Oman Air First Class Cabin

Oman Air Boeing 787 First Class LHR to MNL

I originally thought of just flying business back to the Philippines on my scheduled business class flight. But then, an opportunity to upgrade our seats came up. I just had to take it and so, this review will focus on Oman Air’s First Class product.

Oman Air was awarded by DesignAir with the Best New First Class Award last December 2018.

In their article, they emphasized their move towards providing a luxurious service with a contemporary feel.

Since I had the chance to experience an award-winning product, I just had to take it.


Oman Air truly deserves the best new First Class Award. I think that it’s one of the higher quality first-class hard products out there. The seat was fantastic, the food was excellent, and overall it was a pleasant and very enjoyable experience.

PROS: Private mini-suites. Ottoman’s double as another seat. Amazing food, great service.

CONS: Very limited complimentary Wi-Fi


I’ve detailed most of how I booked these flights in part 1 of this review series.

The upgrade was done last minute and I did it over the counter for just £400.00 (around $490.00). That’s incredibly worth it!


Check-in was smooth and fast. I left as soon as I got my boarding pass which was just a few minutes. I didn’t have to wait at all.


Oman Air’s partner lounge at Heathrow Airport is the Gulf Air Lounge. It’s a decent lounge that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Gulf Air Lounge Front

The lounge was fairly simple. The colors in the lounge weren’t that flashy, but it still added to the ambiance a bit.

Inside, there was this long sofa that was close to the buffet area. It was the first thing I saw and to me, it was like the centerpiece of the lounge.

Gulf Air Lounge Interior

The rest of the seats in the lounge were decent. I don’t think there weren’t any bad seats there.

Gulf Air Lounge Interior

The Gulf Air lounge was decently large and quite spacious. The place wasn’t crowded when I came in. There were a lot of free seats, and it wasn’t even noisy.

Gulf Air Lounge Interior

Near the long sofa and the buffet area, was the bar that was located on an island. They had a good selection of liquor.

Gulf Air Lounge Interior

Their food selection was also impressive. There was a nice spread of Western, Asian, and Middle Eastern dishes.

Gulf Air Lounge Food Selection

Drinks were situated just beside the buffet table. There were a few snacks and other liquors too.

Gulf Air Lounge Snacks

I wasn’t so hungry, but I still tried some of the dishes. They were really tasty.

Gulf Air Lounge Food

Seat Cabin and Amenities

My family and I were the only ones in the First class cabin, so I took pictures of almost every seat. That said, there may be some inconsistencies in which seat I took a picture of certain key elements. Rest assured that most seats basically have the same technicalities.

I was impressed by the cabin. In total, there were 8 first-class seats in a 1-2-1 layout.

The design of the cabin was really interesting. It wasn’t very lavish for a first class product. However, it was still an elegant place to be. At the very front of the cabin was the Oman Air Logo within the Opera house.

I believe they designed this as a tribute and a small introduction to Oman within the aircraft itself.

Oman Air First Class Cabin

Mood lighting was set at a vivid blue. The cabin felt cozy and relaxed thanks to that.

Oman Air First Class Cabin

Each First Class seat is a suite of its own. They’re equipped with their own manual doors to add more privacy.

First Class Suite Door

The seat itself is 23” wide. The armrests can be lowered to make the seat width reach 30”.

Oman Air First Class Seat

I was satisfied with just sitting through the flight since the suite had around 82” seat pitch which translates to a full bed length of 76”.

On the closed side of your seat, a compartment houses a large table for meal service.

First Class IFE Screen

The Ottoman is both a storage compartment and a small storage area for carry-on luggage. Next to it is a small chilled mini-bar.

First Class Ottoman/Buddy Seat

Each suite has a 22-inch IFE screen that can be operated directly by touch or by IFE remote.

First Class IFE Screen

The IFE remote can be found on the seat console. On the seat console is a touch screen control pad where you can adjust your seat configuration.

First Class Seat Console

One unique aspect of Oman Air’s First Class seats are these lights that outline the whole suite. It was a nice touch, though I didn’t see their main function.

First Class Seat Lighting

My seat is 1A which was at the front left of the plane. A button above the seat number serves to lock the door in place. As seen in the picture, there was also an individual air nozzle right behind a reading light.

First Class Seat Designation

Each seat also had a cabinet for clothes, though I think one thick jacket is the most that it can store.

