Business and First Class Lounge Entryway

Muscat International Airport’s New Terminal: Business and First-Class Lounge Review

This was my first time in this new terminal of Muscat International Airport, and I can’t help but be amazed by the aesthetics that it has brought. The new terminal improved the airport in more ways than one. An amazing perk it has brought is that it makes moving between connecting flights incredibly more convenient—particularly for both first class and business class passengers.

And of course, with the new terminal came a new premium lounge for Oman Air’s business class and first-class passengers.


The only way to gain access to this lounge as to my knowledge is by being a Business Class or First-Class passenger of Oman Air.

The New Terminal

I’ll first talk about the new terminal and how it is a few months after it’s begun operations.

Muscat International Airport

To cut it short, the new terminal is gorgeous. Much of this might be attributed to a noticeable lack of passengers moving out and about, but the whole place is shining and glowing. You can see just how much the designers for this terminal wanted it to look and feel luxurious.

Muscat International Airport

From the glossy tile flooring to the incredible ceiling accent that makes it feel as if it’s flowing through the whole terminal. Again, just look at how few people there are.

Muscat International Airport Front

The lounge itself is found at the fifth level of the terminal along with a few other ones within that circular area. Here’ you’ll also find the Aerotel and the Priority Pass lounge along with Oman Air’s First and Business Class Lounge.

Along with the new Istanbul Airport, these are two amazing additions to the list of world-class airports.

The Lounge

Even before stepping into the lounge itself, I was greeted with an amazing aesthetic. The walls were primarily black and the entrance to the lounge had golden patterns that make it feel as if you’re going to enter a palace.

Business and First-Class Lounge Entrance

There was a male and female receptionist. They gingerly welcomed me and after seeing my boarding pass, encouraged me to explore the whole lounge. Not only were the receptionists very friendly, but the interior of the lounge really caught my attention. Especially the gold rings and the amazing background behind the desk.

Business and First-Class Lounge Front Desk

This area basically lists down the many amenities that will be found in this lounge.

The list goes as such: Private Family Room, The Atrium Lounge, Business Center, Prayer Room, Restaurants, Family Room, Play Room, Nap Room, Spa & Wellness Center, Oman Experience.

Business and First-Class Lounge Facility List

Oman Air did an amazing job of leveling up their lounge to such an extent. It was mentioned that the whole aesthetic of the lounge—all of the décor and the design itself gave respect to the historical influence of the country. They really showcased the beauty of their culture through both simple and complex design choices.

Business and First-Class Lounge Sitting Area

For the most part, the chairs in the lounge have one design—particularly those in the major sitting areas. These armchairs were bulky but very comfortable to sit on. And the way they’re placed didn’t make it feel clumped together. The lounge itself is massive when you count both the first and business class sections, and it felt spacious as I explored the rest of the lounge.

Business and First-Class Lounge Sitting Area

The consistency of lounge seats stopped as I reached a rather large gathering area with a few seats placed in a circle facing each other.

Business and First-Class Lounge Sitting Area

I assumed this was a place for groups of people to gather. However, I also found reclined seats on the other side of the room. It looked like private spots where people can enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation in their lonesome.

Business and First-Class Lounge Sitting Area

Each pod had a decent daybed, a small table with a box of tissue in it. Aside from the ones in the far corners, each one was separated only with a curtain.

Business and First-Class Lounge Day pods

The comfort rooms were clean and very organized. Near it were a few shower rooms as well.

Business and First-Class Lounge Comfort Room

Though it’s not really a big shower room, it gets the job done. You were also provided with all the amenities you need in it.

Business and First-Class Lounge Shower Room

There is also a dedicated cigar lounge.

Business and First-Class Lounge Cigar Lounge Front

One of the more unique amenities that the lounge has is this dedicated prayer room. The people of Oman are known for being very religious, and this is a great way of providing their passengers who find respite in prayer such an option.

Business and First-Class Lounge Cigar Lounge Front

They also have this playroom designed for children who just can’t get enough of playing. It’s bright and full of toys and mini chairs for the kids and their guardians.

Business and First-Class Lounge Children's Playroom

Lastly, they also had their own nap rooms cinema rooms, and private family rooms, which were all, unfortunately, occupied when I was there. It just goes to show how people like the concept of these amenities.

Food and Beverages

The lounge had a rather extensive selection of food. The whole buffet was laid out in a semi-circular with solid cold and hot options. There was some level of variety in the food selection, so you won’t have to worry about getting sick of the same thing.

Business and First-Class Lounge Buffet Table

All of the utensils, condiments, and a few bottles of water can be found to the right and a number of other beverages are in the refrigerators at the bottom of the long buffet table.

Business and First-Class Lounge Buffet Table

By the middle, there was a Nespresso Coffee machine.

Business and First-Class Lounge Beverage Selection

The selection of sweets that they had was quite extravagant. Just looking at them made my mouth water.

Business and First-Class Lounge Desserts Selection

They also had six different hot options.

Business and First-Class Lounge Hot dish Selection

Below are three of the dishes—all of which looked really delicious.

Chicken Harees

Chicken Harees

Lamb Machbous Rice

Shuwa Spiced Chicken Breast with Shuwa Sauce

Shuwa Spiced Chicken Breast with Shuwa Sauce

Shuwa Spiced Chicken Breast with Shuwa Sauce

The main dining area was really large. There were a lot of tables and chairs arranged with some utensils and glasses as well. Because of this, even when there were a lot of people, there were still some areas of the place that were empty. 

Business and First-Class Lounge Dining Area
Business and First-Class Lounge Dining Area

The lounge had two dining areas. One of them is smaller than the other. They had practically the same food options offered, the only difference is the space and the layout of the whole area.

Business and First-Class Lounge Dining Area

Next up is their bar. This area is close to the first-class lounge—a door is the only thing that’s separating the two. That being said, the bar here is really elegant. It showcases the stock of liquor that they have—and all I can say is that their collection is very impressive.

Business and First-Class Lounge Bar

The great thing here is that whenever someone has a hard time choosing what kind of drink they want to have, they will gladly offer their cocktail of the week.

Liquor Menu with Cocktail of the Week

Overall Impression

The new Business & First-Class lounge on Oman Air is simply amazing from its meaningful design aesthetics to the odd, yet very spacious layout, and the lounge will continuously surprise the patrons of Oman Air.

The lounges are large, and I don’t see it getting crowded any time soon. The amenities that they have may be limited to a few people—but the fact that they’re incorporated into the lounge is enough to be appreciated.

At the very least, I’ll say that Oman Air has a great concept of customer satisfaction. Their in-flight service is already admirable and improving their on-ground experience is something that will surely make it a crowd favorite in due time.

I’m excited to see what will happen to this lounge and all the further improvements that Oman Air plans on doing in the near future.

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