• Minimum Monthly Income:PHP 100,000.00
  • Annual Fee:Waived for life
  • APR: 2.25%
  • Point to Mile Ratio: PHP 100.00 = 1 mile
  • Foreign Transaction Fees:1% Service fee + peso conversion and other MasterCard fees.

AUB Platinum Card

Where is AUB Platinum Card best used?

AUB underwent massive devaluation in their point to mile ratio, severely affecting its status as a travel credit card. Although it’s no longer recommended for point collection, it’s still a good credit card for daily expenses.

With its very flexible payment methods and low monthly fee, it’s a good backup credit card for unexpected purchases.

Perks and Benefits

  • No Interest on New Purchase
  • Transfer Reward Points to Mabuhay Miles
  • Earn 4x Reward Points for all card transactions done outside of the Philippines
  • Enjoy a complimentary airport lounge access when you travel
  • Enroll as many supplementary cards without having to pay annual fees
  • Zero% Installment Program
  • AUB Egift
  • Online Banking
  • All-UR-Bills
  • Convenient Payment Channels
  • MasterCard Moments
  • MasterCard Secure Code
  • Link to Paypal

How to Apply

  1. Visit their webpage at:
  2. Click on the Apply Now button and it will show you an online form for your personal information and other important details.
  3. Double check all of the information and press submit!

Our Thoughts

The AUB Platinum Mastercard was once one of our preferred travel credit cards because of its good all-around perks and features, however, ever since their devaluation, the card is no longer a viable option for mile collection.

Without its previous P20.00 to 1-mile ratio, the AUB credit cards are no longer among our recommended cards.

It’s still worth noting that his card still has some things for it. It’s one of the few credit cards that have a very flexible payment method.

That said, there are many better options for travel credit cards.


Card Details

Annual Fee Free
Annual Fee (Supplementary) Free
APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 2.25%
Min. Yearly Income PHP1,200,000
Min. Age for Principal Holder 21-65 yrs old
Min. Age for Supplementary Holder at least 14 years old
Do You Need a Postpaid Account? NO
Identification Needed TIN, SSS/GSIS
Card Replacement Fee PHP500
Sales Slip Retrieval Fee PHP250
Late Payment Charge PHP700
Cash Advance Amount N/A
Cash Advance Charge N/A
Cash Advance Interest Charge N/A
Cashback Limit N/A
Rewards Points Expiry no expiration
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