Mabuhay Lounge SFO

San Francisco International Airport Mabuhay Lounge Review


The Mabuhay Lounge at San Francisco International Airport is notorious for being one of the worst lounges internationally. It’s small, has a limited food selection, and is just overshadowed by other lounges. I stand by that statement not because I don’t like the lounge, but because I want Philippine Airlines to improve on them and become a well-respected airline among other premium airliners.


With no partner airlines and only a handful of viable credit cards, the Mabuhay Lounge is a very exclusive lounge. You need to at least be an Elite Member of the Mabuhay Miles Program to have access here.

SFO Lounge Board

The Lounge

It was essentially just one big room. It had sofas and chairs with the same leather. However, it’s obvious that these have been sat on by many people without being well-kept.

Mabuhay Lounge SFO Interior

Even with a handful of people, the lounge already looked like it was full. Luckily, there were still some good seats.

The chairs themselves were a bit tough and bouncy.

Mabuhay Lounge SFO Interior

The food selection that they had in the lounge was a bit of a letdown. They tasted alright but were more or less just party samplers.

Mabuhay Lounge SFO Food Selection

Though a bit messy, they did have a decent selection of liquor.

Mabuhay Lounge SFO Minibar Selection

Other beverages are found on the other side, just beside the food table.

Mabuhay Lounge SFO Drinks

The most intriguing part of the lounge would probably be the payphone at the very back. I can’t remember the last time I saw one in public, or any other establishment rather. It’s such an outdated concept.

The idea of making members pay just to call is baffling in an age where it’s easier to contact someone through the Internet.


Overall Impression

Being an avid flyer of Philippine Airlines, this lounge is one of my least favorite to go to. When given the option, I’d try out all the other lounges in SFO.

This lounge needs a lot of improvements for it to reach the standards that Philippine Airlines’ flight experience brings.

Though little can be done, a bigger lounge will be appreciated. The bigger the lounge, the more people it can accommodate. With the rather limited access to it, there’s very little chance that it’ll get crowded when that happens.

Next, the food selection can also be improved. Better food will entice people to come into the lounge more.

Lastly, better, more comfortable seats. At the end of the day, airline lounges are there to help passengers relax before and sometimes after a flight.

This may be quite a handful to request, well even the home lounge is still subpar. However, with the right mindset and the initiative to brighten up the ground experience, Philippine Airlines will make one big step further to becoming a 5-star airline!

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