The Private Room

Changi Airport Terminal 3 First Class Lounge: The Private Room Review

Changi Airport houses Singapore Airline’s premier lounges that offer four different tiers of service. The lounges are the most prominent example of what is popularly known as a lounge within a lounge. Some even gave it the title of being “the granddaddy of all lounge complexes”.

Changi Airport is one of the most entertaining airports in the world—and this line of lounges has more than proven their worth and class. I had a good amount of time before my flight back home and although I got an invitation to The Private Room—I chose to divide my time between there and the first-class lounge—just to see how different the level of service is.

This review features the epitome of exclusivity in Changi Airport—the space that’s only for First Class passengers of Singapore Airlines, The Private Room.


As mentioned above, there are four different tiers of lounges for their premier passengers. The most accessible are the Krisflyer Gold Lounges. Which require you to have a Star Alliance Gold status through any of the Star Alliance carrier’s frequent flyer programs.

Then there’s the SilverKris Business Class Lounges which cater to passengers that are flying out of Changi on a Business Class ticket or one of their Star Alliance partners.

The First-Class Lounges catered to passengers who were usually flying out of Changi on a three-cabin first class or Suites ticket on Singapore Airlines (or its counterpart in other Star Alliance partners).

Lastly, there’s The Private Room which is only for passengers who are departing from Changi on Singapore Airlines in First Class.

Invitation to the Private Room

The great thing here is the higher your level of access—the more you can go to. In my case, I was eligible to enter The Private Room and I was also allowed to enter the other First-Class Lounges.

The Lounge

The First Class Lounge is a lounge within the SilverKris lounge that’s particularly for passengers with first class tickets. As soon as I reached the receptionists, they asked for my boarding ticket and I also showed my invitation to The Private Room. From there, one of the staff members escorted me all the way to the fine dining restaurant found within The Private Room.

Changi Airport SilverKris Lounge Front

Sticking to the concept of being “A lounge within a lounge within a lounge” I was literally escorted through the pathway within the First-Class Lounge.

SilverKris Lounge Hallway

Below is the entrance to Terminal 3’s First Class Lounge.

SilverKris First Class Lounge Front

By the end of the First Class Lounge, a small desk signals the entryway to The Private Room, accented by the title inscribed just behind.

The Private Room Front

Compared to the First-Class Lounge, The Private Room is noticeably smaller in size—there are fewer seats and tables as well. At the same time, There’s literally no one except us in the lounge. I really felt the exclusivity of being one of the very few that gets the chance to experience The Private Room.

The Private Room Sitting Area

There were around three different kinds of armchairs in the lounge—all of which were decently comfortable. That being said, some of the chairs have these lingering impressions on them as if people have sat on them recently.

This was just me nitpicking—but if the furniture they used didn’t leave such marks then the lounge would feel more exclusive. However, that’s just my opinion on the matter.

Going back to the lounge itself, the seats were arranged in a few different configurations. There were some armchairs right by the window, while others were just placed in a circular formation.

The Private Room Sitting Area

There were also few spaces where some seats were placed in front of a TV for a better viewing experience.

The Private Room Sitting Area

The dining area had just a few seats which were acceptable because the place will almost never be packed full of people.

The Private Room Dining Area
The Private Room Dining Area

The Private Room didn’t have any personal areas made for sleeping but they did have these small pods furnished with an armchair and an ottoman. They’re spaces that can be enclosed for people who have phone calls or just those that want to lay down for a while.

The Private Room Individual Seats

There’s also this workspace that has one computer and one free space for anyone that has to use them.

The Private Room Work Station

Lastly, there’s this room that has a diaper changing area that also doubles as a family room. It has two armchairs and two small plastic ones- for the kids.

The Private Room Family Room

Moving forward, The Private Room also had a fully functional shower area. There was also a staff member that was consistently at the ready to fix things up after use.

The Private Room Shower Room
The Private Room Shower Room

The shower area is loaded with the necessary amenities such as mouthwash, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and the likes.

The Private Room Shower Room
The Private Room Shower Room Amenities

There was also soap and some bottle of shampoo and conditioner at the ready by the shower.

The Private Room Shower Room

The comfort room itself had a tray of hand towels by every sink along with some tissue and hand soap.

The Private Room Restroom

Food and Beverages

For the food in The Private Lounge, well it’s something that you will want to try when you have the chance. At first glance, the lounge had an adequate buffet table filled with just some snacks.

The Private Room Snack Selection

They offer different kinds of sandwiches as seen below.

The Private Room Snack Selection
The Private Room Snack Selection

They also had this slightly underwhelming selection of chocolates—though they all really taste delicious

The Private Room Sweets Selection

Lastly, they had this big fruit basket. You can also request freshly squeezed fruit juice from their selection.

Fruit bowl

The reason why they only have snacks on the buffet table is because they had an ala carte menu!

The Private Room Ala Carte Menu 1
The Private Room Ala Carte Menu 2
The Private Room Ala Carte Menu 3

Singapore Airlines is known for their incredibly delicious food in-flight and that seems to translate well with what The Private Room has to offer. For example, their rendition of a simple Fresh Onion Soup was plated in a very elegant way, but the taste was what took my breath away.

The Private Room Dishes

After that delicious appetizer, I went with the Chirashizushi and the Dim Sum Delights. Needless to say, they tasted as good as they looked. The assortment of dim sum provided a burst of flavor while the Chirashizushi was a very refreshing dish.


The Private Room Dishes

Dim Sum Delights

The Private Room Dishes

They then offered me some champagne after. I just couldn’t reject a glass of 2009 Dom when it’s right in front of me.

Glass of Champagne

When I asked what else they could offer me, they gladly brought me a bottle of Chateau Rauzan-Segla and I gleefully obliged.

Glass of Wine

Overall Impression

All I can say is that if you were given the chance to enter The Private Room, you should take it. The difference in service compared to the first-class lounge is the sole defining factor in this.

To be honest, the lounge itself, with its seats, food, and amenities are all to be expected. What really sets the Private Room apart is its increased exclusivity and staff members.

Those who have stayed in the First-Class Lounge will know that most of the things there are self-service. And although there is a self-service buffet table there, everything else will be catered to you by the very attentive staff. You can say that you wouldn’t need to lift a finger when you’re staying in The Private Room.

With all that said, there are still things that I would want them to improve on. First thing’s first, the place was great—but the lack of ambient music kind of lessens its elegance. Often it would be so quiet that all you’ll hear is the sound of the TV and the sound from outside the lounge.

Aside from that, I’ve mentioned my concern for the weird impressions left on the chairs—but truthfully that’s just a personal preference.

Now, if the lack of music isn’t a problem for you, then The Private Lounge might just be one of the best lounges out there. It’s exclusive, it has great food, and most importantly, it’s very comfortable.

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