EVA Air Business Class Seat

EVA AIR Business Class Boeing 777 TPE – SFO Review

This is the second leg of a four-leg trip with EVA Air in Business Class. To some, a series of flights with the same airlines in the same class would count as one. I beg to differ because there will be unique points in all flights no matter how similar they are.

In this case, the main difference is the aircraft that I flew in.

EVA Air has recently impressed me with my first flight. Now that the initial shock is over, I’ll talk more in-depth about this and why I think it’s such a good product.


EVA Air, with their reverse herringbone seats, made this trip a favorite of mine. They again provided First Class service in Business Class.

Honestly, I think this is one of the best business class products out there when you consider the depth of service provided.

PROS: Fast and efficient service, great selection of champagne for business class, arguably the best business class seat.

CONS: The location of my seat was problematic at first.


As I’ve mentioned in the previous review, I was able to book this flight through a seat sale done by EVA Air a few months ago.


This was a connecting flight, so I didn’t have to go through check-in again. I could go straight to the lounge and wait for my flight there.


As a business class passenger, I got access to the EVA Air Lounge at Taipei International Airport. The place was big and filled with numerous plays on lights and shapes.

EVA Air Lounge Front

Multiple lounges cater to different people. I had access to the Infinity.

The Infinity Entrance

As I walked in, I was welcomed by an interesting blend of lights, curved lights, and colors. To the left was the main seating area, and to the right seemed to be shower rooms.

The Infinity Interior

I was intrigued by this area. It looked as if there was a tree in the middle of all the seats. The centerpiece captures the attention of anyone that goes into the lounge.

The Infinity Centerpiece

The lounge was spacious even though there were a lot of people. The Infinity had a plethora of seats all over. The seats made it seem like there’s a lot of variety in the lounge.

Match that with their play on lights, lines, colors, and white space and it results in a very ambient space.

The Infinity Interior

Other amenities found in the lounge include a locker room.

The Infinity Locker Room

There’s a small business center that has three PCs readily available.

The Infinity Work Station

Moving forward, they served a variety of dishes buffet style.

The Infinity Buffet Area

Taipei is known for its dim sum, and they highlighted that in their food selection. I particularly liked the Shrimp Siumai. It looked plain but packed with a lot of flavor.

The Infinity Dim sum Table

The Infinity Food Selection

The other food choices didn’t look that appealing. Those that I tried tasted decent

The Infinity Food Selection

They had a nice dessert table filled with several sweets.

The Infinity Food Selection

They also offered a wide variety of hot and cold beverages.

The Infinity Beverages

Lastly, their bar was filled to the brim with a large selection of liquor. They even had Kavalan Whiskey, which I think is the best whiskey in the world!

The Infinity Self Service Bar


Once in the boarding area, three signs indicated what line was for what. It was clear and appropriate.

Boarding Area

While boarding, there was a separate entrance for Star Alliance members and other Priority passengers.


Cabin Seats and Amenities

My seat was near the far back. It looked nice and clean. The design of the aircraft didn’t really pop out too much, but I appreciated the simplicity.

Since I was near the other cabin, my seat was beside the path that economy passengers took to get to their seats.

It’s minor trouble, but it affected my business class experience.

EVA Air Business Class Seat

As I arrived, waiting for me was a large, puffy pillow. The blanket and the Thunder headphones were tucked away by the foot cubby.

Business Class Seat
Business Class IFE Screen
Provided Thunder Headphones

They also provided a Rimowa Amenity kit.

EVA Air Amenity Kit

The amenity kit had socks, blindfolds, wet tissue, hygiene products, a dental kit, and a comb.

Amenity Kit

After that, they immediately gave us pajamas. I particularly like this as it’s a service that most airlines do only in first class. Passengers will get them when they fly EVA Air in business class.

Truly a show of quality service.


The console had everything that the passenger might look for in an airline seat.

There was a reading light, audio jacks, two USB ports, and a 110v universal outlet.

Beside it is the IFE remote.

Seat Controls and IFE Remote

Seat controls can be found directly below it, on the armrest. At first glance, it can look a bit overbearing, but it’s simple and easy to understand.

The armrest by the aisle can be lowered for more space.

Seat Armrest

The table can be pulled out of the console and can be folded outward to become a larger one.

Pull out Table

When the table is fully out, you can easily move in and out of your seat when the armrest is lowered. This is particularly useful during meal service.

Pull-out table unfolded

The foot cubby can double as storage space because it’s so big.

