Air France Lounge Interior

Air France Lounge Review

I heard that the Air France Lounge was a great lounge both in design and service. I was fairly interested in it for a while. Since I already have a Priority Pass, I wanted to try it out. That being said, it’s hard to see these things when there’s so many people in it. Here’s my very short experience in the Air France Lounge!


Air France Lounge Reception

The Air France lounge can be accessed by Priority Pass members, however it’s limited to certain time frames. Priority Pass members cannot get into the Air France Lounge between 11AM to 1:30PM and 7PM to 10PM.

As I’ve mentioned in my Philippine Airlines Boeing 777 Business Class SFO to MNL Review, I went to this lounge first before I went and stayed for longer in the Mabuhay Lounge. The problem was at the time, the Air France Lounge was just too crowded for me. As seen in this review.

The Lounge

Air France Lounge Seating Area

I got to enter at around midafternoon, and as soon as I got in, I immediately wanted to go find another place to stay. The lounge was full and there were literally no more seats for me and a few other passengers.

With the number of people came the noise in the lounge. Interestingly enough, it seemed as if the people weren’t that irritated with how loud some of the people in there were.

Air France Lounge Seating Area

It was hard to distinguish which area is which. Even the bigger portion of the lounge was already filled with people, there were even some passengers that were just standing around, waiting for a table to be free.

Air France Lounge Seating Area

Moving on, the Air France lounge seemed to be well stocked with their food. I wasn’t able to taste them all, but most of them were pretty tasty.

Air France Lounge Food Selection

I was really impressed with how fresh their fruits were.

Air France Lounge Food Selection

For hot dishes, there was some pasta and meatballs, and grilled vegetables.

Air France Lounge Food Selection

There was also a self-service bar with a decent offering.

Air France Lounge Food Selection

Overall Impression

I know that this review was a short one, but it just wasn’t my day. The lounge was full when I came in and I couldn’t do a lot.
All I got to do was taste a few fruits and see just how crowded the place is.

One thing is for certain, the lounge is not a good place to go to during peak hours. There was a line just to get in.

I’ll make a more in-depth review once I get to enjoy the lounge to the fullest.

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