Hanger for Clothes

The middle seats had a divider that goes up very high so solo travelers can still feel like they’re in a private suite even though they’re sitting right beside someone.

First Class Middle Seats

I thought the seats were incredibly comfortable, especially when they’re laid flat. It goes down to a full 180 degrees. Along with the bedding that they’ll provide after turn down service, the suite would almost feel like a single bed.

I got a solid amount of sleep as we flew through the night all because of the nice bedding.

First Class Seat Lay flat Mode

The amenity kit that they distributed was Amouage.

Amenity Kit

It had socks, an eye mask, a comb, earbuds, lotion, lip balm, moisturizer, deodorant, tissue, and a mirror.

Amenity Kit

They also provided pajamas and slippers which looked and felt really cozy.

Pajamas and Slippers

The next two are probably the least appealing part of the flight. These were the headphones and the complimentary Wi-Fi that they provided.

The headphones were out of place in First Class. They looked and felt decent, but I expected some higher-end products provided to us.


Then there was the complimentary Wi-Fi card. It provided passengers with 3 hours of free Wi-Fi… 100mb of Wi-Fi. Not to mention the fact that it was incredibly slow.

Complimentary Wi-Fi Card

I think that the seats were great. I appreciate Oman Air focusing more on the practical side of the seat rather than going for pure luxury like the Emirates.

The contrast in their ways can show. The seats were simple and useful. Every little thing is there for a reason.

Only the headphones and Wi-Fi were disappointing.


First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu


They welcomed me as soon as I sat down with a bowl of nuts and a glass of Grand Siècle.

The flight attendants on the flight were very warm and friendly. They were a bit stiff at first, but later on, they became warmer to us as the flight went on.

Welcome Drink

Oman Air offers Dine on Demand, so we had the choice of when we would eat.

The Amuse bouche was a Panko-crusted arncinni. It was small but full of flavor. It did get me excited for what’s next to come.

First Class Food Service

I was most excited about their caviar service. I’ve been reading a lot and it seems that Oman Air’s Beluga Caviar is one of the most generous caviar services around.

When the plate arrived, That’s exactly what I thought. The accompaniments were very nice as well.

First Class Caviar Service
First Class Caviar Service

For appetizers, I went with the Marinated Prawns, smoked tuna, and sous vide herb salmon. The presentation confused me at first, since it just looked like the ingredients were placed on the plate with little thought at all.

That said, the dish tasted delicious. it was packed full of flavor.

First Class Food Service

Afterward, I had the Palak paneer and dal makhani. I thought the flavors were a little too strong for me, but it tasted delicious, nonetheless.

First Class Food Service

The Lamb machboosh was an excellent dish. At first glance, it looked a bit bland. However, all of the flavors were there and I enjoyed it a lot.

First Class Food Service

Overall Opinion

Oman Air absolutely deserves the Best New First Class Award. The cabin was simple yet elegant. Compared to other Middle Eastern airlines, Oman Air showcased the luxury of first class in a plain and simple way.

I liked the mood lighting since it added that extra cozy feeling to the cabin.

There were 8 seats in total in first class. The first time I saw it, I thought the cabin was a bit tight which wasn’t the case when we got to settle down.

The cabin was luxurious in a humble way, unlike the lavish, over-the-top extravagance that Emirates First Class offers. The colors were calming and seemed to serve as a reminder of Oman’s culture.

The seats were probably the best part of the trip. with the armrest down, it was 30” of seating with an ample amount of legroom.

All the functionalities were as practical as can be. Nothing more, nothing less.

I do think that they’d do better with a few extra storage areas.

There’s also my issue with the headphones and the Wi-Fi. the headphones can be easily replaced if they want to.

The internet connection is probably the most disappointing thing. Complimentary things are always welcome, but complimentary things that are virtually useless are not good at all.

On the brighter side, the in-flight service was great. Truly worthy of being in first-Class.

Flight attendants were warm and pleasing. They have a very streamlined standard of procedures, but they’re also open to becoming a bit more lighthearted from time to time which makes the flight even better.

All in all, I enjoyed this flight. It had all the things that people would usually expect in first Class with a significant emphasis on practicality.

I doubly appreciate the amazing service that they provide and the privacy that the seats had to offer.

I highly recommend trying out Oman Air in first class when you have the chance.

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