BDO Cathay Pacific American Express Elite
  • Minimum Monthly Income:PHP 100,000.00
  • Annual Fee:PHP 5,000.00
  • APR: 3.25% per month
  • Point to Mile Ratio: PHP 25.00 : 1 mile
  • Foreign Transaction Fees:2.00%

BDO Cathay Pacific American Express Elite

Where is BDO Cathay Pacific American Express Elite best used?

Naturally, the card is best used for international travel and mileage collection, particularly for those who are members of the Asia Miles Program.

Asia Miles is flexible as the program is partnered with 25 airlines and some of those airlines are part of airline alliances.

The point-to-mile ratio is quite high at PHP38.00: 1 Asia Mile when spent locally. They do provide a bonus 3,000 Asia Miles every year as long as cardholders spend at least PHP500,000.00.

The card will provide the most value if a cardholder spends at least PHP500,000.00 on airfare (exclusively with Cathay Pacific) every year.

Spending this much will provide you with approximately 26,000 Asia Miles plus the bonus 3,000 which will ultimately give you 29,000 Asia Miles per year—that is if you choose to stop at the PHP500,000.00

What bars us from recommending this more are the high fees and the half-million milestones just for the bonus 3,000 Asia Miles.

It is by no means accessible to the general public, but for certain niches such as those who greatly value Asia Miles and/or Cathay Pacific, this card is high up on the list of good ones!

Perks and Benefits

  • Easy collection of Asia Miles
  • Exclusive Privileges from Asia Miles
  • Marco Polo Club Privileges
  • Annual Fee Waiver
  • American Express Selects
  • Shopping Protection
  • Travel Insurance Protection
  • World Class Service around the clock
  • EasyPay Installment
  • Balance Transfers
  • EasyPay Cash
  • EasyPay Convert- Philippine Peso
  • EasyPay Convert- US Dollae
  • BDO Delights
  • BDO Treats
  • Exclusive AMEX Perks and Benefits are found in their website.

How to Apply

  1. Visit their website at
  2. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find the navigation bar. Choose credit cards and click on browse by brand.
  3. Choose the BDO Cathay Pacific American Express Elite and click on the apply online button on the right side.

Our Thoughts

A joint project between Cathay Pacific and American Express and brought to the Philippines through BDO, the Cathay Pacific American Express Elite is one of the higher-end credit cards included in this list.

With a minimum monthly income of PHP100,000.00, the people who can afford these credit cards are within the upper bracket of the middle class to high-class individuals.

It has high fees and rates, but considering the market that it targets, it’s justified.

The point-to-mile conversion rate is quite high but also streamlined:

1 Asia Mile PHP38.00 spent on local transactions
2 Asia Miles PHP50.00 spent on overseas transactions
2 Asia Miles PHP38.00 spent on Cathay Pacific flight bookings

To get the maximum value out of this card, cardholders should use it mostly on Cathay Pacific bookings.

They also provide a bonus of 3,000 Asia Miles upon card renewal (once you spend PHP500,000.00)

The credit card only converts to Asia Miles. This exclusivity makes it unique as this is by far the only credit card that lets you accrue Asia Miles directly.

Applying for this credit card will also give you a complimentary Marco Polo Club Membership.

aside from that, it also offers free travel and accident insurance that amounts up to PHP15,000,000.00

Card Details

Annual Fee PHP5,000
Annual Fee (Supplementary) PHP2,000
APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 3.25%
Min. Yearly Income PHP1,200,000
Min. Age for Principal Holder 21-70 yrs old
Min. Age for Supplementary Holder at least 13 yrs old
Do You Need a Postpaid Account?
Identification Needed One of the ff: Passport, Driver’s License, SSS ID, TIN Card, Philhealth Card, GSIS ID, PRC ID, Voter’s ID
Card Replacement Fee PHP400
Sales Slip Retrieval Fee PHP300
Late Payment Charge 7% of Overdue Amount
Cash Advance Amount 30% of Credit Limit
Cash Advance Charge PHP500 or 5% of CA Amount
Cash Advance Interest Charge 3.25% (same as APR)
Cashback Limit N/A
Rewards Points Expiry No expiration
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