Philippine Airlines Business Class Cabin

Meeting Expectations: Philippines Airline’s Business Class (Part 1) [MNL to LHR] Review

Philippine Airlines is taking strides to cement itself as the premier airliner of the Philippines. This business class trip had a lot of expectations going for it, and let’s just say it delivered.


Pros: Great Food, Good Service,

Cons: Inadequate foot cubbies.


The flight from MNL to LHR in Business Class would usually cost 58,000 miles, however, Mabuhay Miles had a promo that gave a 30% discount on selected destinations. That means I only used 40,600 miles for a one-way trip and double that for a round trip, which, in my opinion, was worth it.

Keep in mind, however, that they are not rebookable. And when you find yourself in a situation where you have to cancel it or leave it unused, you won’t be able to redeposit your miles!

Airport Experience

Nothing special happened during my check-in process. It has been a smooth ride since PAL had multiple lines dedicated to specific passengers, one for elite passengers and business class, a separate grouping for economy, and another line PWDs. That said, I quickly went to the Mabuhay Lounge right after checking in.

Mabuhay Lounge Sitting Area

It was still morning when I got into the lounge. During that time, it wasn’t that crowded. I went to one of the seats, and browsed what they had. I haven’t had breakfast that morning so I indulged myself in the food that was served there.

Mabuhay Lounge Arroz Caldo

I decided to get a hot bowl of Arroz Caldo, arguably the most famous dish of the lounge. And it tasted fine. I had a lot of time in my hands so I chose to just rest in the comfort of the lounge.


Boarding Area

This flight looked to be packed with people as seen in the long lines that were generated during the boarding process.

Boarding Area Business Class Lane

My ELITE status in the Mabuhay Miles Program saved me the hassle of going through such lines.

Seats and Seat Configuration

The business class cabin was very spacious and had no overhead storage at the middle area, making it feel incredibly spacious. they also made use of some mood lighting which was a neat touch to the experience.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Cabin

To me, the place was very spacious, it felt like there was a lot of room to move about, all thanks to there being no overhead storage in the middle.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Seat

PAL’s Business Class seats have fairly large seat pitches of 44 inches and seat width of up to 24 inches. Every seat has direct access to the aisle and is provided with small compartments for your needs. A headset, foot socks, a large pillow, and a fairly thick blanket were also provided.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Slippers

Philippine Airlines Business Class Aisle Seats

The aisle seats are perfect for couples since there’s not that much separating them.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Menu

Also provided is the menu for the flight. The design seems to take inspiration from traditional Filipino patterns.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Reading Light

The seats were also equipped with a small light fixture for those who want to read when it’s dark. Below it, you can find the controls for the seat. As you can see, these seats can be laid fully flat for when you really want to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Philippine Airlines Business Class In-flight Entertainment

And of course, the Inflight entertainment system consists of an 18.5 inch myPAL eSuite Personal TV. It can be operated through its touch screen or a remote control found in one of your compartments. It has a good selection of movies and shows. Some of which are fairly new.

Charging Outlet, Audio Plug, and IFE Remote

Speaking of compartments, you can find an outlet, a socket for the headset, and a USB port on the one below. It also houses the remote control of the in-flight entertainment system.

Complementary Glass of Champagne

After I settled into my seat, the flight attendant was quick to offer me a glass of champagne, which I happily took and enjoyed thoroughly.

Bottle of Charles Heidsieck

Here’s the champagne they offered.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Seat Lay flat mode

When it was time for me to sleep I put the seat on full flat mode. It has a bed length of 78 inches. It was fairly comfortable if not for the foot cubies. When I laid down on my side, I always find myself hitting the top of it every time I have to move or adjust myself. It was bearable though, and it wasn’t much of a burden after I fell asleep.

Seat Recommendations

Philippine Airlines Business Class Seat Recommendations

For PAL’s A350 Business Class seats, almost every seat is worth the price. Those that stand out, however, are the seats in front. 1D, 1G, 2A, and 2K are all notable seats. They have an ample amount of space between them and the aisle that even if the crew does move around a lot, it won’t affect your experience too much.

Please take note that the window seats have this alternating pattern for their arrangements. Odd-numbered seats have their compartments on the aisles side which make for a more intimate and private space, while even numbered seats can be a bit too close to the aisle.

As mentioned, couples would enjoy the intimacy of the middle aisle.

If there were any seats that I would suggest that you avoid, that would be the last row, 8A, 8D, 8G, and 8K. The reason being they’re fairly close to the premium economy section, and only a small galley separates them.


My experience was good for this flight. The flight attendants were rather attentive and sincere in the way they interacted with us, the passengers. What really made this trip special was the food that they provided.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Food

I started with Prosciutto-wrapped Salmon and Cream Cheese Terrine. And this one was as fancy as its name and taste.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Food

Next, I chose to go with a simple oil-basil roll. It wasn’t too heavy a meal, and it gave way for dessert—something I really looked forward to.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Food

I got the Pili, Mangga at Yemma dish which was basically a Pili nut cake with a custard triangle and glazed mango balls. The presentation itself was very cool and appetizing. It was the perfect dish to cap off my day.

Philippine Airlines Business Class Food

A few minutes after I woke up, the next meal began. This time I went with a simple platter of fresh, seasonal fruits. It perked me up quite well.

And of course, to complete my morning, I chose Black Angus Beef Tapa as my breakfast. What better way to start off a day than with this delicious dish!

Overall Experience

My flight to London was very good, to say the least. Throughout my flight, I was comfortable and presented with good food and great service. If only the foot cubbies were a bit bigger, then I would have rated this as a fantastic trip. For now, I’m excited to see if they can be consistent with their work for my return trip! Check out part 2 of my review here.

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