Cathay Pacific First Class Seat

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 First Class Hong Kong to Milan

This Cathay Pacific First Class flight was great. The soft product and the ground experience made this a very memorable leg of the trip, especially since I got to visit the two first class lounges along with the first-class flight. This was one of the two peaks of my trip. Second only to the Lufthansa First class flight I flew afterward.

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Here’s how my experience went as well as my take on Cathay Pacific’s renowned First-Class product.


PROS: Great First-Class product complemented with two world class lounges. Excellent food, Very comfortable bed, Very comfortable Pajamas, and very hospitable flight crew.

CONS: Flight Timing. At 1:20 AM, It was hard to enjoy dinner service.


This leg was paid along with the Manila to Hong Kong flight for 96,100 Asia Miles. I transferred all the miles through my Metrobank Travel Platinum Card. This was one of the most affordable award redemptions, especially since this would normally cost USD6,000 for a one-way ticket.


Since this was a connecting flight, I didn’t have to go through check-in and security. I went straight to the lounges. I took a look at the Pier and the Wing lounge. Both of them had their own first-class lounge which were amazing. I ended up creating two separate lounge reviews for the two. Check them out:

The Pier First Class Lounge

The Pier First Class Lounge

The Wing First Class Lounge

The Wing First Class Lounge


I was right on time when boarding started, so the staff already started letting passengers in. Once they saw my ticket, however, they immediately escorted me to my seat which was some nice VIP treatment.

Jet Bridge

Seat Cabin and Amenities

Cathay Pacific’s First-Class Cabin was filled with 6 open suites. They were 36 inches wide and had a seat pitch of 81 inches. It’s up there when it comes to the best first-class products, especially when it comes to the practicality of the product.

Cathay Pacific First Class Seat

There’s a pretty large separator that closes each seat away from the rest of the cabin.

Seat Partition Compartment

On the side were a small compartment for pamphlets or your boarding pass, a reading light, and seat controls.

Cathay Pacific First Class Reading Light

The reading light was flexible as it can be positioned to light different areas of the seat. It’s also quite subtle and clear.

Cathay Pacific First Class IFE Remote and Seat Controls

The IFE remote as well as a touch screen panel for the seat controls were located on the seat console.

Cathay Pacific First Class Small Storage Compartment

Right in front of them was a small storage compartment. I don’t think a lot of things can fit inside it, though I think it would have been big enough to hide my boarding pass and passport, though barely.

Cathay Pacific First Class Buddy Seat

The foot cubby in front doubled as a buddy seat. As indicated by the seatbelt provided. The space bellow was just enough for my carry-on luggage. If you don’t have such a big bag, you can use it for more legroom.

Universal Outlet and USB port

By the side of the seat was a universal outlet and a USB port.

IFE Screen

The IFE screen was unique because it could be slid towards the side where the foot cubby was for better comfort. This was seat 2A. the best part of this seat is that the A seats were separated by a wall from the rest of the cabin. It made it feel as if I was alone.

This makes it one of the more private open suite First Class products out there. Alternatively, choosing a D or K seat would be best when traveling with someone as the open suites enable interaction between seats while also ensuring privacy and intimacy for the suite.

Cathay Pacific First Class Seat

Two adults can seat side by side in this seat with just how wide it is.

Cathay Pacific First Class Amenity Kit

The amenity kit was very simple. It had a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a comb, as well as lip cream and serum.


Cathay Pacific First Class Menu
Cathay Pacific First Class Menu
Cathay Pacific First Class Menu
Cathay Pacific First Class Menu
Cathay Pacific First Class Menu
Cathay Pacific First Class Menu
Cathay Pacific First Class Menu
Cathay Pacific First Class Menu


The Cathay Pacific First Class product has one of the most solid service crew in the skies. They are a bit similar with my ANA First Class experience when the flight attendants seem to be there as soon as I need something.

They were very kind and fun while also being professional—something that continued for the whole flight.

Service started with them bringing me a hot towel along with the welcome drink and a plate of nuts.

Warm Towel

The offered me Krug (market price at PHP 12,500.00) which I happily accepted.

Welcome Drink

It went a bit quiet around 20 minutes after takeoff. As always, I asked for their finest wine on board when it came to meal service. They offered the Chablis Premier Cru 2017 (market price at PHP 1,500.00). I had a glass of this first and asked to be served another one.

Chablis Premier Cru 2017

For dinner, I was served caviar and champagne along with a few accompaniments and a breadbasket. It was very delicious. For such a small meal, this was a rather heavy dish.

Cathay Pacific First Class Caviar Service

Next up I was offered Lynch and Bages (market price at PHP8,000.00). The shining star of Cathay Pacific’s First Class wine list.

Lynch and Bages

I also had the cold cuts of Parma ham, Salami, air-dried beef, and chorizo which were all delicious and had varying depths of flavor for simple cold cuts.

Lynch and Bages Dinner Service

By this time, I was too tired to ask for the main dish and just asked for turndown service, which they eagerly obliged. The bedding was incredibly soft yet firm, it felt like I was laying down on a real bed.

Cathay Pacific First Class Turned down bed

I got a good six hours of sleep during that flight and as I must say that it was the most comfortable bed that I’ve had in a plane. I think that my pajamas were a huge part of my sleep because they’re one of the and most comfortable ones that I have been provided.

Cathay Pacific First Class Breakfast Meal Service

Breakfast was served as soon as I woke up. They set it up to make it feel like I’m having breakfast in bed. This was one of the first class seats that made it easy to do so because of its intrinsic design.

I had a simple bacon and scrambled egg dish served with steamed rice. I also asked for wok fried lobster with black fungus which was originally for dinner service.

Cathay Pacific First Class Breakfast Meal Service

Overall Impression

I find this First class great. It would stand up against the likes of Emirates, ANA, and Singapore Airlines, and I really liked the product itself. The Cathay Pacific First Class product is the peak of the service that they provide—and I’ll say that their peak is at a phenomenal level.

The First-Class lounges in Hong Kong International Airport, both The Pier and the Wing, were amazing and would easily be considered world class. Although the Pier was the newer of the two, the Wing was still a great lounge to relax in. I personally didn’t find that much to comment on the lounges, just a lot of praise as seen in the reviews that I made (here’s a link to the Pier and the Wing reviews).

Ground service was good as well. Though there wasn’t really any thing worth taking note of. I landed, checked-in and straight to the lounge, afterward boarded the plane quickly. An escort would have been nice, though it wasn’t really a problem.

The flight was memorable. I’ve flown Cathay Pacific in first class before and I was always provided with an amazing experience. The food was excellent and the service was amazing. With one attendant for each passenger, it really felt like an intimate and professional service through and through. Overall, it was a solid flight.

That being said, this flight had an even better purpose of setting the benchmark from which I’ll compare the First class Lufthansa flight which I am ever so excited to experience.

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