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A Taste of Real Comfort: Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 Business Class Review

Cathay Pacific has continually improved their fleet to match the advancing technologies of the time. For this flight, it’s all about their Boeing 777 outfitted with the latest seats and IFEs that Cathay Pacific has to offer!


The trip was filled with nothing but ups since the beginning, especially the airport lounge at HKIA. It was too bad that the trip was just over 2 hours, because the feeling that Cathay Pacific brings to its business class passengers is just on a different level compared to other Asia Airlines.

Pros: Access to one of the best airport lounges in the world. Decent IFE system.

Cons: The seats were beginning to show signs of aging.


As this is my return trip from Hong Kong, I’ve already detailed my booking process in my previous review. if you’re curious about it, you can view it here.

Airport Experience

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the best airports in Asia. Its large yet clean interior is a testament to the fusion of design and functionality. It’s also the place where I boarded my trip back home to the Philippines.

Hong Kong International Airport Automated Check In

Upon entering, there’s this area with 7 tables with touch screens where you can book your flight on the spot. There were a few staff ushering in and helping people out in the area, too. I already booked my flight, so I didn’t need to approach the place anymore.

Hong Kong International Airport Check In

By the time I arrived to get my boarding pass and drop off my luggage, the lines for both Business class and economy class were almost completely empty.

Hong Kong International Airport Business Class Check in Lane

As always, there’s an express lane for anyone that is flying business or is part of the Marco Polo Club. And it’s perfectly clear thanks to this sign that also has an usher waiting in the wings.

Cathay Pacific The Wing Lounge

After getting my boarding pass, I headed straight to the Cathay Pacific Lounge, adequately named “The Wing” and it still gets me awestruck even when I’ve already come here a few times before!

Even the reception area was large and comfy.

Cathay Pacific The Wing Lounge Front Desk

Almost everywhere I go, I always see a staff member ready and waiting for the next customer to help.

Cathay Pacific The Wing Lounge Sitting Area

Upon entering the lounge is separated to some sections dedicated to general functionalities. The picture above shows an area near a selection of magazines to pass the time.

Most of the people at the lounge spend their time in the general waiting area—near where the food is—for obvious reasons. Sorry to say I didn’t have that much time to look at the food they had to offer.

Cathay Pacific The Wings Lounge Sitting Area

As expected, the Wing Lounge was quite crowded, but it was bearable during my stay.

Cathay Pacific The Wings Lounge Sitting Area

There were also these bar side-esque seats for those who just went for a drink or two.

Cathay Pacific The Wings Lounge Beverage Selection

They also had a self-service bar that had some soft and alcoholic drinks.

Cathay Pacific The Wings Lounge Way to the Departure Area

The Wing Lounge is connected to the departure area, so you can get straight to your gate through the lounge. No backtracking needed!

My time spent at the Wing Lounge wasn’t that long, so It was hard to review the whole thing. Don’t’ worry though, because I’ll be making an In-depth review of the place soon!


As I was in a hurry, I boarded the plane without any hitch! Booking a business class seat has its perks, as most of you would already know, and that ultimately led to me just speeding through boarding! (it may or may not be because I was hurrying and forgot to take picture of the whole thing) It was smooth and fast!

Seat Configuration

Cathay Pacific Business Class Seat

Now for the highlight of the trip, the Boeing-777 that I boarded was one of the Cathay Pacific planes that had the latest edition of business class seats. Because of this, I had high expectations right from the start!

When we got to the plane, it was already quite crowded. Above is a top view of the business class seat of my companion. From this point of view. it already looks like a rather spacious seat. But the seat cover itself, looks to be a little outdated—at least for me it was.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Seat Lay flat mode

Here’s how it looks like when laid flat.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Seat foot cubby

The business class seat has a seat width of 21 inches and 40 inches of seat pitch that might as well reach around 82 inches—the same length when the seat is laid flat!

Reading Light, Seat Controls, and IFE remote

Seat controls, power plugs, and the IFE remote can be found right at the side of your seat. There’s also a small reading light for those who want to read during the lights off period.

Storage Compartment where the Headphones are stored

Beside where the controls are is a relatively big compartment where you’ll find headphones. It is a great place to store your valuables during the flight.

Cathay Pacific Business Class In-Flight Entertainment

The IFE screen is around 11.6 inches—a rather big one for some standards. It’s also equipped with a good selection of movies and TV shows that got me entertained for the whole flight!

Seat Recommendations

Cathay Pacific Business Class Seat Recommendations

The angled lay flat seats of Cathay Pacific’s 777 Business class are truly something to look forward to. My personal recommendation for the best seat at the cabin would be the seats at row 11. 11A and 11K are great for solo flyers, while 11D and 11G are the go-to for couples.

If there were any seats that you should avoid, that would probably be seats 19A and 19K the primary reason would be that it doesn’t have any windows—when it’s supposed to be a window seat. It’s also the closest to the galley that separates the business class cabin with the rest of the aircraft.


As always, the service that Cathay Pacific provides is as noteworthy as ever. Flight attendants are quick to respond to our calls, and they always greet us with a friendly smile and warm personality.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Cabin

For this flight, I got the privilege to experience some mood lighting that certainly dictated the mood of the flight. (for lack of a better term)

Cathay Pacific Business Class Food

My meal started with a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits. Then for the main course I chose the stir-fried beef tenderloin, black pepper sauce, asparagus, lotus root, mushroom, and steamed jasmine rice. To top it all off, they served steamed meringue and vanilla sauce.

Let me just say that I was lost for words when I ate it—and even during the time that I’m writing this review.

Overall Experience

As they say, all good things must come to an end. And that’s what I felt at the end of this flight. With the service that Cathay Pacific provides, along with its solid hard product, it’s no wonder why many people think highly of the airline. If only the flights could last longer—that would make the experience a lot better.

The view from my seat
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