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Changi Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Review

During my stay at Changi Airport, I spent the majority of my time at Terminal 3 where The Private Room was located. I did, however, take just about an hour to explore the First-Class lounge found in Terminal 2. I’ve heard it was much smaller than the First-Class lounge in Terminal 3 but still provided the same level of service. Here’s what I have to say about it.


I’ve already tackled the tier system of the SilverKris lounge in my review of The Private Room (check that out if you haven’t yet!). For you to be let in to the First-Class Lounge here in Terminal 2, you must be a first-class passenger on a flight that’s leaving Changi Airport with Singapore Airlines or any of its Star Alliance Partners.

The Lounge

Comparing the place with the First-Class lounge at Terminal 3, I can summarize my opinions on this lounge in three words: Smaller, Quieter, and Similar.

Chang Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Sitting Area

Singapore Airlines did a great job of making the two separate lounges as similar as possible—even with the difference in overall size and capacity. That being said, it’s interesting to note that although it’s the smaller of the two lounges, I felt as if it was more spacious since there were fewer passengers spending their time there.

Chang Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Sitting Area

Aside from being more spacious, it was noticeably quieter than the one at terminal 3. I assumed it was because there were fewer people. I counted at least three different kinds of armchairs that all seemed to be comfortable enough to sit on for a few hours. In terms of layout and seat arrangements, I’d say it’s pretty similar to the quiet section at Terminal 3 with some differences in certain areas, particularly the area with the TVs.

Chang Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Restroom

Probably the best thing about this lounge is its sizable comfort room and its good shower-to-passenger ratio. Since Terminal 2 primarily handles shorter flights that run around four hours or shorter, not a lot of passengers would need shower rooms.

Chang Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Shower Rooms

Shower rooms here are a lot more accessible compared to the shower rooms in the First-Class lounge in Terminal 3 solely because there are way more people staying in that terminal. So, if you’re looking for a quick shower before your flight, this lounge might be the better choice for you.

Chang Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Dining Area

The area near the buffet tables had tables and chairs in the style of a school cafeteria—something that I found quite similar to many lounges I’ve gone to. Though I expected more from the First-Class Lounge.

Chang Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Bar

The bar here is slightly less eye-catching. But their stock of alcohol isn’t that far off from the bar at Terminal 3. I was interested in what their bartender might be able to make me since the bartender in Terminal 3 created a really tasty concoction.

Chang Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Liquor Selection

I did, however, have the time to try out their buffet. The light meal I had below was really delicious. It wasn’t anything special when compared to the meal I had at The Private Room, however. I’d say it’s a meal you should expect from a First-Class Lounge.

Chang Airport Terminal 2 First Class Lounge Food

Overall Impression

It may not be as big as a first-class lounge in Terminal 3, but it is certainly a more comfortable lounge, especially during peak hours. It’s also the better option between the two first-class lounges if you want to take a shower since there’s a probably shorter queue here than its counterpart.

This lounge, for me, is the more comfortable one between the two first-class lounges. The fact that it’s smaller and less crowded with passengers gave it a more exclusive feel. My short time there felt comfy and quiet. For me, it’s a great place for a short slumber and a nice meal as you wait for your flight.

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