Lufthansa First Class Seat

Lufthansa First Class Boeing 747-8 Frankfurt to Newark

This was the flight that I was waiting for. During this five-leg trip, I flew different airlines just to see how they would compare. This flight has always been in my sights, and I just can’t wait to experience it. Lufthansa First Class is one of the best first-class products I’ve flown alongside ANA.

That said, I had the privilege of flying from their main hub in Frankfurt—meaning I got to experience the whole first-class experience starting from their First-Class terminal.

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PROS: Amazing Ground and In-flight experiences. Great staff.

CONS: IFE is okay, but far from the seat. Not the most private first class seat in the sky.


I booked this flight fully with miles. I transferred a few thousand points from my Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa to Krisflyer. Since both Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa are members of Star Alliance, I was able to use 107,500 Krisflyer miles to book this Lufthansa First Class Ticket.

Of course, I used Krisflyer because Metrobank partners with Krisflyer, Asia Miles, and Mabuhay Miles only. There are other possible options with which you can use miles to book first class. Star Alliance’s extensive network creates booking opportunities for those who are part of the Miles and More program, United MileagePlus, and Asiana Club.

Miles and More is the loyalty program used by several European airline. You’d need around 85,000 miles for a one-way ticket, though taxes and fees might be in an excess of USD 500.00.

United MileagePlus is one of the well-known options in the U.S. A one-way first-class award ticket will need 110,000 miles with low taxes and fees.

Asiana Club is the least popular option that can still be a pretty nice alternative. They give you the cheapest option at around 50,000 miles but costs around USD 500.00 in taxes and fees.

Bear in mind that Lufthansa only releases their first-class award tickets to Star Alliance members at least 2 weeks in advance. This flight was an exception to the rule, however, since they released the tickets 3 days before the flight.


I just came from my Milan-Frankfurt flight with Lufthansa, with that in mind, I could’ve easily checked through my luggage. However, I’d have to stay in the normal first-class lounge on the main terminal. That said, I opted to retrieve my luggage and check-in again to experience Lufthansa’s First-Class Terminal.

I got to check-in at Lufthansa’s First-Class Terminal. It was a large building that was separate from the rest of the airport. The terminal doesn’t necessarily look that fancy since it’s essentially a giant concrete block.

But of course, the interior is what truly wows people.

The terminal is essentially a giant lounge. As I entered the building, the staff immediately came to my aid and offered to handle my check-in process while I relaxed within the lounge. This is the VIP treatment that I wanted to experience.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Check In


As I said, the whole terminal is one giant lounge. Lufthansa’s First-Class Terminal is big and magnificent by itself that it demands its own review. We made our own review of the lounge which will be out by next week!

Lufthansa First Class Terminal


As I was waiting for boarding at the terminal, my personal attendant approached me and escorted me to the immigration which was below the terminal. After which I was drove to the parked 747-8 in a Porsche Cayenne.

Porsche Cayenne Chauffeur

I was surprised when they cut off the regular boarding just because a first-class passenger was boarding the plane. It was a small, yet very impactful touch by Lufthansa as they show just how much they value their premium customers.

Boeing 747-8

Seat, Cabin, and Amenities

Lufthansa First Class features eight seats. The backmost row has a layout of 1-2-1 and the two rows in front go by a 1-1 layout. The cabin looks like a cone that narrows as it reaches the front.

Lufthansa First Class Cabin

I was at seat 3K the rightmost seat in the last row. The seat was around 31 inches wide and it had a seat pitch of 83 inches. When laid flat, it would have a bed length of around 81 inches. All of which are pretty decent dimensions.

Lufthansa First Class Seat

The armrest holds most of the seat’s functionalities. The one by the window has two universal outlets and two USB ports.

USB Port and Universal Outlet

On the same arm rest, you’ll find the IFE remote control. Beside it, in one of the storage units, you’ll find a Bose headset.

IFE Remote and Compartment for Headphones

There’s also a small reading light at the top left of the seat.

Reading Light

The IFE screen is at 17” which, because of the distance, is quite small. However, it still had a decent selection of movies and shows that kept me entertained.

The ottoman in front doubles as a big storage compartment for your carry-on baggage.

IFE Screen and Foot Cubby Storage Compartment

For larger bags, each first-class passenger has their own private cabinet at the back of the cabin.

Storage Lockers Exclusive for First Class Passengers

To make the seats incredibly private, you can raise up a large partition that covers the majority of the view from the seat. It essentially makes your seat an open suite which elevates the experience even more.

Seat Partition

There was a paid Internet connection that was fairly usable. For first class passengers, they gave us access passes which can be used throughout the flight.