Foot Cubby

That said, there are a lot of storage spaces in this seat. There’s one beside the foot cubby.

Storage Areas

And another one right beside the console.

Storage Areas


Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Wine Menu
Business Class Wine Menu
Business Class Wine Menu
Business Class Wine Menu
Business Class Wine Menu
Business Class Wine Menu
Business Class Wine Menu


I’ll start this segment from the time that we boarded.

We business class passengers were greeted gleefully from the get-go. The flight attendants were very welcoming and were all smiles.

They checked my boarding ticket and ushered me to my seat. This is a service that is more commonly found in First class and so I appreciated the gesture.

As soon as I settled on my seat, they handed me a warm towel, a glass of juice, and a piece of chocolate. To be honest, I thought they would give me champagne, but this is enough.

Welcome Drink, Hot Towel, and Snack

After the welcome drinks were given, the amenities were provided, and then the other passengers moved along. It was a few minutes of people walking by my seat. Luckily, there was enough space between me and the aisle that I wasn’t that bothered by it.

Afterward, the real service began.

30 minutes after takeoff, food service began.

They provided us with a full course meal based on their Sky gourmet menu. And it was delicious.

I started with the Prelude of Shrimp and Crabmeat in Egg Crepe Parcel with Goat Cheese in Mini Tartlet.

It was an interesting appetizer. It’s plating was simple but clean.

Shrimp and Crabmeat in Egg Crepe Parcel with Goat Cheese in Mini Tartlet

I opted not to get the assorted bread. Instead, I went for the Chinese starter, Tan’s Shaoxing Wine Flavored Chicken Roll and Shrimps. The flavors were there, but I just thought it was missing something. It’s still delicious, nonetheless.

Tan’s Shaoxing Wine Flavored Chicken Roll and Shrimps

The Chinese soup was next. Tan’s Golden Chicken Soup with Top Shell Slice had a great taste. It was like a simple broth with almost no garnish. The taste was soft and pure.

Tan’s Golden Chicken Soup with Top Shell Slice

The Garden Salad was next. This one was a bit off with the plating. To me, it looked like a bunch of herbs that were covered up with white dressing. Fortunately, it tasted better than it looked.

Garden Salad

For the main course, it was Tan’s Red Yeast Sauce Boiled Pork Ribs and Bamboo Leaves served with Sesame Paste Noodles. These ribs tasted amazing, It was a bit strong for my taste, but it was still a pretty good dish.

Tan’s Red Yeast Sauce Boiled Pork Ribs and Bamboo Leaves served with Sesame Paste Noodles

I wasn’t in the mood for sweets during the flight, so I opted for just the last dessert which was Camembert, Boursin Garlic, Edam and Blue Cheese served with crackers, Dried Apricot and Walnut Fruit.

That was a great ending to the amazing meal service.

Camembert, Boursin Garlic, Edam and Blue Cheese served with crackers, Dried Apricot and Walnut Fruit

During the flight, I was also able to enjoy two of their finest liquor. For a business class flight, they had an impressive selection.

First, a glass of 2006 Veuve Clicquot (Market Price at approximately PHP8,000.00)

2006 Veuve Clicquot

Then, I had a glass of 2011 Chateau Larmande (Market Price at around PHP 1,500.00).

2011 Chateau Larmande

They also offered Hennessy XO and Kavalan, drinks that you would usually see in First class in other airlines.

Overall Impression

EVA Air’s Business Class Product is a real treat.

I stand by my statement that it really is a Business class product with first-class service.

It has been great for me since the start. The way that the flight attendants ushered me to my seat was very welcoming. It also somewhat set the pace for what was to come for the whole flight.

The seat was clean and tidy. Although the aircraft wasn’t really new, it looked like it. Amenities were brought quickly, Flight attendants were very attentive and efficient.

Having reverse herringbone seats is a big plus for me. These are the best business class seats that I have tried.

If I were to look for something to critique, it would be the way that EVA Air let other passengers move through the business class cabin.

It’s a minor drawback, but it does remove from the business class experience, even a little bit.

Other than that, everything else was top class.

The food was amazing too. Although there were some interesting choices for presentation, in the end, how it tastes will decide if it’s good or bad—and it was really good.

Lastly, I was impressed by the selection of liquor. Champagne such as the 2006 Veuve Clicquot isn’t something that you would usually see in business class, but EVA Air provided them.

In the end, I can say that EVA Air has by far one of the best Business class products in Asia.

Their level of service is just like a lot of First Class products, and I personally think that this is something worth experiencing again.

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