Lufthansa Business Class Seat

Lufthansa A320 Business Class Milan to Frankfurt Review

I arrived fairly early for my flight. I think I had an hour or so to kill before my flight to Frankfurt. Since this flight was one of the low points in my trip (Lufthansa’s Inter-Europe business class product isn’t exactly something people should be excited about).

I was interested, however in Lufthansa’s Business class lounge in this airport which I’ll talk about deeper in this review.

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The flight wasn’t exactly that great. It was basically a glorified economy seat with a few more inches of legroom. What I wanted to focus on was the lounge which was great! There was barely anyone in there and because of that, I got to appreciate the design and the service in its most intimate!

PROS: Great lounge. The flight staff were friendly.

CONS: Glorified Economy Seats. Limited seat pitch. Curtains separate the two seat classes.


After a good night’s sleep in the Marriott Hotel Malpensa Airport, I went and quickly checked in for my flight to Frankfurt. When I arrived, there was no line. My quick stop at the check-in was thanks to there being no line and the fact that the ground staff were eager to assist me!

Check-In Counter


Lufthansa’s Business Class Lounge in this airport was really great. It’s usually crowded even when it’s not peak hours. The front of the lounge looks rather elegant.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

Right inside the lounge was a newspaper stand and a few lockers.

Locker and Pamphlet stand

Upon entering the lounge and after the lockers were a communal table with a number of plastic seats. Next to it were filled with juice choices. The communal tables seemed perfect for people who are working.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

There was almost nobody in the lounge. That’s evident in most of my pictures. This section was aesthetically appealing. There were numerous chairs and sofas that were of differing quality but gave off the same comfort.

Lufthansa Business Class Seating Area

There was a large buffet table with a few dishes. The pastries on display were fairly delicious. The other choices were quite nice as well.

Lufthansa Buffet Selection

Further in was probably the best part of the lounge. The liquor selection here was large. It was easy to find a glass I could enjoy as I stayed.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Bar

After I’ve had my fill, I made my way to the boarding area with 15 minutes to spare.


Boarding was a bit of a hassle at first. Fortunately, business class passengers were let in first.

Boarding Area

Seat Cabin and Amenities

To a person without context, they’d probably think that the picture below is of row of economy seats from a random airline—but no. This is the Inter-Europe business class product of Lufthansa.

They’re Inter-Europe product was nothing to be proud of. Even armrests weren’t too comfortable. There weren’t even pillows nor blankets at the ready. I believe that the middle seats were meant to be left clear so that business class passengers don’t have anyone seated behind them, though that’s just take on it.

Lufthansa Business Class Seat

The only redeeming factor of the seats would be the legroom which was still rather tight—though it wasn’t that much of a bother for me.

Business Class Legroom


Their meal service was rather rudimentary, as well. It was only meant to be a small snack, but I wasn’t exactly impressed with any of it. There was bread, what I thought was ham and cheese and a plate of salmon and literal strips of vegetables.

It didn’t look good. And it just wasn’t impressive.

Business Class Meal Selection

Overall Impression

I wouldn’t pay for this kind of “business” class flight. Aside from the slightly wider seats and more legroom, the business class product doesn’t have anything going for it. If I had to fly it again, I would only use miles to redeem one.

It’s sad that these Inter-Europe flights tend to remove the comfort factor in their products. This Lufthansa flight is one of them. Of course, I understand the difference between short-haul and long-haul flights. But the fact that many airlines only focus on their long-haul products is rather indistinct.

In my opinion, this flight was bland and unsatisfactory. I wouldn’t fly it again unless I don’t have a choice. In fact, I believe that some domestic business class products, such as the one that Philippine Airlines offers, are better than this one.

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