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Singapore Airlines Boeing 787 Business Class MNL-SIN Review

There’s nothing much like a nice vacation where even the flight is great. My flight to Singapore was amazing, though it did have its hiccups.


PROs: Great seats, great lighting, and very silent aircraft

CONs: Check-In process needs some improvement, food was subpar.


I transferred 20,000 points from my Metrobank Travel Platinum card to my Krisflyer account just to book this flight. It took around 3 days for the points to be successfully transferred. I booked this flight through the Singapore Airlines app. Booking the flight itself with the app was incredibly fast. Unfortunately, paying the Philippine Travel Tax there wasn’t supported. That said, I still proceeded with it, thinking that it should just be a short trip before my stay at the lounge.

But I could not have been more wrong.

Check In

Even before I could enter the main building of the terminal, there was a long line in front—particularly for the security clearance. If I had waited on the line, it would’ve been roughly 40 minutes of my life wasted.

However, since I knew that you can still enter through the arrival area without by-passing any security checks, I went through there and saved a lot of time.

Because I still had to pay the Philippine travel tax, I decided to go through the arrival area of terminal three. And here’s where it went down. There was a long line for the payment of travel tax.


I had to line up for 30 minutes just to pay the travel tax. That’s 30 minutes of my time wasted lining up, despite me being a business class passenger. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a business or first class passenger here. Everyone needs to line up, so it got me down a bit.

I did, however, learn that you can pay your travel tax online. It should go through the website of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA). The site is simple to navigate and use. Check them out here.


As I’ve mentioned, I wasted a lot of time waiting in line to pay the travel tax, and it should have been longer if I weren’t with my family. I had my 8-month-old baby girl with me, so we got to line up at the priority lane, saving us around 30 more minutes of waiting time. But even then, we only got to spend a short time at the SilverKris Lounge.

NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Front
NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Front Desk
NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Sitting Area
NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Sitting Area

As always, it felt trendy, classy and incredibly spacious. Maybe it’s because it was around 6:30 in the morning, but there were very few people with us. It felt like we had the lounge to ourselves!

NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Food Selection
NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Beverage Table
NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Food Selection

Just by looking at the table where the food was laid out, I can tell that they were well stocked with it. there was even a full breakfast meal offered to the people in the lounge.

NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Food Selection
NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Arroz Caldo

They even had chicken arroz caldo that was said to be the same as the one offered in the Mabuhay Lounge.

NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Sitting Area
NAIA Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge Sitting Area

The lounge was quite comfy and quiet. The time we spent there was rather peaceful even though it was just around a few minutes.

Cabin Seats and Amenities

This was an early morning flight, so the mood lighting in the cabin was just set to the standard bright white. It lit the cabin up very nicely, making it look classy and simple without being too overbearing.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Cabin

There were 36 business class seats on this aircraft in total. They were laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration with alternating seats. Meaning odd-numbered seats had their consoles by the aisle, while even-numbered seats had their consoles separating the two seats.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Cabin

This meant that window seats (A and K) on rows 12, 15, 17 and 19 were located directly next to the windows. Sort of forming a mini suite for solo passengers.

The middle seats (D and F) on rows 11, 14,16, 18 and 20 are laid out to be directly next to each other, with the armrests located between them and the aisle—creating a small suite for two that’s perfect for couples or friends that are travelling together.

The rest of the seats are still relatively comfortable, though you won’t be able to experience as much privacy of seating on the seats mentioned above.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat

Here’s a shot of a D or F seat in row 14. See that only a small partition separates the two. Take note that this partition can also be raised if you’re seated next to a stranger.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat

The business class seats of Singapore Airlines Boeing 787 have a seat width of 20 inches and a seat pitch of 60. You can increase the width of your seat by lowering down your armrest—giving you a more comfortable 26 inches of seat width.

IFE Remote and Armrest

Lowered Armrest

The IFE was also nice and clean. Each seat was provided with an 18-inch touchscreen HD monitor, at a relatively comfortable distance away from the passengers.

Singapore Airlines Business Class In-Flight Entertainment

Also provided was a touchscreen remote for the IFE system.

IFE Remote

By the console, there is a compartment. The menu, a pair of noise cancelling headphones, 2 USB ports, and a universal outlet for charging were found within. When you remove the items, it can double as a small storage compartment for things such as your boarding ticket, passport, and other small items.

Storage Compartment with Charging Outlets

Also provided by the seats are some large pillows, a premium quality blanket and

Provided Blanket and Pillow

Right below the screen, there’s a pull-out table that can be flipped over for more space.


Pull-out Table

There’s also a decent foot cubby right below with a storage compartment for your shoes under it.

Foot Cubby

One thing worth taking note of is that they had two seats (1A and 1K) that have bassinets in front of them, perfect for families that brought their young ones with them, like us.

The Menu

Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu 2

Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu 3
Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu 4
Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu 5
Singapore Airlines Business Class Menu 6


The plate of fruits they provided really did look and taste fresh. It was a pleasant dish to both look at and eat.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Food

For the appetizer, I settled with just cornflakes cereal. As with what I expected, it’s taste was more than decent.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Food

What I thought was supposed to be the most delicious dish also ended up being the worst out. The beef was incredibly hard, and the eggs were bland. The rice at least had some taste to it, but overall, it was a disappointment.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Food

After the disappointing breakfast service, I had to find a way to lift up my spirits. I asked if I could have a glass of other liquor available to us in business class, and here is what they provided me with.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Wine Selection

Charles Heidsieck (valued at around PHP3,000) is the champagne of choice for the business class cabin. But aside from that, they also offered Clarendelle Bordeaux (valued at slightly above PHP1,000) and Briccotondo Piemonte Barbera (below PHP 1,000).

Overall Experience

My on-board experience was great. The cabin was very spacious, bright, and refreshing, I had a great view thanks to my window seat and it felt great all around. The great service that Singapore Airlines always provides made the flight very comfy and smooth. The only thing that disappointed me was the food at the start, but considering the bigger picture, I can say that my family enjoyed the flight, regardless.

That said, I did learn a valuable lesson when it comes to paying the travel tax. That is it’s very important to be early, especially if you have things to do before your flight. In my case, I assumed that paying the travel tax wouldn’t take a while, and that backfired.

Always be early and if possible, finish all your prior commitments beforehand so you’ll have time to enjoy the lounge without having to rush things at all!

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