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Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 First Class HKG to SFO Review

The last of the three Singapore Airlines First Class flights that I have will feature the upgraded version of the old first-class product. The highlight of the trip was the first-class suite and the experience was unlike any other. This trip, although after the best part, was still pretty good, especially since I got to experience the first-class product alone!

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This flight was interesting, though not a bit lower in quality when compared to the First-Class Suites. This first-class product is basically a better version of the older Singapore Airlines First Class product. It’s still a cut above most first-class products. Singapore Airlines has so far set up the standard when it comes to practical, comfortable, and luxurious first class.

PROS: Large Open Suite Seats. Very intimate cabin, 1:2 ratio between stewardess and passenger.

CONS: Unimpressive ground service.


This is the last Singapore Airlines First Class flight for this trip. Again, I paid 222,000 Krisflyer miles for all of these flights.


As I got to Hong Kong International Airport, I immediately went towards the check-in counter. It was very smooth sailing, being a first-class passenger helped a lot. I spent barely 10 minutes on the counter and went on my merry way to the Silverkris lounge here.


The Silverkris lounge in Hong Kong International Airport was quite large. With around 3/4ths of it was the business class lounge, while the remaining 1/4th was dedicated to the First-Class Lounge.

SilverKris First Class Lounge

There wasn’t anything special in this First-Class lounge, aside from being isolated to a small room within the lounge. Even here, Singapore Airlines implements the lounge-within-a-lounge concept they’ve popularized.

Silver Kris Lounge

The lounge was quite bland. It wasn’t that crowded during the time. There were a few people by the dining area, however.

Silver Kris Lounge

There was a table near the entrance that had several newspapers. Right next to it was a table filled with liquor.

Silver Kris Lounge Food Selection

The buffet table had a decent selection of food, though they weren’t exactly tasty. There were a handful of hot dishes depending on the time of day.

Silver Kris Lounge Food Selection

There was a salad portion that had a few ingredients at the ready.

Silver Kris Lounge Food Selection

There were also two types of soup.

Silver Kris Lounge Food Selection

On another table, sweets were laid out right beside a small sandwich plate.

Silver Kris Lounge Food Selection

The liquor table had a few good ones though you would think there would be more given that it’s a Silverkris lounge.


Even though I was flying in First Class, I was surprised that I didn’t have any kind of special treatment during the boarding procedure. It’s a very first world problem but flying first class should at least have some benefits on the ground. It may have just been a special case, but I was still quite disappointed because of the situation.

Seat Cabin and Amenities

The first-class cabin consisted of 4 seats in a 1-2-1 layout. The seats themselves were at a very comfortable 35 inches wide and had a seat pitch of 81 inches. I was the only first-class passenger on the flight, so it felt as if I had the whole cabin to myself, which was incredible.

Each seat had a plump pillow waiting for the passenger. Being the only one there, I had the pillows all to myself. My original seat was on 1F, but I requested the use of the seat beside me, 1D later on the flight.

Singapore Airlines First Class Seats

Window seats were a lot like an open suite. They’re the most intimate seats here, with the middle seats better for couples who are flying.

Singapore Airlines First Class Window Seat

The middle seats were separated by a small partition that can be raised for more privacy.

Singapore Airlines First Class Seats

It doesn’t raise a lot, but it would be enough for passengers to not see each other’s screens, or at least most of it.

Singapore Airlines First Class Seat

For most of my flight, I sat at the window seat and perused the IFE system. The 24-inch screen provided a high-quality display. On the left side of the screen was a hidden mirror. Right below the IFE screen was a foot cubby and a number of other features right below it.

Singapore Airlines First Class Seat

To the left was a decent sized storage compartment.

Storage Cabinet

The pullout table was located just between the screen and the foot cubby. There’s also a universal outlet and a USB port to the right of it.

Other Features

The pullout table was large and adjustable. It can be moved higher or lower to a certain degree.

IFE Screen and Pullout Table

The outer wall houses the seat controls, the IFE remote, audio jacks, and the reading light.

Seat Console, IFE Remotes, and Seat Control

Also provided was a Bang & Olufsen noise-cancelling headset, and pajamas, an eye mask, and socks provided by Lalique.



First Class Drinks Menu
First Class Drinks Menu


The flight was amazing when it came to the service provided. The two stewardesses with me were very experienced and knew what they were doing. They also stayed back to let me enjoy the flight on my own, but when I need them, they’re there right away.

Once I told them that I wanted to go with the meal service, they offered me three bottles of wine to accompany my meal.

The first one was a Grand Cru (market price was around PHP5,000.00).

Corton Grand Cru

The second one was a Rauzen Segla (market price was at PHP2,300.00). and the last one was a Clonakilla O’ Riada Shiraz (market price was around PHP1,000.00). I went with the Grand Cru.

Clonakilla O; Riada Shiraz

The caviar service was incredible. Though a bit on the smaller side. Still, it was an excellent dish though there were barely any accompaniments to it.

First Class Meal Service

I used the Book the Cook service to request a Lobster Thermidor and Mashed Potatoes. It was an incredibly delicious dish. And full of flavor. The lobster was soft and complimented the mashed potatoes really well.

First Class Meal Service

Then for dessert, I had a nice chocolate ice cream popsicle. It’s nice to indulge my inner kid sometimes, and this was one of those moments. It wasn’t too sweet but it was definitely tasty.

First Class Meal Service

I had the stewardesses fix up the bed on seat 1D while I was eating. They set it up with some bedding and two very soft pillows. The blanket they provided was also very soft. All in all, it felt and looked like a really nice and comfy bed.

First Class Seat Flat bed mode

I requested a cup of cappuccino right before I slept, and it tasted delicious. I wasn’t able to finish it, however, since I was already getting sleepy.


Early in the morning, I had a breakfast meal service which was composed of congee and a plate of dim sum.

First Class Breakfast Service

It was a great day to start the morning, and also the last meal I had on the flight.

Overall Impression

This flight was a rather interesting one. It is better than the old Singapore Airlines First Class product but is completely outmatched by the Suites.

To be fair, comparing this to the First-Class Suite is unfair, as the suite is just on a whole different level. When compared to the old First-Class product, however, it’s a very nice improvement!

My only disappointment was that I felt the ground experience was lacking a bit. The Silverkris Lounge in Hong Kong was mediocre at best, even the portion dedicated to First Class and other VIP passengers was a bit of a letdown. The food was decent, but for a Singapore Airlines operated lounge, it was of rather low quality.

Boarding was a bit weird for me because there wasn’t any special treatment for me—a First Class passenger. As much of a luxury problem that is, I still believe it’s worth noting since First Class was supposed to be a very special flight. The ground staff didn’t make it feel that way.

The in-flight experience was very different, however. The first-class cabin had only 4 seats that seemingly felt like open suites. The seats were the widest I’ve ever seen, and the treatment was fabulous.

There was supposed to be one stewardess for every two first-class passengers. I was alone in the cabin, so they took turns attending to me. They eagerly accepted my request to turn another seat into a bed while I eat on the other one.

The food was top quality, especially the Lobster Thermidor. Singapore Airlines’ Book the Cook will always be one of the best features that they provide to their premium passengers.

At the end of the day, this flight was amazing. Being the only first-class passenger has its charms, and it showed in this flight.

That said, the experience would have been different if there were more people in the first-class cabin. That is something that you should consider when looking to fly this.

Singapore Airlines now has three separate first-class products, all of which are incredible on their own. I’d say the first-class suites were the best, this new first-class open seats are the second and the old one is the last.

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