Emirates First Class Cabin

Emirates First Class A380 DXB-MAD Review

After the disheartening Business class flight, I was only more excited to experience Emirates First Class. Surely with so many positive reviews about it, the flight will be an upgrade.

Sure enough, it was. From the ground to the in-flight experience, everything was magnificent.


Emirates First Class is the epitome of a luxurious in-flight experience. Everything seemed so over the top, but it just made it worth it. You won’t see a lot of negatives as I think they gave a perfect service.

Pros: Great suites, very enthusiastic flight attendants, and a great service overall. The shower was amazing.

Cons: The first-class lounge in Dubai was too big to explore in 3 hours. In my opinion, it would have been better if they had a different amenity kit which includes Bvlgari products for First Class and Business Class.


I initially booked this flight in business class, but I got the idea of upgrading them to First Class. Emirates wasn’t part of any airline alliance, this made it very hard to get enough miles for flight redemptions and upgrades.

Luckily enough, my research led me to find out that there was a sale on Skyward Miles. They offered a 25% discount when buying Skyward Miles on select dates. I needed 78,000 miles to upgrade two adult tickets and 1 infant ticket to First Class.

Skyward sold 82,000 miles for just USD1845. Using those miles, I can upgrade one of my business class flights to first class for a cheaper price. We had to take this opportunity!

Pro tip: if you ever fly Emirates, it’s almost always cheaper to upgrade your flight to business or first class rather than to book one out directly.


This is a connecting flight so we didn’t need to check in again. We had to travel for approximately 40 minutes from the gate to the First Class Lounge. We had to go through security two times, which is why the time we spent in the lounge was very short. the trip there was by bus by the way!

Emirates First Class Lounge

Once we reached the lounge, it was as big as one whole terminal.

Emirates First Class Lounge Map

The lounge itself houses multiple restaurants, wineries, and other amenities. There was even a whole duty-free store within it!

Emirates First Class Lounge Interior

Emirates First Class Lounge Interior

Emirates First Class Lounge Interior

In some places, you’ll see a resemblance to the typical airline lounge with the usual configuration of seats and tables.

Emirates First Class Lounge  Playroom

And then you’ll find a whole playroom for kids that is full of things that children would happily play with.

Emirates First Class Lounge Interior

And then you’ll see elegant seats by restaurants that showcase their kitchen to all of the passengers who would want to watch.

Emirates First Class Lounge Interior

The lounge was just so very large that you would need a lot of time before you could take in everything.

Emirates First Class Lounge Interior

We stayed here for three hours, and I still felt that we had so much left to see!

Emirates First Class Lounge Boarding Gate

The lounge is also directly connected to the boarding gates, meaning passengers can board straight from the lounge itself!


Because boarding was done within the lounge itself, there were hardly any problems. In fact, it was better because we were truly treated as First Class passengers!

As we boarded, we were each escorted to our very own seats or suites as they call it.

Emirates First Class Cabin

Cabin Seats and Amenities

Before I say anything, let me first confirm the belief that Flying Emirates first class is arguably the most luxurious way that you can fly ever. Their royal gold color sets the tone for a very luxurious and extravagant flight.

Just look at the Business class cabin!

Emirates Business Class Cabin

Now, the first-class cabin was, of course, smaller in size, but it was well worth it. There were only 14 First Class suites, all with automatic doors which let you fly in total privacy!

Emirates First Class Cabin

The doors also had these “Do not Disturb Indicators” letting Flight attendants know when a passenger would like to be left alone, which was pretty neat!

Emirates First Class Suite Doors

I entered my suite and found a bowl of assorted treats waiting just in front of the massive 32-inch IFE screen.

Emirates First Class Welcome Snacks

On that same table, you’ll find a small compartment with a few more amenities given.

Emirates First Class Amenities

They are provided as an extra to the other Amenity Kits which is the same as the one they give in Business Class.

Emirates First Class Amenities

Other amenities provided were these Bowers and Wilkins noise-canceling headsets and slippers. The staff would give out Pajamas to passengers who ask for them. They’re limited so it’s in a first come first serve basis!

Emirates First Class Headset and Slippers

The writing kit was also situated in a drawer by the table in front, and of course the famous minibar right by your side. This picture was taken by my wife on the other seat, which makes it seem like the seat amenities are flipped.

Emirates First Class Mini bar and Writing Kit

Each seat has a console either to the left or to the right which houses the iPad and the seat controls. Take note that access to seat controls can be found directly on the console, the iPad or the IFE system.

Emirates First Class Seat COntol Tablet

There are also a few buttons right at the tip of the armrest for certain services that you might want to avail. You’ll find a request for the in-flight meal, turn-down service, and even the door control right there.

Emirates First Class Seat Controls

Each seat is also equipped with three different kinds of light sources.

First would be the lamp right beside the IFE screen. In its default setting, it lets out a very dim light.

Emirates First Class Lamp

There’s also this spotlight on the other side of the IFE screen near the door.

