• Minimum Monthly Income:PHP 50,000.00
  • Annual Fee:PHP 3,000.00
  • APR: 3.50% per month
  • Point to Mile Ratio: PHP 25.00 : 1 mile
  • Foreign Transaction Fees:2.00%

Unionbank Miles + Platinum Visa

Where is Unionbank Miles + Platinum Visa best used?

A credit card is a great option for people who love to travel locally—particularly budget travelers that will make the most of local airlines.

Basic credit cards like these are great for people who are currently learning how to properly budget their finances.

Lastly, the card also provides good flexibility with your reward points. Most of the time, the points will be converted into miles, but the ability to get cash rebates is also great.


Perks and Benefits

  • Complimentary pre-departure pampering at the Skyview Lounge at NAIA 3 and Club Manila Lounge at NAIA 1
  • Up to PHP10M travel insurance when charging airline tickets to your card.
  • Visa payWave
  • Platinum Club Concierge
  • Installment Program
  • Auto-charge Facility
  • Discount Program
  • Rewards Program
  • Auto-insurance Installment Plan
  • Credit Life Insurance
  • Unlimited Number of Supplementary Card
  • Payment Convenience
  • Flexible Monthly Payment
  • Longer Credit Terms
  • Cash Advance Facility
  • 24×7 Customer Service
  • Email Statement of Account
  • Account Access

How to Apply

  1. Visit the Unionbank credit card application page.
  2. Fill out the steps and follow the instructions in their 6-step process.
  3. Double check your entries.
  4. Wait for further confirmations and submission of requirements by email.

Our Thoughts

The Unionbank Miles + Platinum visa is best used by Filipinos who love to travel frequently.  This no-frills credit card has just enough features to make it a good travel credit card.

Bear in mind that you can still collect points that are convertible to airline miles here.

They have a point-to-mile ratio of PHP25: 1point: 1mile. for overseas expenditure, the multiplier jumps to x1.5.

The points that you collect can be converted to cash, Mabuhay Miles, or Cebu GetGo Points.

Card Details

Annual Fee PHP3,000
Annual Fee (Supplementary) PHP2,500
APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 3.50%
Min. Yearly Income PHP600,000
Min. Age for Principal Holder 18-60 years old
Min. Age for Supplementary Holder 14=60 years old
Do You Need a Postpaid Account? YES
Identification Needed TIN, SSS/GSIS
Card Replacement Fee PHP400
Sales Slip Retrieval Fee PHP200
Late Payment Charge PHP750
Cash Advance Amount 30% of Credit Limit
Cash Advance Charge PHP300 or 6% of CA amount
Cash Advance Interest Charge 3.50% (same as APR)
Cashback Limit N/A
Rewards Points Expiry No expiration
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