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Oman Air A330 Business Class MNL – LHR

Marvin here with another flight review. This time, we’ll be revisiting Oman Air in Business Class. Last October 2018, I was fortunate enough to book a round trip ticket to London and back. I booked this one spontaneously during a BDO mega seat sale and it turned out to be a great experience!

This will be the first of a two-part review of my trip to London and back.


Although I recently flew Oman air just about 3 months ago. As I’ve mentioned before, I think that Oman Air is one of the more underrated airlines in recent years—But I do know that they’ve been making strides to improve their overall product.

This flight was decent. Oman Air’s Business class product is still top-of-the-line for me and I can’t wait to experience it again on my way back.

PROS: Great value for money because of the BDO Promo. Great service with an otherwise one-of-a-kind seat

CONS: The cabin was a bit too warm for my liking. The seat might be a bit narrow for some people.


I secured this flight nearly a year ago. There was a BDO promo where I only had to pay USD 1,450.00 for a round trip from Manila to London in Business Class.

On the flipside, the normal cost of a round-trip business class ticket to London today is approximately 3,700 dollars.

Prior to this, I wasn’t a member of Oman Air’s frequent flyer program. Through this flight, I immediately got silver status there!

I was with my wife on this flight, so my total expenses were USD 2,900.00 which was still cheaper than the normal rate that this route goes for.

I earned 11,724 Sinbad miles for each ticket, totaling 22,448 Sinbad miles for this trip.Might I say it was totally worth it!


There were a few people in line for the Oman Air flight, even in business class. As I’ve flown Oman Air Business class before, I know for a fact that it’s one of the better choices that most people can choose for a solid business class experience.

NAIA Terminal 1

My check-in experience was okay. The wait wasn’t too long, and the agents were friendly to all the passengers.

What I do want to focus on is how beautiful terminal 1 of NAIA is when it’s not too crowded.

Most people would say terminal three is the best out of them, but recently, I’m beginning to have a soft spot for terminal one. It has its own unique charm to it.

NAIA Terminal 1


Appreciation aside, it does still lack a decent lounge.

For my Oman Air flight, I chose to stay in Club Manila which is a paid lounge, but some cardholders have free access to it.

Club Manila Front

I’ve made a review of this before, but to my surprise, they had a makeover.

Club Manila Interior

They ditched their dull dark-brown and maroon armchairs and replaced them with more interesting light grey leaf-patterned seats.

The seats were the same, but the different design gave the lounge a bit more life to it.

It already looks better than their previous aesthetic! Here’s what they looked like before; and here’s our old review of the lounge.

Club Manila Old Interior

Moving forward, I’d say that the lounge looked and felt better with this redesign.

Club Manila Interior

Begrudgingly, the food and beverage selection was still so-so.

Club Manila Food Selection

The sandwiches they had tasted 80% of bread, 10% of the filling, and another 10% more bread.

The fruits were fresh though.

Club Manila Food Selection

There were a few bottles of bottom-shelf liquor, which didn’t suit my fancy.

I was intrigued that they had a microwave there. It was like they’re saying “Some of the food might be cold so here’s where you can heat them up”.

Club Manila Food Selection

Club Manila Food Selection

I was most surprised with their supposed hot dishes. The Red Onion Omelette seemed nice.

I found it funny that they served corned beef—but then again I think they’re just sticking to what most Filipino’s would have for breakfast, in any case, I like it!

Club Manila Food Selection

They even had a hot pot of Goto, which didn’t look appealing to me. In the end, Club Manila has made some improvements to its design. They look and feel cozier for me.

But I think they should work on their food. A lounge with better food will be a lounge that’s worth going back to!

Sadly, that’s not the case for Club Manila just yet.


Boarding was smooth and fast. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the whole process. We were let on first. I just headed straight to my seat as I was excited to experience Oman Air in Business Class again.

Cabin Seat and Amenities

I made a review of the seat a few months ago. Since there wasn’t any difference regarding the technical aspect of the seats, I’ll just link to the previous review.

Still, here’s my view while sitting. the IFE is relatively far away but that’s because of the large legroom that they provide.

Oman Air Business Class IFE

I liked the fact that they provided a large blanket for us. (Don’t mind my other things placed on top of it).

Business Class Seat


Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu


I sped through boarding and got the usual welcome that Oman Air in Business class provides.

The flight attendants were attentive and kind and they kept an eye on us throughout the flight. There was some downtime. You’d see a number of passengers asking for the attention of the attendants, but it wasn’t much of a big deal. They’d quickly come to their aid.

30 minutes after takeoff, service started, and I liked how they set up the table for meal service, it was crisp and clean.

When the food came I just had to take a picture.

I went with the Arabic Breakfast. That included foul mudammes, hummus labneh, bell pepper salad, chicken kotta, and vegetable samosa, grilled zucchini, eggplant, and tomato sauce.

Oman Air Business Class Food Service

I have to say that what they served looked well prepared. However, I wasn’t that impressed with how it tasted.

Oman Air Business Class Food Service

Overall Opinion

I liked the consistency of Oman Air. This flight felt similar to my flight three months ago.

I do have to say that this time, I was satisfied with how they prepared their food service. My palette might just be different from theirs as I don’t really get blown away from their gorgeous food.

Aside from that, their service is still as good as ever. I didn’t have any trouble with the quality of their work. Staff were friendly, both on and off the aircraft. There wasn’t anything in particular that got me down in the flight.

That being said, I’m very excited about what else Oman Air can give, especially in the next leg of this two-part review.

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