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Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 Business Class Manila to Hong Kong Review

I’ve laid out a whole trip with a total of six legs for quite some time now. This first leg is a Cathay Pacific Business Class flight that I am very much familiar with. Cathay Pacific is one of my go-to airlines. it’s such a joy to fly with them every time.

No stranger to comfort in the sky, I was eyeing a Lufthansa First Class flight. I’ve heard that It’s one of the best First-Class products out there, and I’ve been wanting to see how great the experience would be.

Here’s a list of all the legs for this trip and the notable lounges I visited (links will be added as the reviews are published!):

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For now, I’ll focus on my first business class flight with Cathay Pacific.


I have always enjoyed Cathay Pacific’s business class seats. This flight wasn’t any different. It was smooth and quick. It was a happy ride especially since I’m excited for the rest of my trip.

PROS: Very comfortable seat. Best lounge in the Philippines.

CONS: Relatively small foot cubby


I booked all of these flights entirely using miles alone. I used up a large chunk of Asia Miles and Krisflyer Miles for my whole trip, resulting in an incredibly amazing trip for a fraction (only taxes and surcharges) of the amount!

After exploring my award ticket options, I found out that if you booked a flight from Hong Kong to Milan, that will cost 100,000 Asia Miles.

However, flying from Manila to Milan with a connecting flight through Hong Kong will only cost you 96,100 miles. That’s 3,900 miles cheaper!

I was able to afford the number of miles by transferring the amount from my Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa.

I do think it’s because you’ll be exchanging a non-stop flight for two flights. I was fixated on the fact that I’ll get to experience two amazing flights just to get to the same destination. That’s a win-win for me!

Overall, I had to book these three months before the trip to ensure that I get to reserve the award tickets.

I’ll detail the booking details for the other legs of this trip in their own reviews.


Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the most decent among all of its terminals. I’ll say it’s also the one that has the most consistent ground service.

I checked-in my luggage and headed straight to the Cathay Pacific lounge.


Right before the Silverkris lounge lies the Cathay Pacific lounge. It’s comes fairly close to the Silverkris lounge when it comes to design and service, though I think this lounge has a slightly better food selection.

Cathay Pacific Lounge Reception Desk

The receptionists were incredibly welcoming. They were quick to attend to me as soon as I reached the lounge. One of them pointed me into the lounge and let me choose a seat for my own.

There were a few communal tables in the lounge with simple stools for seats. There were also a few seats right beside the windows.

The lounge had a semi-open kitchen which was interesting to watch.

Cathay Pacific Lounge Interior

On the other side of the lounge was a bar with two bartenders—both of which were eager to give passengers there was also a different layout for the seats.

Cathay Pacific Lounge Mini Bar

I was particularly enamored by these seats which were large chairs that turn into small flatbeds. They were incredibly comfortable, and at the time, there wasn’t anyone using them.

Cathay Pacific Lounge Chairs

I got a wonton noodle soup along with a few dim sums to pass the time, both of which were incredibly flavorful and delicious.

Cathay Pacific Lounge Ala Carte Meal


Flying in business class and also being a member of the Marco Polo Club, I went through the priority line. Boarding in NAIA is an inconsistent process—sometimes airlines are fast and quick to do so, while other times, it can get a bit too messy.

This time, it was one of the smoother processes.

Boarding Area

Here’s an okay sight of our aircraft. I love how slick it looks.

Cathay Pacific Aircraft View

Seat Cabin and Amenities

MJ has already made a nice review of the seat so here’s his take on it!

I think that these seats are great. The reverse herringbone seat is one of the best business class seats in my opinion, particularly when it comes to storage, comfort and privacy. Its slanted layout made it look and feel a lot more spacious.  I just feel as if the foot cubby is quite small when it’s put into laid flat mode.

Everything that you might need was on the seat console. The remote for the IFE, the seat controls, a universal outlet, a USB port, and a reading light were there. The pull-out table was located just below the seat console.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Seat

The seat was 21 inches wide and had 40 inches of seat pitch which looks and feels like 82 inches particularly when it’s laid flat.

Cathay Pacific Business Class IFE Screen

The IFE screen can be pulled out of the console in front, putting it in a more practical position. Right below it is a foot cubby that doubles as a buddy seat.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Foot Cubby

Right beside the foot cubby was a small storage compartment.


Cathay Pacific Business Class Menu
Cathay Pacific Business Class Menu
Cathay Pacific Business Class Menu
Cathay Pacific Business Class Menu
Cathay Pacific Business Class Menu
Cathay Pacific Business Class Menu
Cathay Pacific Business Class Menu


The flight attendants were the highlight of this trip. They were warm and kind. They were also very willing to help out. This was a rather short flight, and I felt as if, I never once lost the flight attendant from my peripheral vision. She made it easy for us passengers to locate her and ask her for things that we might need.

Business Class Meal Service

The meal, although not exactly the most appealing to look at was really delicious. It was served around 30 minutes after takeoff. It was served nicely on my table as is.

It’s a great meal and helped remind me of how nice the Cathay Pacific Business product actually is.

Overall Impression

Cathay Pacific has always been one of my favorite airlines because it’s very accessible, practical and comfortable. It has a great balance and is complemented by a very consistent flight crew.

The Cathay Pacific Lounge in NAIA 3 is among the top lounges in the Philippines.

The seat itself was fantastic—a good balance between practicality and comfort. The foot cubby/buddy seat was also a nice touch. Though it would have been better if the foot cubby was a bit bigger. It’ll make long haul flights a lot more comfortable.

Service was the highlight and the flight attendants were very experienced. They were very hospitable and never looked away from a passenger in need of their assistance. The food as given quickly and tasted delicious.

At the end of the day, this flight was a quick, enjoyable one. I may just have a soft spot for Cathay Pacific, but when it comes to it, they have yet to disappoint me in any flight I’ve flown with them.

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