BDO Cathay Pacific American Express Elite

We recommend this card to people who spend a lot of their time overseas to take advantage of the lower point-to-mile ratio. With access to exclusive privileges from BDO, American Express, and discounts from Asia Miles, it gives the cardholder almost everything they need to fly comfortably…

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BDO Cathay Pacific American Express Elite
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PHP 100,000.00


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PHP 5,000.00


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3.25% per month


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PHP 25.00 : 1 mile


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Quick Overview

Who is the Card For?

This card is for avid fans of Asia Miles. particularly high-level executives that spend most of their time overseas or in business meetings abroad. You can get a Point-to-mile ratio that’s as low as PHP19.00 : 1 Asia Mile when you use your card in an optimized fashion. Since American Express cards aren’t that much viable in the Philippines since not all establishments accept them, this is best used by someone who spends a lot of their time in the U.S. specifically.


  • Decent Point-to-mile ratio
  • Free one-year membership for Green Tier in the Marco Polo Club


  • High Annual Fee
  • High Minimum Income
  • High Foreign Transaction Fee compared to other BDO Credit cards.

Special Features

  • Bonus 3,000 Asia Miles with your very first purchase and upon membership anniversary when you spend at least PHP600,000.00 per year.
  • Marco Pollo Club Privileges

Perks and Benefits

You get 3,000 bonus Asia Miles on the first purchase you make using the card, and another 3,000 Asia Miles when you use the card to spend at least PHP600,000.00 in that year.

  • PHP50 gains you 2 Asia Miles
  • Bonus Asia Miles upon milestones
  • Marco Polo Club Privileges
  • Annual Fee Waiver
  • Asia Miles-Exclusive Privileges
  • American Express Selects
  • Shopping Protection
  • Travel Insurance Protection
  • World Class Service Provided by American Express
  • EasyPay Installment
  • Balance Transfer
  • EasyPay Cash
  • EasyPay Convert – Philippine Peso
  • EasyPay Convert – United States Dollar
  • Worldwide Acceptance

Points and Miles

For this joint credit card between American Express and BDO, it only earns Asia Miles. It has three
conditions in which it can be used to earn Asia Miles:

1 Asia Mile = PHP38.00 Spent locally
2 Asia Miles = PHP50.00 Spent Overseas
2 Asia Miles = PHP38.0 Spent on Cathay Pacific flight bookings

We can simplify the latter two to 1 Asia Mile for ever PHP25.00 spent overseas; and 1 Asia Mile for ever PHP19.00 spent on Cathay Pacific flight bookings, which, on their own are very decent point-to-mile ratio.

Along with the bonus Miles that you get through milestones which are 3000 Asia mile upon your first purchase and another 3000 Asia Miles for your membership anniversaries, you can probably have a decent flow of miles coming to you. Assuming you spend around PHP1 Million per year. 2/3 rd in the Philippines, and 1/3 rd in your overseas trips.

You would be able to claim 30,877. when you add the bonus miles, that would skyrocket to miles 36,877 which is more than enough to let you redeem numerous economy or business class flights! Bear in mind that 25,000 Asia Miles is the minimum amount that you need to redeem the cheapest First-class flight!

Credit Card Fees based on BDO’s Consolidated Application Form

Card Details

Membership Fee (Principal)


Membership Fee (Supplementary)

Free for Life

Monthly Interest Rate


Cash Advance Fee

5% of amount withdrawn or PHP500/USD10, whichever is higher

Late Payment Charge

7% of overdue amount

Minimum Amount Due

The sum of the following: a) 3% of the outstanding balance less installment amortization and new transactions posted within the current statement period or PHP200/USD5, whichever is higher; b) 3% of installment amortization; c) Overdue Amount; d)Over-Limit Amount.

Sales Slip Retrieval Fee

PHP300 for each sales slip retrieved for local transactions or PHP500 each for international transactions.

Lost Card Replacement Fee

PHP400 for each card

Gambling or Gaming Fee

5% of transacted amount or PHP500/US10, whichever is higher

Foreign Transaction Fee

Assessment fee of 1% plus service fee of 1.5% of the converted amount based on the prevailing foreign exchange rate of Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay/Diners Club International and BDO respectively at the time of posting. The service fee may be imposed at the sole discretion of BDO and may be subject to change

Installment Processing Fee

5% of the total remianing balance or PHP300, whichever is higher

Returned Check Fee / Auto Debit Arrangement Return Fee

PHP1,250/USD35 for each returned check/insufficient ADA Account

SOA Reprint Fee

PHP30/USD1 per SOA request

Our Thoughts

We recommend this card to people who spend a lot of their time overseas to take advantage of the lower point-to-mile ratio. With access to exclusive privileges from BDO, American Express, and discounts from Asia Miles, it gives the cardholder almost everything they need to fly comfortably.

You won’t have any problems using the card with larger businesses which can let you use the card despite it being American Express. You might need other credit cards for the smaller, lesser popular stores because they might not have the means to accommodate you using the card.

Either way, we believe this card is great for anyone who loves Asia Miles. Its relatively high-income requirement makes it slightly inaccessible to some people but at the same time, only people who have the money to take advantage of the bonus Asia Miles.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the BDO website
  2. There’s a sidebar on the left side of the webpage. Click on Cards.
  3. Choose Credit Card. You will be redirected to another page. Choose Apply for a Credit Card.
  4. The easiest way to find the card that you’re looking for is to click “Choose the Brand for My New Card”, and choose American Express.
  5. Once you find the Cathay Pacific American Express Elite, Click “Apply Now”
  6. Fill out the fields provided.

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