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Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 First Class SIN-MNL Review

This review will be a collaborative effort between me and MJ. Both of us had the chance to experience the exact same flight within a month between each other. Because of this, we decided to collate our experience into one detailed review that will basically lay out what we both experienced and what we both think of the whole experience.

Needless to say, one thing that we both agreed on is that the First-Class product of Singapore Airlines is definitely memorable even if you were just considering the service alone.


PROS: Great quality service and a good selection of food and liquor. Incredibly spacious seats

CONS: Dated cabin and seats; slow IFE


Both of us booked our flights using miles. They cost around 32,500 KrisFlyer miles. If you calculate how much you should spend to accumulate this number of miles, it’ll result in around PHP 1 million. Meaning as long as you spend at least PHP 1 million in a year using a credit card that allows conversion to Krisflyer miles, you’ll be able to avail one free first-class ticket like this one.

Check In

I checked in at terminal 2 because as of what I know, that’s where Singapore Airlines flights to Manila were. That being said, I still wanted to get into the Private room, the first-class lounge reserved for first class passengers. First Class passengers were escorted right from the drop-off point. Some of the staff were eagerly waiting for us and they helped unload and carry our luggage through the airport.

Singapore Airlines First Class Arrival

However, since I was in Terminal 2, the staff only pointed me to the First Class Lounge within the building. In fact, I had to ask them again on how to get to the Private Room. if I didn’t ask them, chances were they won’t even tell me I could go there.

Singapore Airlines First Class Check in at Terminal 2

The staff then told me that the Private Room was at Terminal 3 and it would take a long time for me to reach it. From the Private Room to the gate walk, it took around 20 minutes of fast-paced walking.

Changi Airport, Just Below the SilverKris Lounges

MJ had a much easier time checking-in thanks to what happened to me. He decided to check in at terminal 3 directly, where there’s a special area for first class passengers to enter. The place was huge and very alluring. Again, there were staff awaiting the arrival of passengers right out front.

Singapore Airlines First Class Arrival

The place was almost empty if it weren’t for the handful of staff and other passengers that were on their way to check-in. There were virtually no lines, so everything was a breeze. For Marvin, it took just around 5 minutes for him to finish the check-in process and then he headed straight to the lounge.

Singapore Airlines First Class Arrival Lobby
Singapore Airlines First Class Check-in


The Private room is a special area within the First-Class Lounge that are reserved strictly for the first-class passengers of Singapore Airlines. It is by far one of the best lounges we have ever laid our eyes on and even the service was world class.

Entrance to the Private Room

Because of the exclusivity of the Private room we decided to make a separate comprehensive guide for it. check it out as soon as we finish it by clicking here!


The lounge doesn’t have any direct access to the boarding area, but that’s a first world problem. It wasn’t a problem for us because we spent most of our time at the lounges. However, for some of you who would be spending your time at the boarding area, don’t fret because it’s very spacious. It also has very decent and comfortable seats.

Changi Airport Boarding Area

An added perk of first and business class tickets is that we had separate boarding entrances from the economy passengers. We were also the first ones to enter, which was to be expected.

Dedicated Boarding Area for Business and First Class Passengers

Cabin Seats and Amenities

With a beautiful brown and beige color scheme, the First-Class Cabin had a very comforting feel to it. the storage compartments in the middle were put very high above the seats. It was designed to provide as much space as possible to the middle seats so as to make it feel incredibly spacious—and it worked very well.

Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin

As seen in the photo below, they look like they won’t fit much of anything, but there’s enough room there to fit around two hand held carry-on bags—which was very convenient.

Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin

There were 8 First Class seats in the cabin. They were laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration.

Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin

Each seat was basically its own mini suite, even the seats in the middle had partitions between them which can be raised in order to make it feel more private.

Singapore Airlines First Class Seat

It’s also important to note that each seat is technically the same and space isn’t much of a concern. In fact, the layout of the first-class cabin has a significant amount of space right behind the second row of seats

Space Behind First Class Seats

The seats themselves have a generous 35-inch seat width and 71 inches of seat pitch. At first glance, you might even be able to fit two people in one seat. That’s how spacious the seats were to me!

Singapore Airlines First Class Seat

The seat controls can be found on the right side of the seat, right under the armrest. The buttons looked clean and well-maintained much like how it would look like if they were brand new. That being said, there are some signs of wear and tear on the console, but considering how dated the hard product is, it would be weird not to see any signs of old age.

Seat Controls and IFE Remote

Each seat was also equipped with a reading light by the right side. That’s also where the audio plugs are located.

Reading Light and Audio outlets below

The seats were cable of lay flat mode and even a significant recline. That said, I for one don’t recommend the reclined position because there’s hardly any there. In my perspective, they designed the seat to have minimal recline and focused on the lay flat position instead. It can be a fair trade, but it would have been nice if it could also be put in a comfy reclined position.

Singapore Airlines First Class Seats Lay flat mode

Since this was a short haul flight, there weren’t any amenities provided to the passengers other than slippers, socks, and noise cancelling headphones.

Slippers,  Socks, and Headphones

That said, you can find the typical amenities in the bathrooms. They’re placed inside the drawers, neatly organized for when people would use (or take home) some of them.

Bathroom Amenities
Bathroom Amenities
Bathroom Amenities

Aircraft Opinion

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777

The Boeing 777-300er is the Singapore Airlines’ standard wide-bodied aircraft. That said, they’re currently ongoing some changes when it comes to the interior of their fleet.

