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Philippine Airlines NAIA Terminal 2 Mabuhay Lounge (Domestic) Review

NAIA Terminal 2 only has the Mabuhay lounge, however, there are two of them present. This review will be dedicated to the domestic lounge—A relatively smaller and more compact lounge, it’s a place to rest and stay since there’s practically nowhere else for you to go.


For you to gain access to this lounge, you have to at least be an ELITE member of the mabuhay miles program or have a business class ticket for one of your flights.

The Lounge

The domestic lounge was in a location that was quite hidden if not for the big signages that pointed to it in certain areas.

Sign leading to the Mabuhay Lounge

The entrance to the lounge itself was just a glass door. It had the Mabuhay lounge logo on it. There’s also a standee and another big sign right in front.

Sign leading to the Mabuhay Lounge

Once you go in, however, you’ll be greeted with a rather lavish looking area.

Doorway to the Domestic Mabuhay Lounge

Once you enter, the reception desk is right to the left and you’ll be able to see a large part of the lounge from where you are.

Domestic Mabuhay Lounge Front Desk

As you enter, the first few seats you’ll see are laid out much like how cafeterias or a few restaurants design their tables right next to the walls. There are also a few more typical lounge seats on the left side by the wall, as well.

Domestic Mabuhay Lounge Sitting Area

Once you go in further, you’ll begin to see a divergence of the style of seating. This area of the lounge continues the cafeteria-esque dynamics with square tables and metal chairs.

Domestic Mabuhay Lounge Sitting Area

There’s also an area that has your typical lounge seats. They were, however, clumped up a bit too tight for me to feel at ease. Luckily, during my stay, this area still had few decent seats for us.

Domestic Mabuhay Lounge Sitting Area

Fortunately, there seems to be a private area with very few chairs that is usually sealed off by a glass door. There wasn’t anyone staying there, but that place might just be the most private place you can stay in even if there were a few people with you there.

Domestic Mabuhay Lounge Sitting Area

Same as the other mabuhay lounge, the food table here is laid out in a buffet fashion, but it’s all self-service. There were some pastries and cookies, bread and sandwiches, and of course, the famous arroz caldo is also provided with a variety of condiments.

Domestic Mabuhay Lounge Buffet Table
Domestic Mabuhay Lounge Snacks Table

Overall Impression

This lounge is okay. There’s nothing special about it as it’s definitely a downgraded version of the bigger Mabuhay Lounge. Apart from the relatively tasty food that they have to offer, everything else seems a bit too lacking when compared with the bigger lounges.

That being said, given its place as a domestic lounge, I can give this one a passing grade. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many other lounges that are better than the domestic mabuhay lounge, but for a 10 or 15 minute stay or nap, this lounge is good enough.

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