EVA AIR A321neo Business Class MNL-TPE Review

It’s been a while since I’ve tried a different airline aside from my usual picks. This EVA Air Business Class flight is the first of many. Experiencing a new product is always fun and getting impressed by one is one of the most fulfilling feelings I can have.

EVA Air is one of the few 5-star airlines as rated by Skytrax. More importantly, they’re known for their Hello Kitty-themed jets! (I wasn’t able to ride one, though.)

This time, I flew four legs that I separated into three reviews. The majority of them are similar, but I emphasized different things in all three of them. Check out the other reviews of this series:

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The EVA Air Business Class product is great because the service that they provided me was top-notched. They provided me with First-Class service in a Business class seat.

PROS: Great Service, 2-2 seat layout in Business class

CONS: Ground experience and choice of the lounge can be improved on.


I was able to book this whole trip through an EVA Air seat sale. Technically, it was a round trip from Manila to San Francisco and back with connecting flights through Taipei.
It cost USD 2,600.00 (2,666 to be exact) for the whole trip. I paid for them using my Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa.

With their PHP17 : 1 mile conversion rate, I got 8,147 miles. which was a decent amount to collect for this whole trip.


NAIA Terminal 1 is outdated compared to the bigger and better Terminal 3, but it still gets the job done.

Check-in counters were spacious still, but you can see them getting potentially crowded, especially when flights overlap.

NAIA Terminal 1 Check-in Counter

I had nothing to worry about because Business Class passengers had their own priority lane, much like all other airlines!

EVA Air Business Class Counter

There was barely anyone in the Business class lane, which made my check-in smoother and faster.

I headed straight for the lounge to wait for my flight.


The PAGSS lounge is one of the few airline lounges in Terminal 1. it’s spacious and has an incredible view of the apron. I would’ve taken a picture, but the night sky blacked out most of what I could have seen.

PAGSS Lounge Front

The lounge accommodates several different airlines. Notable ones include Philippine Airlines, EVA Air, and China Airlines. It’s also the lounge that a number of credit cardholders are given access to.

PAGSS Lounge Front

A table displays the model aircraft of the airlines that partner with the lounge.

PAGSS Lounge Aircraft Display

Further in, the seating area is not that appealing. Although the design of the lounge was okay, the seats were stiff and rough. The layout made me feel like I was sitting in an above-average cafeteria instead of staying in an airline lounge.

PAGSS Lounge Seating Area

The area away from the main seating area looked a bit better with more finesse. This place near the reception area has these leather seats placed around pillars.

PAGSS Lounge Interior

There’s also this area that’s reserved for VIPs, though I don’t know exactly what kind of VIP it’s for.

PAGSS Lounge VIP Area

Moving forward, the lounge also had a good selection of food and beverages.

PAGSS Lounge Food Selection

Their buffet didn’t showcase any kind of cuisine. They did have their version of arroz caldo. I still prefer the one from the Mabuhay Lounge, though.

PAGSS Lounge Snacks Table

The snack table also had a variety of choices.

PAGSS lounge Beverages and Snacks

Beverages were kept chilled on the side.

PAGSS Lounge Self Service Bar

Lastly, there was a small self-service bar with a small selection of liquor.

The PAGSS lounge is small and has limited features, but it’s also a bit classier than the other lounges. It wasn’t crowded and even though most seats were stiff, you might find one of the better ones open when you visit.


The boarding area wasn’t crowded when I got there.

Boarding Area

EVA Air did a rather mediocre job of telling where the reserved seats for priority passengers were. They just stuck a laminated paper onto the lines. It didn’t look good, but it did get the job done.

Boarding Area Sign

Cabin Seats and Amenities

We flew in an Airbus A321 which sported a 2-2 seat configuration. EVA Air’s Business Class seats have a seat pitch of 21 inches and a seat pitch of 45.

The seat itself has a unique design to it, with tiny turquoise and purple clouds all over it with a plain leather headrest at the top.

There was a blanket, a pillow, and a headset waiting for me on the seat.

EVA Air Business Class Seat

Seats at the front have their IFE mounted on the walls. These 10.6-inch screens have a wide variety of shows, music, and movies to choose from. Right below is a small storage pouch where the menu, safety guide, and other pamphlets are located.

EVA Air IFE Screen

Right by the armrest, are the seat controls. The top button controls the recline of the seat while the bottom button is for the leg rest.

Seat Controls


Business Class Seat
Business Class Seat
Business Class Seat
Business Class Seat


Unfortunately, for this flight, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the food that they served. I’ll let the next reviews show how great the service really was.

Honestly, I was surprised at this point. Their service was great when compared to other business class products.

I’ll go deeper in my next review, the flight from Taipei to Los Angeles.

Overall Impression

This flight was the start of a series of flights that I will remember for a long time. This flight, in particular, proved to me why EVA Air has a 5-star rating from Skytrax.

I do have to note that they can make a lot of improvements to their ground operations.

The PAGGS lounge is one of the better options for lounges within the terminal.

Their approach to boarding could be improved by just investing some finesse into their operations.

Other than that, everything else was exceptional. I’m excited to experience the rest of the trip, as it’s EVA Air Business Class in three different aircraft!

Check out my next review soon!

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