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Oman Air Airbus A330-200 Business Class MCT-DXB Review

This flight was a pleasant surprise for a miles connoisseur like me. Oman Air really showcased something great with this product. It stood out to me in the midst of it’s rather middle-of-the-pack reputation.

This was also my chance to checkout the new airport in Oman that was quite decent. This flight has solidified in me just how underrated Oman air is.


PROS: Great Seat layout, Great Seats

CONS: Food is just so-so.


This flight cost around $1000. Unfortunately, I am not part of the frequent flyer program of Oman Air yet, so I wasn’t able to gather any points. Though what I experienced here might be enough to make me consider signing up for their frequent flyer program.

Cabin Seats and Amenities

Oman Air played it simple when it came to the design of the cabin. It was mostly white accented by the beige-orange-brown color of the seats. Aesthetically, it was alright, as there weren’t so much for my eyes to see, getting me more fixated on what I was going to experience.

Oman Air Business Class Cabin

There weren’t any storage compartments in the middle. That made the cabin feel more spacious than most. Instead, mood lighting was installed in the middle, though it was set to a neutral tone when we entered.

Oman Air Business Class Cabin

The seats were laid out in a 2-2-2 configuration, with partitions to ensure that each passenger had aisle access without going through other passengers.

Oman Air Business Class Aisle Seat Partitions

This made the window seats feel like mini-suites when it comes to privacy, especially if you choose to close the partition between you and your seatmate.

Oman Air Business Class Window Seats

This configuration did take its toll to the seat width with just 22-inches—but for a lot of people, that’s enough space to feel comfortable. You won’t have any problems when it comes to their generous seat pitch of 82-inches, however.

Oman Air Business Class Seat

The IFE screen was roughly 17 inches and quite clear and well positioned. It was at just the right distance that it didn’t strain my eyes even after a few hours of watching

Right below it, there’s an ottoman as a foot rest. and a lot of space for some handheld luggage.

Oman Air Business Class Seat Pitch

Seat controls were found on the left armrest, if you’re sitting on an aisle seat, and on the right armrest for window seats. For some people with bad eyesight, you might need to look at the controls for a while to get the gist of it. Other than that, they’re quite clear when it comes to showing you which button does what.

Seat Controls on the Armrests

The remote for the IFE can be found opposite the armrest with the controls. As usual, you can remove it and watch directly on it, or just use it to control what you see on the main screen.

IFE Remote

Underneath where the remote is placed, you would find 2 USB ports and the audio ports for the IFEs. Pretty convenient.

USB charging ports and Audio ports

The seat can also be reclined all the way to a lay-flat position.

Oman Air Business Class Seat Lay flat mode

For aisle seats, they have an extra compartment space to the side of their heads when they lay their seats flat.

Oman Air Business Class Seat Lay flat mode

Waiting on my seat were their menu, an amenity kit and a blanket. All of which were premium products.

Menu and Amenity Kit

Noise cancelling headphones was provided afterwards.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Amouage amenity kit included the essentials, such as lotion, lip balm, moisturizer, a pair of socks, a razor, a toothbrush, a comb and mouthwash.

Amenity Kit Content

Aircraft Opinion

The A330-200 is one of Oman Air’s wide-bodied aircraft that would probably surprise some enthusiasts. Overall, it has great business class seats and good amenities as well. The IFE in particular had a great selection of shows and movies.

Oman Air A330-200

The aircraft itself looks sleek and well-kept—a good sign that the airline really values its fleet. In my opinion, the whole aircraft looks great, both its interior and exterior, and that means a lot to people like me who appreciate the whole of aircraft.

The Menu

Oman Air Business Class Menu 1
Oman Air Business Class Menu 2
Oman Air Business Class Menu 3
Oman Air Business Class Wine List 1
Oman Air Business Class Wine List 2
Oman Air Business Class Wine List 3
Oman Air Business Class Wine List 4
Oman Air Business Class Wine List 5


As mentioned at the very top of this review, this flight was a pleasant surprise for me.

I didn’t expect much for this flight, in fact, I didn’t plan on writing an extensive review as I did for my First Class Flight with Singapore Airlines because I assumed it wasn’t worth the time. That said, the service they provided was way beyond what I expected. Even the seats were decent mini suites that really got my attention overall.

It all started like any typical flight. The flight attendants greeted me as I went in, and they looked and felt like professionals just by how they greeted me in. As soon as I got to feel comfortable with my seat, they offered me a glass of champagne—Laurent Perrier Brut (valued at around PHP 2,400). It’s not what I would usually expect, but it was nice nonetheless.

A few minutes after takeoff, it was time for breakfast service. And although they were quick to prepare and service us Business Class passengers, the food was just decent at best.

Oman Air Business Class Seat Lay flat mode

After my meal, I decided to settle down and just enjoy some sleep in my mini-suite-esque seat. There was no turndown service which was a bummer, but not enough to leave me disappointed. I laid my seat flat and got to sleep for most of the flight. Once I woke up it was already around 30 minutes before landing.

Overall Experience

My flight was honestly a surprise and I can’t emphasize that enough. The service and the quality of the cabin and seats were above what I expected, and that’s a very good thing for Oman Air.

That being said, they could still improve on a number of things, such as their food menu. Other than that, I really felt that this was a decent flight. Props to Oman Air for achieving this level of service.

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