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EVA Air A330 Business Class | SilverKris Lounge (TPE) Review

This is the final part of my trip. Flying EVA Air Business class again was a decent way to end the whole trip..

This whole trip was a treat. EVA Air’s consistency is notable. I enjoyed the flight and in all honesty, it was very similar to my SFO-TPE flight.

The highlight of my trip, however, was the SilverKris lounge hidden beyond the many other lounges in Taipei.


I’ll reiterate my thoughts on flying EVA in Business class again. It’s truly a noteworthy experience. Their level of service is akin to that of flying First Class on other airlines!

PROS: Amazing Service In-flight, The SilverKris Lounge was quiet and spacious compared to the EVA Air lounges.

CONS: The SilverKris lounge was outdated.


This time I spent my time within the SilverKris lounge in Taipei. It’s on the lower tier of Singapore Airlines operated lounges since it still had outdated signage outside.

Still, the lounge looked pretty nice from the outside.

SilverKris Lounge Front

Upon entering, I noticed that this lounge is a lot smaller compared to the lounges of EVA Air. It’s like a long hallway with armchairs and tables on the side. It’s also apparent that there’s no ceiling to this lounge. Even then, the lounge was really quiet.

SilverKris Lounge Interior

There was barely anyone in the lounge. I think just two or three other people were staying there when I got in.

I liked how they displayed a few Singapore Airlines-themed items on the shelf. There was a playset, two Hello Kitty Dolls, and a Monopoly set.

Display Cabinet

Further into the lounge there were more seats. Although they were window side, the view was actually of a parking lot, so it wasn’t that impressive. Still, I like the fact that It’s almost as if I have it all to myself.

Lounge Seating Area

There were two TV screens mounted on the wall and a group of seats right in front of one.

Lounge TV Area

Right next to it was a communal space, where people are free to work as there are a few power outlets outfitted conveniently near it. The marble tables were quite a nice touch. Unfortunately, some of the outlets were broken, or at the very least, they didn’t provide any power.

Lounge Marble tables

Next to it was the main buffet which was good. Compared to the food found in the EVA Air lounges, these were tastier.

Buffet Selection

Maybe it was because there was hardly anyone in the lounge, but the buffet looked nice.

Buffet Selection

Next to the buffet tables were the snacks and drinks station where a variety of beverages can be found. There’s a coffee machine, by the left, a few liquor in the middle, and pastries and dim sum on the right.

There was also a convenience store-like refrigerator for soft drinks.

Snack and Beverage Area

The lounge also has its own shower rooms. It was large and very clean. The best thing is that since there’s barely anyone using the SilverKris lounge, I don’t think any line will form for their use.

SilverKris Lounge Restroom

Looking back, I think that the SilverKris lounge is a better choice for people who want to get some rest. It’s nothing like The Private Room, but compared with EVA Air’s lounges which are usually far more crowded, the SilverKris lounge is a haven for people who just want to be left alone to their own devices.


For my flight itself, nothing out of the ordinary happened. I did, however, come to admire the cute Hello Kitty design by the boarding area.

Hello Kitty Boarding Area

Cabin Seats and Amenities

I expected the A330 to have the same seat configuration as the A321. I was fine with the 2-2 layout  because I thought that the service would make up for it.

To my surprise, they had reverse herringbone seats in a 1-2-1 layout.

I’m not complaining. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise knowing that my flight home would be in such nice seats.

EVA Air Business Class Seat

I’ve already detailed the seat in my previous review of the product in the 777. The only difference is that they didn’t provide amenity kits for short-haul flights, which was to be expected.

EVA Air Business Class Seat Legroom


Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu


Again, they provided great service during the flight. They ushered me to my seat; they treated me well, and they let me enjoy my flight to the fullest.

Albeit toned down because it’s a short-haul flight. For the meal service, instead of the full course meal, they only provided the main course. I chose the Stewed Beef with Truffle Mushroom in Red Wine Sauce, Assorted Vegetables, Gratin Red Skin Potatoes which tasted pretty decent even though the beef stew didn’t look that good.

Business Class Food service

Overall Impression

From start to finish, this trip consisting of four EVA Air flights has been nothing but a delight. The airline surprised me with their first-class service through and through.

I particularly like long-haul flights because that’s when I was able to make the most of my time.

My in-flight experience was almost seamless. The problems I encountered were, for the most part, my fault—particularly my choice of seat in the 777.

You should make a habit of always doing your research on the seat before you select it. It wasn’t much of a big deal, but having close to no foot traffic near you while boarding is better for the overall experience.

They could also improve on the ground experience for some of the airports that they operate in. It may just be nitpicking, but they can put in some more effort in ushering passengers during boarding, particularly priority members.

As part of Star Alliance, flying EVA Air will give passengers a choice on which lounge they’ll stay in. In Taiwan, it was between the EVA Air lounge and the SilverKris Lounge. I chose the later one just to try something different. In the end I think that it was the better choice.

In conclusion, I enjoyed these EVA Air trips. The highlight would definitely be the level of service and the meals I’ve eaten.

If you can find an EVA Air Business class flight that’s relatively high value and low price, I’d say that’s the best option you can choose to fly to Taipei.

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