories for First Class

Next, I took a look at the lavatories. They were quite large, though I think unnecessarily large since there wasn’t much to see and use. The sink was right next to the door.

Lavatories for First Class

The restroom was filled with mirrors, from back-lit vanity mirrors and full-body ones.

Lavatories for First Class

The amenities were hidden in a compartment by the sink.

Amenities within the Restroom

I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have a shower like Emirates and Etihad First Class. That’s one point that they’re missing in an otherwise amazing first-class suite.


First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu


The service was phenomenal. The flight started smoothly and excellently. As soon as I got to my suite, the flight attendants immediately offered me a glass of champagne. I kindly obliged and was rewarded with a 2004 Krug (Market price PHP13,500.00). This is what I consider a standard when it comes to first-class service.

Welcome Drink

Afterward, I had a glass of Meursault Genevrieres (Market price at PHP 4,500.00).

Meursault Genevrieres

The food was another highlight of the flight. I had a selection of dim sum from the menu. Then through Book the cook, I had an 8 oz. Rib-Eye Steak, that was just fantastic.

Book the Cook 8 oz. Rib-eye Steak

I paired my meal with a glass of Corton Grand Cru (Market Price approximately PHP5,000.00).

Corton Grand Cru

After an excellent meal, I called for turndown service. To my surprise, they also left a small Singapore Airlines teddy bear for me. It was so cute that I just had to take it for myself!

Complimentary Teddy Bear

After tugging in my newfound teddy bear in my bag, I tucked myself into the bed that was so comfy. It was 78 inches long which was just enough for me to be comfortable. Better yet, a 32-inch IFE screen was placed facing me. It was at the perfect spot for me to just lay down and enjoy a movie.

View While laying down on the Suite Bed

Overall Impression

Singapore Airline’s A380 First Class product is one of the best experiences I’ve had while flying. The suite is amazing in itself but paired with the high quality of service from Singapore Airlines, the delicious meal service, and the flawless ground experience, everything was close to perfect.

The Private Room is as amazing as ever. It’s one of the most premium lounges in the world, it was a great place for me to start my flight.

The seat may have been a bit loose, it wasn’t that much of a problem since I spent the majority of my time laying down on the bed.

The flight attendants were amazing. They were very attentive and courteous to my requests. I never saw them frown once, though maybe it was just the privacy of my suite.

Service was nothing short of great. I enjoyed my flight to the fullest. It’s way beyond their other First class product which was also spectacular on its own. This large suite, probably the largest in the sky, is one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy travel today!

To end my review, I’d just show who exactly was sitting next to me during the flight. Talk about flying high at a young age!

My Little Companion
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