China Airlines Business Class Lounge

China Airlines Business Class Lounge Review

This was one of China Airlines’ premium lounges. Though we didn’t have access to half of the lounge, the business class area was more than enough to keep me satisfied. I spent around 2 hours in the lounge and it felt very comfortable. Time well spent.


To enter the China Airlines Business Class Lounge in Terminal 1 of Taipei Airport, you need to be Business Class passengers of China Airlines and its SkyTeam partners that are departing from Taipei Terminal 1, including Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, Air Macau, and Mandarin Airlines; First Class passengers of Korean Air; SkyTeam Elite Plus members flying with China Airlines or other SkyTeam Airlines.

China Airlines Dynasty Paragon and Emerald that are flying with China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, or another SkyTeam-operated flight. These two also have access to an exclusive area that consists of half the lounge, which is amazing, though not the focus of this review because we don’t have access to it.

China Dynasty Gold members flying China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines also gain access here as well as Basic China Airlines Dynasty members who redeem 5,000 miles for a one-off access to the lounge.

The lounge had a very unique interior right from the reception area, and it paved the way to something more elegant.

China Airlines Business Class Lounge Reception Table

The Lounge

This is one of China Airlines’ two main lounges in Taipei Terminal 1. It’s very close to the A gates which can be advantageous for many passengers.

Walkway towards the main lounge

As I’ve mentioned, the reception area was a unique area to find myself in. After that, I was lead through a corridor that had a nice variety of pamphlets, magazines, and newspapers by the left.

Newspaper and pamphlet stand

On the way towards the back, a few amenities could be seen.

Tucked away in an area were an abundance of things. First is the business center which had a few computers and some people in it. It was a few steps away from a wall of lockers.

Business Center

There were spaces for laptops and 2 computers. The space was relatively cramped and it wasn’t a comfortable space.

Business Center

A few steps away were the restroom and shower rooms.

Restroom and Shower room

There were also sleeping rooms and nursing rooms within the lounge along with a set of lockers as well.

Locker Room

The sleeping room was just a small space with a day bed in it. I liked the fact that it was small and simple. The only source of light was the backlit wall. It was pretty neat!

Sleeping Room

The entrance to the main lounge was at the back of the corridor.

Business Class Lounge

On the other side was this closed doorway which led to the exclusive area for China Airlines Dynasty Paragon and Emerald Exclusive Area. I believe it consisted of half the whole lounge.

Exclusive Area

It was quite a festive welcome with this decorated front. The silver reindeer caught me by surprise, and I appreciated the mini socks by the table.

Business Class Lounge Interior

The seats looked amazing. They were basically couches that were separated with a small table in the middle. I loved how everything seemed to repeat in good succession. The sight was oddly amusing to me.

Lounge Seating Area

I also appreciate the lights that were situated directly behind the head when people sit down. They effectively act as reading lights and a pseudo separator.

Lounge Seating Area

The coaches were very comfortable and soft. The big pillows that were placed also added to that and made sitting on it feel like lying on a bed. A person could also lie down flat by putting their body through the table, but unless you’re a kid or very slim, it might be a tight fit.

Lounge Seating Area

In the middle were a few dining tables for two.

Dining Area

There were also a few communal tables for groups and some other  tables for people to work on or just hang out.

Communal Table

There were loads of seats to choose from aside from the very comfortable couches.

Dining Tables

The food in the lounge was nice, but not great. I liked the fact that they had a vegetarian section. The dishes were actually pretty good.

Food Selection
Food Selection

There were a few hot dishes in pots as well, though I didn’t get any since I was a bit full.

Food Selection

There were some dumplings hidden away in bamboo steamers.

Food Selection

There was a small salad selection.

Food Selection

Lastly, there were some pastries on display as well. The cookies at the time were amazing!

Food Selection

Overall Impression

The China Airlines Business Class Lounge was a pretty decent lounge to visit. It had a little bit of everything. Great seats for sitting, nap rooms for some shut-eye, and an adequate food selection.

I find the business center rather lacking as it doesn’t stand up to the rest of the lounge. However, for most people that won’t be much of a problem. Either way, that’s a place where improvement can be done.

In the end, I spent a good three hours in the lounge, mostly sitting down and enjoying the sofa. I enjoyed my time here and would definitely visit again.

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