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Cebu Pacific Economy Cagayan to Manila

My trip to Cagayan was a quick one. For domestic flights, I don’t really look for luxury. Instead, I tend to focus on ground experience and convenience. This review will focus on my Cebu Pacific Economy flight which was the second leg of the trip.

I’ll touch on my PAL Business flight a little bit just to explain how you can get your money’s worth for most, if not all of your flights with them.


PROS: Decent service for an economy flight, Very kind flight crew,

CONS: Noisy cabin due to the other passengers

The PAL Business Class Flight

I originally booked a premium economy flight. Then I had it upgraded for just PHP1,500 to business class. It’s way cheaper than to outright buy a business class seat from the get-go.

This option is available from check-in. We suggest that you always ask if an upgrade to business class is available. The staff should be happy to oblige to your request as long as it’s still available.

My flight was at around 9AM in the morning. When I got to the Mabuhay Lounge, it was jam-packed with people. I wasn’t able to get a seat.

With this in mind, I suggest other people look for different lounges, or stay somewhere other than the Mabuhay Lounge during these hours. It’s one of their harsher peak hours.

Mabuhay Lounge Interior

Onto the flight. The business seats were just recliners which were decently comfortable. It wasn’t the best, but for a domestic business class product, that’s fine.

PAL Domestic Business Class Seat

The food wasn’t anything special. It might do well with better plating and options.

PAL Business Class Food Service

The Cebu Pacific Flight

I chose Cebu Pacific because compared to other options, they had more flights to choose from. The timing of this flight was perfect, and so I immediately booked it!


This flight costs a little under PHP4,000 which I paid for with my Citi Premier Miles. because of this, I got a total of 133 citi points which I can use at other airlines after. I booked and paid for it online. With Cebu Pacific’s GetGo flyer program, which gives 1 point for every PHP5 spent on air travel, I was able to collect 800 points.

CebPac Boarding Pass


Cebu Pacific check-in counters are relatively fast especially since I was quite early for it.

Still, the line does have an effect so I spent roughly around 20 minutes waiting.


The terminal in Cagayan is small and all passengers have to walk their way to the plane. Depending on where you sit, you will enter through the back or the front doors. I paid an extra PHP200 to sit in front, which was well worth the comfort it brought.

Cebu Pacific Aircraft

Seat Cabin and Amenities

Cebu Pacific economy seats have a seat width of 17 inches and would normally have a seat pitch of 29 inches. However, the additional PHP200 got me a seat in front which has extra legroom.

Cebu Pacific Economy Class Seat
Cebu Pacific Seat Plan

The seats at row 1 are great because of the extra legroom, I’d say they’re the best seats on the plane!

Extra legroom in front


The flight crew was what you would expect with economy flights. They’re not the best in their roles, but they did their best in making us feel at home during the flight.

It was a short and decent flight. It’s what you would expect from an economy flight.

Cebu Pacific Games

As standard for all Cebu Pacific Flights, the crew facilitates a game. They asked three questions and then the first three people to get them right will receive a prize.

It’s a small gimmick that a lot of people seemed to appreciate during the flight.

Overall Opinion

My Manila-Cagayan-Manila trips were quick and sweet. I wanted to highlight this Cebu Pacific Flight because it’s one of the things that most budget travelers will want to look for.

All in all, Cebu Pacific gave me a pretty nice experience. The flight crew were definitely the best part. They’re warm and very welcoming, maybe a little bit towards the casual side.

Budget airlines in general are exactly as they’re called, for cheap flights. You won’t get extraordinary service, and it’s more than likely that they’ll only provide economy seats. However, they’re accessible to everyone, especially those who just want to get to a destination and fast.

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