Unionbank Miles + Platinum Visa

The Unionbank Miles + Platinum visa is best used by Filipinos who love to travel frequently.  This no-frills credit card has just enough features to make it a good travel credit card.

Bear in mind that you can still collect points that are convertible to airline miles here.

They have a point-to-mile ratio of PHP25: 1point: 1mile. for overseas expenditure, the multiplier jumps to x1.5.

The points that you collect can be converted to cash, Mabuhay Miles, or Cebu GetGo Points.

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PHP 50,000.00


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PHP 3,000.00


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3.50% per month


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PHP 25.00 : 1 mile


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Quick Overview


  • Free Travel insurance of up to PHP10 Million


  • High Annual Fee
  • High Minimum Income
  • High Foreign Transaction Fee compared to other BDO Credit cards.

Who is the Card For?

This specialty credit card is best used by people who are avid flyers of local airlines—those being PAL and Cebu Pacific. It’s tailored best towards those who like budget traveling, while also putting in the occasional business class flights here and there. Mid-level managerial people would be the most likely people to get this card, as well as entrepreneurs, freelancers, and some low-level executives.

Special Features

  • Credit Life Insurance
  • Free Travel Insurance
  • Free Airport Lounge Access

Perks and Benefits

The credit card doesn’t have any signup bonuses as of now, but it does have multiple benefits as provided by Metrobank.

  • Free Airport Lounge Access in Club Manila Lounge and Skyview Lounge
  • Free Travel Insurance of up to P10MM when you charge your airline tickets to your UnionBank Miles + Platinum
  • Experience Visa payWave
  • Earn Miles AND Reward Points
  • Credit Life Insurance
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Rewards Program
  • Auto Bills Payment
  • Car Insurance
  • UnionBank Online
  • Installment Program
  • Supplementary Cards
  • Flexible Monthly Payment
  • Longer Credit Terms
  • Cash Advance Facility
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Credit Card Security and Protection
  • 24-Hour Customer Service
  • Payment Convenience
  • Email Statement of Account

Points and Miles

Unlike other rewards program, there are only 4 types of redemptions from Unionbank. You can use the points to waive your annual fee, cash rebate, Get Go points and Mabuhay miles points. For the miles, you can only redeem them in increments of 100 points. 100 Mabuhay miles or Get Go miles can be redeemed for 200 points.

Unionbank’s conversion to miles is probably the smallest out of most banks in the Philippines which makes it quite unique. However, since it’s limited to PAL and Cebu Pacific, you miss out on so many other opportunities that other credit cards give.

Credit Card Fees based on the Unionbank Website

Card Details

Annual Fee (Principal)


Annual Fee (Supplementary)


Annual Expense Management Report Fee


Finance Charge

3.5% Monthly Effective Interest Rate which is computed based on the unpaid balance from previous statement. Payment of minimum amount due or any amount less than the total amount due from previous balance would automatically incur interest and/or other charges.

Late Payment Charge


Credit Life Insurance Premium (U-Protect / U-Secure)

P0.36 (U-Protect) or P0.55 (U-Secure) will be charged for every P100 Outstanding Balance

Cash Advance Service Fee

6% of the transaction amount or P300, whichever is higher, except for corporate cards which is at 2.10% of transaction amount. If done over-the counter, an additional fee of P500 per transaction shall be charged. Finance Charge of 3.5% per month will also be due on each cash advance from the date of the advance until date of repayment in full (including unbilled charges). Cash Advance fee is considered in the derivation for Cash Advance EIR. Total Annual EIR for Cash Advance transaction is 46%++ for P5,000 and above transactions via ATM.

Overlimit Fee

P500 automatically billed to the cardholder on cycle date, when total transactions and system generated interest/charges exceed the credit limit.

Card Replacement Fee

P400 for every lost or damaged card

Sales Slip Retrieval Fee

P200 for every transaction slip requested

Returned Check Fee

P1,500 for every returned check

Dispute Fee

P1,000 for every valid dispute case

Refund Fee

P50 which covers the cost of processing of a refund request in Manager's Check as a result of cardholder's overpayment

Pre-Termination Fee

Applicable to all pre-terminated Installment Transactions; P500 or 5% of remaining principal balance, whichever is higher.

Service Fee for Foreign Currency Transactions

All charges made in currencies other than Philippines Peso (PhP) shall automatically be converted to the (PhP) billing currency on posting date at the prevailing exhange rate selected by Visa Int'l. This will be based on the range of rates available in the wholesale currency markets or the government-mandated rate if in effect. A 3% fee for Classic and Gold cards and 2% fee for Platinum cards will be added covering the cost of processing transactions in foreign currencies.

Gaming Fee

5% service fee shall be charged on gaming/gambling transactions and/or transactions made at gaming/gambling establishments, including placement of wagers, purchase of lottery tickets or other values in conjunction with any gaming or gambling activity.

Our Thoughts

Unionbank Miles + Platinum Visa is not a very efficient travel credit card for those who like diversity. Because points can only be transferred to Mabuhay Miles and Get Go, you’re almost always funneled to using the points on PAL.

This credit card is basically a worse version of the Mabuhay Miles World Mastercard from PNB. You won’t be needing this card when you already have that card.

The only time you should get this card is if you’re loyal to Unionbank and only plan on flying with PAL in economy, or Cebu Pacific. Aside from that, the credit card is outshined by most travel credit cards.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the  Unionbank website
  2. Click on the “Pick a Card” button at the lower part of the screen.
  3. Hover over Credit Card and click on “Apply Now”
  4. Once you’re redirected, choose from the drop-down box “Miles + Platinum”
  5. Continue filling up the online form.

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