Plaza Premium Lounge Review

During my trip back home, I got to stay in a new lounge at the airport in Cebu. The new Plaza Premium Lounge was a surprise. It’s an elegant lounge that has barely any visitors as of the moment. I’m sure that if people start to discover this lounge, it’ll become a staple in the future.

Nevertheless, here’s my review of the place!


Plaza Premium Reception Desk

The Plaza Premium Lounge is a paid lounge found in the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. The usual cost of going in is around PHP1,500. However, as I inquired, they mentioned that having a Citibank Prestige grants me unlimited access to this lounge, which was incredibly worth it!

Front Desk Service Menu

The Lounge

At the front, the lounge wasn’t necessarily great. It looked plain, albeit a little too closed off from the rest of the airport.

Plaza Premium Front

The interior was clean and tidy. It’s not as big as other lounges, but it’s definitely a high-quality lounge. There were at least 4 kinds of seats there. The leather armchairs are what people would usually see in traditional lounges.

Plaza Premium Lounge Interior

There were a few armchairs that looked like small single person suites.

Suite Seats

These seats had a universal outlet, a small reading light, and a clothes hanger just by the side. It was also fashioned with a small armchair table that’s big enough for a plate and a glass.

Suite Seats

In the middle of the lounge, there were four orange stand-alone seats with a small coffee table in the middle. When surrounded by more traditional leather armchairs, they seemed out of place.

Plaza Premium chairs

On the other side of the lounge, these armchairs were located. placed by the wall, they had small tables in between with a universal outlet and a table light.

Plaza Premium Chairs

Further in, near the buffet area, there were marble tables paired with high chairs and the usual chairs.

Eating Area

The lounge also featured a small buffet section and live cooking where lounge goers can order what they want from the menu.

Buffet Area

Here are some of the dishes that were courteously offered:

Plaza Premium Lounge Dishes
Plaza Premium Lounge Dishes
Plaza Premium Lounge Dishes

Overall Impression

As far as I know, this Plaza Premium Lounge is the second of its kind in the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

The addition makes the airport a more decent destination for frequent and luxury travelers.

The lounge itself is not too big. But since it’s new, there was barely anyone in it, which made it a great pit stop before my trip. 

It was to be expected that the place would still be impeccably clean with barely a month of operation.

The seats were comfortable and firm, there were also a good variety of seats to choose from. 

I liked the orange suite like armchairs that had extended partitions to make it feel a bit more private than your usual chairs. even if you had someone sitting next to you, you’d barely notice them.

In the end, this new lounge is a great addition to the Mactan Cebu airport. With the Plaza Premium Lounge, travelers will have another place to rest and relax before their flights!

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