Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa

The Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa is one of the credit cards that we highly recommend. Paul considers it as one of his most prized cards as it’s the one that he uses the most. It’s point-to-mile ratio is probably the best thing about it.

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PHP 67,000.00


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PHP 5,000.00 (waived for the first year)


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PHP 17.00 = 1 Mile (overseas expenses)


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Quick Overview

Who is the Card For?

The Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa is for the people who want to earn airline miles quickly. It’s also a great card for people who travel and buy things online quite often. Given its high financial requirements, this credit card is more accessible for businessowners and mid-to-high level executives.

This is a must-have for any mileage collector. The rate in which you can earn credit card points, and airline miles is crucial to your miles collection


  • Has the best Point-To-Mile Ratio at PHP17.00: 1 Mile
  • Triple Reward Points for expenditures on local airlines, hotel accommodations, and international spending
  • Unlimited Access to select Airline Lounges


  • High Annual Fee
  • High Minimum Monthly Income
  • High Foreign Transaction Fees

Special Features

  • Provides Free Accidental Death/Disablement Travel Insurance of up to PHP5 million
  • Zero Monthly Installment up to 24 months with select partner merchants

Perks and Benefits

The credit card doesn’t have any signup bonuses as of now, but it does have multiple benefits as provided by Metrobank.

  • Secured and Faster paperless Payments through a Contactless Card
  • Includes an Embedded Chip that protects from credit card fraud
  • Free 1st Supplementary Card
  • Exclusive Lifestyle Offers
  • Free Travel Accident Insurance Coverage
  • Priority Pass Membership
  • Discounts at M Here Partner Establishments
  • 0% Installment Program
  • 24-Hour VIP Customer Service
  • Global Customer Assistance Service provided by Visa
  • 24-Hour VIP Concierge Service
  • Bills2Pay
  • Balance Transfer
  • Cash2Go
  • CashRush
  • MTXT Balance Inquiry
  • Payment Channels
  • MSOA Email statement
  • M Connect Automated Voice, Text, and Email Payment Verification Service

Points and Miles

The Metrobank Rewards Program is relatively generous with how many reward points you can earn.

You earn 1 reward point for every PHP20.00 spent on all of your transactions. The more popular ratio is their 1 mile for ever PHP17.00 spent on overseas transactions and airlines and hotel accommodations.

You cannot funnel the credit card points that you have in your other Metrobank Credit cards (if any) with the ones you earn with your Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa.

Mile redemption comes at 2.5 Metrobank Reward Points for 1 mile, with a minimum of 10,000 points for redemption which can only be redeemed in increments of 10,000.

You can convert your Metrobank Reward Points into Airline Miles in Mabuhay Miles, Asia Miles, or KrisFlyer miles through this particular webpage.

Card Details

Annual Fee (Principal)

PHP5,000 (Waived on 1st Year)

Annual Fee (Supplementary)

PHP2,500 (FREE for life on the 1st Supplementary)

Monthly Interest Rate

3.5% based on calendar days

Cash Advance Monthly Interest Rate

3.75% based on calendar days

Cash Advance Fee

PHP600 or 3% of the cash amount availed, whichever is higher. Additional PHP500 if transacted over-the-counter.

Late Payment Fee

PHP850 or Unpaid Minimum Amount Due (MAD), whichever is lower

Over limit Fee

PHP750 per occurrence Refund Fee 1% of the refund amount or PHP100, whichever is higher, for every refund request

Account Maintenance Fee

PHP200 or an amount equivalent to the credit balance, whichever is lower will be charged to accounts with credit balance that are closed or with no activity for the past 12 months.

Installment PreTermination Fee

PHP550 or 5% of the remaining principal balance, whichever is higher Gaming Fee 5% of the amount transacted

Returned Check Fee

PHP1,500 for every returned check Installment

Processing Fee

PHP250 will be charged for every approved Cash2Go, Balance Conversion, or Balance Transfer transaction (effective January 1, 2020)

Foreign Exchange Transactions

All charges, advances, or amounts in currencies other than Philippine Peso (PHP) shall be converted to PHP. Transactions shall be converted using the foreign exchange selling rate of Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company on transaction posting date. Transactions denominated in currencies other than the aforementioned shall be converted using Visa’s currency conversion rate at the time of posting. All converted transactions shall be charged Visa’s assessment fee plus 2.5% processing fee, the rate of which may be adjusted from time to time. The assessment fee shall likewise apply to transactions involving foreign currencies converted to PHP at point of sale, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad, or online. Service fees may also be charged to cover costs incurred to discharge the amount(s) due Visa and/or acquiring bank and/or foreign merchant affiliates.

Our Thoughts

The Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa is one of the credit cards that we highly recommend. Paul considers it as one of his most prized cards as it’s the one that he uses the most. It’s point-to-mile ratio is probably the best thing about it. The PHP17.00: 1mile conversion rate makes it extremely easy to accrue miles with all of the expenditure that a person has.

Their 3x multiplier also adds another positive to its many benefits. Triple the rewards on local airlines, hotel accommodations and international spendings make it very cost effective when it comes to earning miles.

What it has in generosity of points and miles collected, it lacks in its financial requirements. With a high annual fee and a high minimum annual income, only a handful of Filipinos are eligible of getting one. Probably the most important thing that you should take note of is their foreign transaction fees. Metrobank is notorious for having one of the highest foreign transaction fees among banks at around 3.50%.

However, when you consider the rewards that you collect, you can make an argument that it offsets the cost of these foreign transaction fees. Still, with its great conversion rate, and multiple benefits, this credit card is at the top of our recommendations for mileage collectors in the Philippines.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the Metrobank website for their credit cards.
  2. Check the “Application Requirements” button on the left side to see whether or not you’re eligible to get a Metrobank Card.
  3. If you’ve assessed yourself as eligible to do so, you may click on the “Apply Now” Button. This will redirect you to an online form where you will choose which credit card type you will apply for.
  4. Click the drop-down button and select the Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa. If you’re okay with getting a different card if your application cannot be processed, choose NO on the next field. Choose Yes if otherwise.
  5. Fill out the remainder of the online form and submit the form!

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