Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Review

When I arrived in Frankfurt, I immediately made my way through arrival and out of the terminal. Just after the exit, I made my way to the left and took a five minute walk to reach the highly acclaimed Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

The First Class Terminal is by far one of the best lounges that I’ve ever been to. I particularly like the exclusivity and the special treatment of being a lounge for a select few. The ambiance, the place, the service, everything adds up to bring about a wholesome and extravagant experience.

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Even though Lufthansa is part of the Star Alliance, their First Class Lounges are only accessible to their own First Class passengers and any HON Circle member—which is Lufthansa’s highest tier elite status.

Passengers who flew Lufthansa First Class to Frankfurt and have a connecting flight to Business Class in with Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian on the same day, then you can join.

However, If you’re connecting to a Business class flight on any other airline, you can only use the First Class Lounges.

I was flying to Newark in First Class, so I was eligible to enjoy the whole lounge during my stay.

The Lounge

The First Class Terminal is not exactly attractive to look at from the outside. Though this isn’t much of a problem since the exterior is not as important as what was found inside.

Bear in mind that people can walk to the First Class Terminal from the main terminal. Once you reach it, you have to enter through the lower entrance and take an elevator to the main lobby.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Inside was a different story. As soon as I entered, a sense of class and elegance began to unfold. I was even more excited about experiencing this behemoth of a lounge.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Lobby

A few steps further in, I was greeted and escorted by one of the staff. They mentioned that they’ll be my personal assistant for the time I spend in the terminal. The check-in counters were elegant, and security was quick and efficient.

I mentioned to my personal attendant that I did a little shopping back in Milan and I had something that’s eligible for a tax refund. The person working customs there happily arrived at the terminal and stamped my tax refund after only a few minutes of staying in the lounge. That’s what I would call V.I.P. treatment.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal  Check In Area

After a short walk, there was a dedicated Duty-Free shop that seemed to have no one browsing. There are very few passengers enjoying this terminal and it shows in the shop.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Duty Free Shop

Right before the main entrance to the lounge, there were some newspapers and magazine stands along with six digital clocks detailing the time in different regions in Europe.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Newspaper Stands

These double doors signal the entrance to the main lounge. Beside it was a glass display of numerous limited edition rubber ducks which Lufthansa is quite famous for.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Lounge Entrance

I asked for my own two rubber ducks. These rubber ducks have different designs depending on the seasons. Since it was summer when I visited, they had these beach rubber ducks with matching ice cream cones which I find really cute.

Lufthansa Rubber Duckies

The lounge itself wasn’t as large as the exterior made it seem. However, it still has this unique ambiance to it. There was traditional lounge seating for the majority of the lounge. Leather armchairs and sofas can be found all around. Most of the furniture played with the black and orange color scheme which I appreciated a lot.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Seating Area

There was a TV area, too. Thankfully its volume was fairly low and it wasn’t really a bother.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Seating Area

I found these plates of nuts rather amusing. It was an interesting centerpiece for tables, but I’m also curious about whether or not these nuts have been here for a long time. I should have asked this when I was there. But it’s just a curious little mystery that I’ll solve the next time I go to the First Class Terminal.

Tray of Nuts

There were different layouts of the seats in the lounge. This particular area had small walls that separated the chairs that were back to back.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Seating Area

By far the most attractive thing about the First Class Terminal is the bar within.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Bar

I think that this is the best liquor selection in all the lounges that I’ve ever visited. It’s impressive even from afar. There was also an interesting play on gummy bears which were segregated based on their color.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Massive Liquor Selection

If you think that was overwhelming, then you should know that they had another mini-bar detached from the bigger one which I’d say had an even more exquisite selection. This one was part of their cigar lounge

Liquor Section Within thr Cigar Lounge

Here’s another section dedicated to liquor. Interestingly enough, we were not allowed to check these ones out.

Closet of Wine

In another area of the lounge, there was more liquor! There were just so many in the lounge and it was absolutely amazing to find such a vast liquor selection!

Liquor of Wine

The First Class Terminal had an ala carte menu and a buffet, both of which had amazing options to choose from. This was just the salad bar, but it still looked very delicious. To the right were some of their very nice pretzels.

Buffet Selection

There’s this interesting contraption that vends out ham when you operate it. A really unique way to serve up fresh ham to everyone there.

Ham Dispenser

After perusing the lounge for quite a bit, I went on to have breakfast. As well as drink a few.

First Class Terminal Menu

I went for the bacon and eggs which were beautifully presented and very tasty.

Bacon and Eggs

I also got their waffles which were quite crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside.


After that amazing breakfast, I went on to have a shower.

The shower rooms were fairly large. It was plain and simple with barely any amenity within.

Shower Room

What was there in the shower were some ETRO Milano conditioner, body milk, shower gel, and shampoo.

ETRO Milano Amenities

The shower itself was spacious and fairly clean. It seems as if the shower attendants make sure to keep it fresh and seamless for each customer that would use it.


I lounged for a bit after I took a shower. Afterwards I went on to have lunch.

Lunch Menu

I took one of the pretzels and sausages. Both of which tasted amazing with the dip that matched them.

Pretzel and Sausages

For the main dish, I had their Ribeye steak. At a good medium-rare, it was incredibly juicy. The accompaniments were perfect with it as well.

Ribeye Steak

After my lunch, I looked for the nap rooms. Unfortunately, they were both occupied at the moment so I decided to just enjoy my time in the main seating area.

Nap Room Hallway

Later that day, I learned that they also had a shower room with a bathtub, probably similar to the Cabana from the Wing Lounge operated by Cathay Pacific. Unfortunately, it was fully booked at the time. Another thing that I am excited to come back for more!

Overall Impression

The First-Class Terminal is an experience in and of itself. Its exclusivity is one of it’s defining factors since it’s a whole terminal that’s separate from the other Terminals in Frankfurt.

The seats or at least the ones that I’ve tried out were very comfortable, though even now, I’m quite curious about the nuts on the tables.

The shower rooms were great, and it was very unfortunate that I wasn’t able to see and use the nap rooms during my stay.

One of the best highlights of my stay was the food they served. My meal was amazing, and probably one of the best ones I’ve had in a lounge. Not to mention the humongous selection of liquor that was presented.

Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal is the most personable lounge there is. I had a personal escort from the moment I checked in all the way to me boarding the plane. It also seemed like everyone in the terminal knew me as every staff member I interacted with would always address me by my last name. Their dining staff were also some of the most courteous people I’ve ever met.

In conclusion, the First Class Terminal is one of the best lounges out there, from the service of having your own personal attendant to the amazingly comfortable and intimate lounge area. The whole place just exudes elegance and class.

It may not be as large as what Emirates showcased, but it definitely makes up for it with the world class service that they provide!

It was truly a one of a kind and personally tailored experience. I would be more than happy to come back and experience this once again!

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