PAL A330 Business Class Cabin

Philippine Airlines A330 Business Class MNL – CEB Review

The old PAL Business Class product is, by all means, a downgrade to the latest version in every way. The odd configuration leaves more to be desired and the seats are a far cry from more modern and better designed seats on other aircraft. It falls flat to most business class products from other airlines.

That said, it’s still a good option when flying domestically.


PROS: Great service, very hospitable staff, and decent food.

CONS: Interesting configuration and subpar seats.


I was supposed to fly economy for this flight. I did a bid upgrade for business class for only PHP 2,000 and they accepted it!

This was worth it because instead of paying the full PHP10,000 for a business class ticket, I paid the economy rate plus just an additional PHP2,000. That’s business class for barely half the price!

When flying PAL, particularly in Economy, always bid for a business class upgrade when the option is provided. In doing so, you can experience their business class product for stellar prices!

Check In

Again, this short flight was supposed to be a fast one, I was in a hurry and didn’t get to spend time in any lounge. After check-in, I went straight to boarding the plane.

Seat, Cabin and Amenities

The flight featured 18 flat-bed seats in business class in a 2-2-2 configuration. The cabin itself wasn’t anything special. It was rather pretty bland as it is.

Each seat was around 20 inches wide and had a seat pitch of 60 inches.

PAL A330 Business Class Cabin

The most interesting part of it was how the seats were designed to be. The two seats were slightly tilted towards each other with just a small partition separating the two.

PAL Business Class Seat

There were no seatback IFE screens installed. Instead, there were foot cubbies. One was higher than the other. There’s also a small storage space just on top of those foot cubbies.

PAL A330 Business Class Middle Seat

Both seats can become flatbeds which connect to the foot cubbies to form a bed around two meters in length.

PAL Business Class Seat

The beds almost intersect by the foot cubbies When both seats are fully laid flat, the passenger on the lower bed can see and almost feel the passenger on the other bed. Which lowers the privacy of the seat.

Business Class Seat

There was a small clothespin for every seat right by the foot cubby. for window seats, there’s additional storage space right next to the clothespin.

Foot Cubby

Seat controls, a universal outlet, and a USB port can be found on the seat console. The controls were simple and easy to understand.

Seat Console

The table can be found by the armrest on the side of the seat console. It’s pretty small, but it’s enough for a laptop to be placed on just in case you need to work on something.

Pull out Table

The flight attendants also provided passengers with pamphlets and magazines for the trip.

Airline Magazines


Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu


The flight crew was decent. They were very warm and showcased traditional Filipino hospitality. Although they do have some signs of inexperience, at this point, it’s to be expected from PAL.

I had Chicken Tapa and Egg. It’s a far cry from most western and middle-eastern airlines, but it does the job of filling up my stomach well. It was delicious, though a bit too salty for my taste.

Business Class Food

Overall Impression

PAL’s business class product varies depending on the aircraft you fly in. This A330 was equipped with old seats that are still pretty good for short flights.

However, there are many better options, particularly the newer version of business class.

My flight was short and sweet. It wasn’t anything special, but it wasn’t bad.

The flight crew was, as always, very welcoming—one of the best aspects of Philippine Airlines.

The food was decent, the seat was okay, and my time there was well spent.

For a domestic flight, I’d say this was above average—but can improve on a lot of things.

PAL can definitely improve their in-flight food and in time, the inexperienced flight crew should become great ones.

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