Internet Speed

As soon as I got settled down, they handed me some amenities. First was the pajama set.


They also provided slippers, which were by-far the best slippers that I have had on a plane.


The amenity kit that they gave was from vanlaack.

Amenity Kit

The amenity kit was filled with La Prairie amenities. There was also a shoehorn, socks, earplugs, ear covers, a comb and eye mask, and a dental kit.

Amenities Provided


First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu
First Class Menu


After I was escorted to my seat, a flight attendant immediately approached me and offered me welcome drinks and snacks. I got a glass of 2004 Laurent Perrier Alexandra (Market price PHP15,000 a bottle) and handful of warm nuts. I think this was easily the best rose champagne I’ve had on a plane. This is truly a testament of finesse.

Welcome Drink and Warm Nuts

A few minutes afterward they offered me a warm towel that had a very good texture.

Warm Towel

After the initial welcome, the attendants left me to my own devices. I took my time appreciating the seat and taking pictures, then they explained to me how the seat works. Afterward, the plane began to take off. The rest of the service happened after take-off.

Right before meal service, they offered me again their finest champagne. They offered me two bottles which I each took a glass of. The first one was the 2004 Laurient Perrier Alexandra.


The second one was a Grand Siecle (market price at PHP 7,000.00).

Grand Siecle

The amuse bouche was some sort of tartar.


I was excited for their caviar service. They offered me what I would think was the most generous portion of caviar in the sky. Along with the accompaniments, the service was amazing. The attendants even asked if I wanted another portion!

Caviar Service

Since there weren’t a lot of people in First Class, I was given the chance to try all of the appetizers that they had on the flight. Though a bit much, they all tasted amazing.

From the top left to the bottom right, they are:

  • Bread platter;
  • Freshly mixed Leaf Lettuce with grilled Bell Pepper, Aceto Balsamico di Modena and Olive Oil or Yogurt and Lime Dressing;
  • Tuna with mashed Green Peas, Mint Gremolata and Pine Nuts;
  • Roast Beef with Asian Glass Noodle Salad;
  • Coconut Mousse, Curry Bok Choy, Cilantro and Ginger Mayonnaise

They also offered an Apricot Sorbet flavored with champagne. It had an interesting texture. The combination of the apricot and the champagne gave it a truly fascinating taste.

Apricot Sorbet

For the main course, I chose the Corn-fed Chicken with Lemon Thyme, fresh mixed Vegetables and Potato Gratin. The dish looked great and tasted delicious. It was balanced and full of flavor.

Corn-fed Chicken with Lemon Thyme

To finish it off, I had an Iced Dome of white Chocolate on curried Pineapple Carpaccio and Crumbles.

Talk about a sweet dessert after a hearty meal. The dome of white chocolate was a great way to end on!

Dome of white chocolate on curried Pineapple Carpaccio and Crumbles

Overall Impression

This flight was definitely the highlight of my trip. It was a very luxurious and satisfying day from the ground experience all the way to the end of the flight.

Starting off with the ground experience, the welcome was incredible and very particular. The intimacy of the service provided in the first-class terminal was amazing. I never thought of my stay as unsatisfactory. It never felt mediocre or lacking in any way. The lounge was quiet, spacious, and very private.

The seats were comfortable, and the food was extraordinary. It’s not impossible that this might be one of the best First-class terminals there is—and that’s a bold statement considering what Singapore Airlines and Emirates have in their main hubs.

I liked the fact that each staff member within the First-class terminal/lounge was eager and happy to assist every single passenger there. That and the limousine ride to the plane was such an amazing experience for me. It really felt like I was having the 5-star treatment—And I wasn’t even on the plane yet!

Once I got on the plane, however, it was as if things were at a whole new level. From the professionalism and warmth of the cabin crew to the practicality in design and layout in first class, everything seemed impeccable.

The seat was very cozy and spacious. There wasn’t any lack of storage areas, and the seat controls weren’t complicated. There’s also a partition that can effectively transform your seat into an open suite!

Service was on point, and I really felt the warmth of the staff.

The food was excellent, albeit a little too excessive at times. They had a fantastic selection of liquor, as well.

They had a little bit of everything on their menu, giving passengers a variety to choose from (or all in my case).

In conclusion, this flight was incredible. It was comfortable, and I felt really cared for during the duration of my stay with Lufthansa. I enjoyed the whole journey and will definitely recommend Lufthansa First Class to everyone.

As a side note, I’d highly recommend that if you ever plan on experiencing Lufthansa First Class, you would be better off using your miles to redeem a ticket instead of outright buying one.

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