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Cathay Pacific Business Class Boeing 777 Newark to Hong Kong Review

As I neared the final leg of my trip I still had to make one last long-haul flight back from Newark to Hong Kong. I was still hungover just how amazing my previous trip was. I’ll be flying in the Cathay Pacific Business Class Product once again. As I’ve mentioned before, Cathay is one of my go-to airlines as their business class is very much a classic.

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This flight was basically the hyper remover as it’s immediately after my Lufthansa First Class flight from Frankfurt. I was still ecstatic on how amazing the flight was, so this flight was filled with moments of me calming myself from being too excited from before.

PROS: The aircraft was relatively new and seemed to have a better version of my favorite business class seat, the reverse herringbone seat. Very Impressive meal service.

CONS: There would be better choices for lounges than the Galleries Club Lounge. Slighly  Mediocre movie selection


My flights from Newark to Hong Kong to Manila cost me 85,000 Asia miles in total. For two flights in business class, this was well worth it, especially since both were in business class and that Cathay has always provided a great service no matter how long or how short the flight is.


Check In Counter


Since Cathay doesn’t have a dedicated lounge at Newark Airport, oneworld members and business class passengers are allowed to stay in British Airways’ Galleries Lounge.

Way to the British Airways Lounge

The façade of the lounge was plain and somewhat too bland. The sign was rather lacking, but the real value for the lounge is found inside.

British Airways Galleries Lounge Front

The inside of the lounge was quite nice.  There were a number of chairs and sofas that also had a large fluffy pillow with them.

British Airways Galleries Lounge Seating Area

There were several seats in the lounge that was relatively large.

British Airways Galleries Lounge Seating Area

Further in was the buffet selection. Bear in mind that the Galleries Lounge had a buffet selection and a sit-down restaurant, reserved for first class passengers of British Airways. Even if I was flying British, The First-Class Dining restaurant was closed during the time that I was there.

Snacks Table

There was a mini bar that had relatively nice selection, though not really that impressive.

Liquor Selection

Here’s the cafeteria-esque portion of the lounge that was near the buffet selection.

Dining Area

The First Class Dining area was a lot more like a restaurant.

Fine Dining Area

On the other side of the lounge, there was a self-service coffee station and a deli bar for the passengers to enjoy.

Coffee Station and Deli Bar

Lastly, they also had a small workstation with four computers and a printer/copy machine at the end.

Business Center

All-in-all, the British Airways Galleries Lounge doesn’t pass the quality and comfort that is usually found in every Cathay Pacific Lounge.


About 15 minutes before boarding, I left the lounge and headed for the gates. By the time I got to the boarding area, we were just about to start boarding. Being a business class passenger, we asked to board first.

Boarding Area

Seat Cabin and Amenities

Cathay Pacific’s Business Class product has one of the most elegant cabins—especially when the mood lighting is on. It’s laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration. I never get tired of this sight. One thing to note is that this plane was one of the newer aircraft that Cathay Pacific recently acquired. It still had that new plane feel to it.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Cabin

With a 21-inch wide seat that has around 82 inches of legroom, the reverse herringbone seat will always be one of the better business class seats out there. These updated seats feel a bit larger than the old 777 with reverse herringbone seats.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Seat

The IFE screen is placed by the foot cubby. It can be pulled away from its place so that it aligns perfectly to the seat.

IFE Screen

The seat console has a small area which houses the IFE Remote, the reading light, and seat controls can be found. As I browsed, I didn’t really find any good films to watch, so I hung back and settled with the series there.

Cathay Pacific IFE Remote, Seat controls, and Reading Light

Right below the console is a small storage area.

Storage Compartment

The storage compartment itself is rather small, but it should be enough for a small bag or so.

Storage Compartment

The pull-out table can be found on the seat console.

Pull out Table

On the seat console was another storage compartment. The amenity kit, headphones, a bottle of water, and the menu were all neatly placed right here for the waiting passengers.

Console Storage Compartment

It’s interesting because without the partition between seats, both passengers can see what each other was watching. Though when passengers are settled onto their seats, this won’t be much of a problem anymore.

Middle Seats

Cathay Pacific’s Amenity Bag is exclusively designed by Seventy Eight Percent.

Amenity Kit

These in turn had Jurlique products. The Amenities include an eye mask, socks, a dental kit, and ear buds.


The noise cancelling headphones provided are not exactly comfortable, but are really good at keeping the noise at bay.

Provided Headphones


Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Business Class Menu
Pre-order form for breakfast


As I entered the plane and went to my seat, I was immediately offered a welcome drink. Afterwards, I settled onto my seat and set up my area. Around 15 minutes after boarding, the seatbelt sign was turned on and we began our taxi.

Around 30 minutes after take-off, I went and got a cheese plate. As it was rather late at night and I just want a light meal before I slept.

Cheese Plate

Unfortunately, the cheese plate wasn’t enough to satisfy me, so I went ahead and got this Prawn and Fish balls with Rice Vermicelli noodles in Laksa broth. It was basically a prawn noodle soup which tasted fantastic. I didn’t finish it, however, since I was going to bed shortly.


They didn’t offer turndown service in business class, so I did my best to make my bed, I’d say I did a pretty good job. With that, I got to sleep for almost six hours.

Business class seat laid flat mode

For breakfast I went for the continental breakfast. It was a bit lacking when It was served but the pastries and the granola were pretty good, and I found that I couldn’t finish it all up. It was very tasty.

Continental Breakfast

Overall Impression

The Cathay Pacific Business Class Product is one of the most classic airline seats in the sky. The reverse herringbone seat is arguably one of the most comfortable business class seats. Complement that with the service that Cathay provides, and you’ll be provided a great experience!

This is always a good option to use your miles on, especially on long haul flights to the U.S.

Check in was quick and it was only a short walk to the British Airways Galleries Lounge.

The lounge was decent. There were a lot of seats to relax on when I arrived. There were also a few interesting facets such as the coffee station and the deli bar. The mini bar was okay, but not impressive, especially after seeing the gargantuan selection found in the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

The seat itself was great and the flight was especially comfortable.

Take note, However, that this aircraft does not offer any first-class seat. If you want to experience Cathay Pacific in first Class, you will find those flights from JFK.

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