Unfortunately, this particular aircraft wasn’t outfitted yet with the latest interiors and still supported the old design and layout which is a bummer.

Other than that, the aircraft still looked beautiful and well maintained in my eyes.

The Menu

Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 1
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 2
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 3
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 4
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 5
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 6
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 7
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 8
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 9
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 10
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 11
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 12
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 13
Singapore Airlines First Class Menu 14

Wine Selection

A Bottle of Dom Perignon

The flight had a good selection of wine so I just had to try out as many as I can. Marvin was just fine settling with the Dom Perignon, but I really had to taste what Singapore Airlines could offer me, and so I did.

Basket full of Wine

I had the flight attendant bring me their finest wines. And she happily obliged.

The first four bottles she brought me included the following:

  • 2015 Albert Bichot Domaine Long- Depaquit Chablis Premier Cru “Les Vaucoupin”, Burgundy, France. Valued at around PHP2,000
  • 2006 Chateau Rauzan-Segla, Margaux, France. Valued at a little above PHP10,000
  • 2003 Pieropan Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG, Veneto, Italy. Valued at a little less than PHP3,000; and
  • 2015 Paringa Estate Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Valued at bit more than PHP2,500

Bottle of Chablis Premier


As we discussed the whole service experience of flying Singapore Airlines First Class, MJ and I had almost similar service and so we decided to simplify this portion and tell the story as we both experienced it.

As we settled into our seats, we were immediately greeted by a flight attendant. They asked if they could help out with anything in a very warm and friendly manner. you know the feeling that you get only from professionals? That’s what we felt with these FAs.

We were both offered a glass of Dom Perignon as soon as we felt comfortable in our seats. We both happily accepted the offer.

A few minutes after takeoff, once everything settled down, dinner service began immediately, and the FAs were quick to fix our tables with an elegant table cloth and the usual plate and utensils. They also offered another glass of champagne. And since we were both liquor enthusiasts ourselves, we accepted it once again.

Though the food on the menu was fantastic, we have already reserved our meals through Singapore Airline’s “Book the Cook” service. These were exclusive meals that you can choose before your flight. They’re not part of the in-flight menu because they’re that much more special. The dishes we could book through the Book the Cook service were only main dishes.

Singapore Airlines Table Setting

For the food, all I can say is that we both thought it was excellent, every dish was prepared excellently and cooked perfectly. And that’s from two people who, may not be food critics, but are still very particular with the food that we eat.

Coincidentally, me and MJ both started off with the Salad of Alaskan Crab. And though I, personally questioned how it look, it still tasted delicious.

Singapore Airlines First Class Food

My wife chose the Salad of Baby Cos, Curly Endives, Radicchio, Dried Cranberry, Shaved Fennel and parmesan. And unlike how complicated its name is, the dish was simply tasty.

Singapore Airlines First Class Food

For the main course, MJ chose the 8 oz. Rib-Eye Steak. Not only did it the meat look plump and masterfully cooked, it also tasted great when matched with the sides it was with.

Singapore Airlines First Class Food

I chose the Grilled King Prawns. This combination of ingredients just naturally got me curious and so I tasted it, and as expected, it didn’t disappoint.

Singapore Airlines First Class Food

For my wife, she had the Boston Lobster Thermidor. She was very satisfied with the dish.

Singapore Airlines First Class Food

And for desert we had the Walnut-Chocolate Tart and Vanilla Ice cream. As you see in the photo below, it looks just as good as it tastes.

Singapore Airlines First Class Food

After dinner service, I rested for a bit and had the flight attendant provide me with a turn down service as I freshened up a bit. When I came back, the seat transformed to a rather realistic looking bed, if it weren’t for the seat belt placed in the middle. I thanked the flight attendant for the great job and proceed to make myself comfortable on the bed.

Singapore Airlines First Class Seat Lay flat mode

And so, the short flight turned even shorter thanks to a good few hours of sleep.

The cool thing was that the first-class experience didn’t stop as we got off the plane. As soon as we got down, one of the staff members was already waiting for us. They took care of waiting for and pushing the carts of our luggage up until I got to my ride back home.

Singapore Airlines Post-flight Concierge Service
Singapore Airlines Post-flight Concierge Service

It was a nice little touch to an already excellent first-class experience.

Overall Experience

MJ and I believe that flying in First Class, particularly with Singapore Airlines is probably one of the best options you have for regional travel. We got to experience excellent service, and excellent food from the time we got to the airport up until our ride home. we experienced VIP treatment in almost every part of our journey.

That said, there were a few flaws in which they could improve on. First off, the check-in staff in terminal 2, could be more hospitable to first class passengers, and initiate the conversation of helping them proceed to the Private Room if they were in the same situation as I was. And of course, we have to talk about the outdated hard product. It’s a shame that we had to fly in an aircraft that hasn’t been updated, but we believe that the new first-class cabin is probably miles beyond this outdated one.

It’s worth noting however, that the services that Singapore Airlines provides for their first-class passengers are above and beyond what we expected. I had my 8-month old baby girl with me, and they didn’t hesitate to provide us with baby food, even if we had to ask for some extra. They were even willing to open bottles of wine for just one passenger to get a sip or a glass.

Truly, Singapore Airlines in First Class is a flight that every mile collector should aim to experience at least once.

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