Bohol Airport Interior

Introducing the New Bohol Airport

Aside from talking about my trip to Bohol, I decided to focus this review on the new Airport. Let me start this by saying that the airport surprised me– in a very pleasing way.

Last November 2018, the Bohol-Panglao International Airport officially opened.

This new establishment is one of the Philippine’s recent projects. It aims to show sustainability on a large scale.

The airport was built with the help of Japan. The Aboitiz Infra Capital group operates it.

In my opinion, this is certainly the best regional airport in the country.

The design of the airport is breathtaking. First, the wavy roof adds some style to the building. The glass windows make for a great exterior while also providing natural light during the day.

What’s more impressive is that after a year in operation, the airport is still clean and tidy!

The airport is small. The predicted number of people that the airport will accomodate will potentially make it a bit too crowded in the future but for now, it won’t be that hard to navigate within it.

The airport is fully air-conditioned. There are a number of open spaces and water stations around the building for passengers to enjoy. .

Although new, their check-in process was seamless. They did not require us to pay for additional terminal fees.

The seats in the waiting areas were very comfortable for a regional airport—this makes up for the fact that there’s no lounge within it.

Lastly, they had fast Wi-Fi connections provided by SMART.

The new Bohol-Panglao Airport offers both domestic and international flights, making it very accessible.

Its location is also great. it takes only 5 minutes to get from the airport to the beaches of Panglao Island, a definite improvement to the old, 45 minute commute from the old airport.

Some notable airlines that operate through here are Cebu Pacific and Air Asia.

Overall Impression

In conclusion, I think that this is one of the most understated airports in the country. From the design to its sustainable nature, to the incredibly comfortable interior, the airport has a lot to offer!

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