Emirates First Class Door Side Lamp

And lastly the reading light is just above the seat.

Emirates First Class Reading Light

Below the table in front is a wide space where you can store your carry-on luggage. Near it are some charging sockets. One universal outlet and two USB ports.

Emirates First Class Power Outlets and Storage Area

Emirates First Class USB charging ports

The table comes straight from the console, and it is very large.  However, you won’t be able to move freely once it’s set up.

Emirates First Class  Pull Out Table

The seat itself is around 23 inches wide with an 86-inch seat pitch and a 78-inch bed length.

Emirates First Class Seat

When laid flat, it resembles a short single bed. It was very comfy and the turn down service was fast and efficient.

They also had this neat seat separator when you’re sitting in the middle seats for when you’re sitting next to a stranger.

Emirates First Class Middle Seat Partition


Emirates First Class Menu

Emirates First Class Menu

Emirates First Class Menu

Wine Selection

Emirates First Class Menu

Emirates First Class Menu

Emirates First Class Menu


Right after we got settled into our seats, the flight attendants offered us coffee and dates. I wasn’t exactly a fan of dates, but they tasted good nonetheless. It was a great way to start the First Class experience.

Emirates First Class Coffee and Dates

A few moments later, they offered us a glass of champagne which we happily obliged. But this was something that was to be expected with Emirates First Class. What made my flight was what they did after takeoff.

Dining in Emirates First Class was on demand. So we had all the time in the world to get what we wanted.

Although this was already impressive, what truly surprised me was that they had one of the best liquor selection I’ve ever seen, and I indulged myself in it during the flight!

The highlight of my flight was this duo of Dom Perignon 2006 (market price at PHP16,000) and 2008 (market price at PHP8,500).

Emirates First Class
Dom Perignon 2006
Dom Prerignon 2008

Here’s a few more liquor that I enjoyed throughout the flight.

2007 Chateau Leoville Poyferre, Saint-Julien (market price at around PHP3,000).

Emirates First Class
2007 Chateau Leoville Poyferre

Grans Muralles 2004 market price at approximately PHP40,000).

Emirates First Class
Grans Muralles 2004

Once we requested our food, they quickly set up our tables. I’ll say the whole set up was very nice and classy.

Emirates First Class Table Setting

They served a basket of freshly baked bread that was delicious even on their own.

Emirates First Class Basket of Bread

I started my meal with their caviar service.  As mentioned in numerous reviews, their caviar service has one of the most generous servings there is. It’s also served with a few accompaniments.

Emirates First Class Caviar Services

I also went for the cheese platter. It had a very decent selection of cheese.

Emirates First Class Cheese Platter

For the main course, I got the Beef rissole with feta and spinach that was served with beef just, creamy salsify, roasted potatoes, and steamed vegetables.

Emirates First Class Main Course

Every single dish was amazing and they tasted as if they were freshly cooked there in the plane. I seldom get impressed with the taste of airplane food, but this dinner service set the bar high.

This is something that I will remember for a long time.

For the service provided by the flight attendants, I can’t find any flaws in what they do. They were very courteous, and they looked like they were very enthusiastic about giving us the very best experience in First Class.

I never really asked for their help because they were there when I needed them.

The First Class Experience

The great thing about flying first class in the A380 is the many different amenities that we were free to make use of.

One of the most famous parts of the A380 is the shower rooms. Right after you get settled in the seat, a flight attendant would usually ask you for when you want to take a shower, so that you can be listed down in the schedule.

Emirates First Class Shower Room

Emirates First Class Shower Room

The shower room doubles as a comfort room, and it’s a really big one at that.

Emirates First Class Shower Room

Every time a person uses the shower room, the amenities there are refilled for the next person. Note that anyone can use up all of them.

Emirates First Class Shower Room

There will always be a tower of towels right by the sink and the bathroom essentials will always be neatly placed by the mirror.

Emirates First Class Shower Room

The true star of the shower room is, well, the shower itself. Every first-class passenger is entitled to 5 minutes of water. To some, that seems too few, but it’s more than enough for a bath.

Emirates First Class In-flight Bar

One of the best things about this was the mini-bar within the aircraft. Here you’ll find more liquor and a few snacks that every passenger is free to get!

There was also a small lounge within the back of the airplane, just behind the business class cabin.

Emirates First Class In-flight Lounge

There was a huge screen and a few bowls of snacks, too.

Emirates First Class In-flight Lounge

But the real clincher here is the bar that is usually manned by a bartender. My family and I had them take a picture of us behind that table, which was a very nice experience, and it resulted in a very nice family photo!

Emirates First Class Bar

Overall Impression

Flying Emirates First Class has been amazing. It’s as close as you can get to 5-star service in the air. The suites give you amazing privacy. The shower stood by its reputation and great reviews, and finally, the service was impeccable. It was one of those flights where you want it to be a little bit longer so that you can enjoy the ambiance and the service for longer.

This flight will go down as one of my favorites, and I believe it will be hard to top the experiences that I got from it.

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