BDO Titanium Mastercard

The BDO Titanium MasterCard is one of the credit cards that we can recommend to middle class individuals in the Philippines. Its low income requirement, matched with a relatively low interest rate makes it highly accessible to most Filipinos.

However, it falls flat when it comes to the features that other premier credit cards provide to cardholders…

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PHP 35,000.00


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PHP 4,500.00 (waived for the first year)


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PHP 40.00 = 1 Mile


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Quick Overview

Who is the Card For?

This credit card is for frequent flyers who do a lot of shopping overseas. Taking advantage of the dual currency billing and the low foreign transaction fees is what this card is made of. The PHP40 to 1 mile ratio is relatively high, but is well worth it if it makes your shopping abroad more cost-efficient. The majority of people who should get this start from mid-level employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Because BDO is known for its multiple travel promos and deals which every cardholder should be aware of, the BDO Titanium Visa will be the perfect card to give you access to these promos.

In summary, the BDO Titanium Visa is for people who love shopping overseas and taking advantage of BDO-exclusive promos and deals, be it for travel, dining, hotel accommodation, etc.


  • Dual Currency Billing
  • Low Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Up to PHP20 Million Coverage for Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance


  • High Point-to-Mile Ratio

Special Features

  • Dual Currency Billing. This allows cardholders to pay the exact amount of a transaction in USD, or to use PHP. Having the choice will greatly affect your savings on overseas expenditure.

Perks and Benefits

The credit card doesn’t have any signup bonuses as of now, but it does have multiple benefits as provided by BDO.

  • Credit Card Points Redemption Program which gives 1 mile for every PHP40.00 local transaction and every USD1.00 international transaction charged on the credit card.
  • Free Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance Coverage of up to PHP20 Million
  • Cross border Treats can be redeemed for free at participating merchant partners.
  • 50% off Select Dining Programs
  • Travel Getaways through BDO-exclusive rates and packages
  • Dual Currency Billing
  • Free Annual Membership for Life
  • VIP Airport Lounge Access Powered by LoungeKey
  • EasyPay Installment
  • Balance Transfer
  • EasyPay Cash
  • EasyPay Convert – Philippine Peso
  • EasyPay Convert – United States Dollar
  • Secured Through Virtual Cards
  • Charge on Demand for Bills Payment
  • Auto Charge for Bills Payment
  • 24-Hour Customer Service
  • Worldwide Acceptance

Points and Miles

The BDO Rewards system can be complicated to the untrained eyes. They have three types of reward points. the BDO Titanium Visa makes use of the last option.

The first being the BDO Rewards Card. You can earn points when you do qualified bank transactions at BDO or when purchasing form SM and other Rewards Partners. Each point that you collect is worth PHP1.00. You can only use these points to pay for purchases at any branch of the SM Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, and SM retail establishments.

The next two reward systems talk about the two classification of credit card rewards programs. You can earn either Regular Credit Card Points or Elite Credit Card Points depending on the BDO Credit card that you have.

The most important difference here can be found in their respective conversion rate to airline miles. Given that BDO can only convert its points to Asia Miles and Mabuhay Miles, it is not that valuable as an airline mile collectors card. However, because of its other benefits, it’s still relatively useful to have and use one.

For Standard and Gold Mastercard, Classic and Gold Visa, JCB Lucky Cat or Premier, and UnionPay Gold, you can receive Regular Credit Card Points. 250 Asia Miles or Mabuhay Miles can be redeemed for 1,250 RCCP. This is 1 mile for every 5 points.

For Mastercard Platinum/Titanium, Platinum Visa, and UnionPay Diamond, you can earn Elite Credit Card Points. 500 Asia Miles or Mabuhay Miles can be redeemed for 1,000 Elite Credit Card Points which roughly translates to 1 mile for every 2 points.

Redemption of miles can only be done in increments of 500 (1,000 points). You can check the whole Elite Rewards Catalog here.

Credit Card Fees based on BDO’s Consolidated Application Form

Card Details

Membership Fee (Principal)


Membership Fee (Supplementary)

Free for Life

Monthly Interest Rate


Cash Advance Fee

5% of amount withdrawn or PHP500/USD10, whichever is higher

Late Payment Charge

7% of overdue amount

Minimum Amount Due

The sum of the following: a) 3% of the outstanding balance less installment amortization and new transactions posted within the current statement period or PHP200/USD5, whichever is higher; b) 3% of installment amortization; c) Overdue Amount; d) Over-limit Amount.

Sales Slip Retrieval Fee

PHP300 for each sales slip retrieved for local transactions or PHP500 each for international transactions.

Lost Card Replacement Fee

PHP400 for each card

Gambling or Gaming Fee

5% of transacted amount or PHP500/US10, whichever is higher

Foreign Transaction Fee

Assessment fee of 1% plus service fee of 1.5% of the converted amount based on the prevailing foreign exchange rate of Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay/Diners Club International and BDO respectively at the time of posting. The service fee may be imposed at the sole discretion of BDO and may be subject to change

Installment Processing Fee

5% of the total remianing balance or PHP300, whichever is higher

Returned Check Fee / Auto Debit Arrangement Return Fee

PHP1,250/USD35 for each returned check/insufficient ADA Account

SOA Reprint Fee

PHP30/USD1 per SOA request

Our Thoughts

The BDO Titanium Mastercard is one the credit cards that we can recommend to the middle class. With their relatively low income requirement and low interest rate makes it very accessible. That said, it does fall flat when it comes to some features that other premier credit cards provide to cardholders.

The card is designed for Worldwide Indulgence. It enables cardholders to have a smooth time while in different countries. In doing so, they are rewarded for constant use—even if the points you earn isn’t as much as other credit cards.

Arguably the most notable of its features is their Dual Currency Billing option. This effectively eliminates the fees related to currency conversion. Cardholders are given the choice to have their transactions be done in either Philippine Peso or USD. No conversion, whatsoever will be applied to it.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the BDO website
  2. There’s a sidebar on the left side of the webpage. Click on Cards.
  3. Choose Credit Card. You will be redirected to another page. Choose Apply for a Credit Card.
  4. The easiest way to find the card that you’re looking for is to click “Browse by Brand”, and choose Visa.
  5. Once you find the Visa Platinum Card, Click “Apply Now”
  6. Fill out the fields provided.

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