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Our Experience in the First Day of the World Travel Expo 2019

Today, October 25, 2019, was the first day of the three-day travel expo held in the SMX Convention center. Our team visited and took a look at this amazing event.

One thing was for certain, there were so many people looking for vacation packages and one-time deals that they can take advantage of.

For more information on the World Travel Expo 2019, you can visit their Facebook page here!

I roamed the whole expo and was attracted to three booths the most. the first one was the JTB Philippines booth. I think they felt like the most professional out of the rest of the booths in the expo.

JTB Booth

Every time that I went to visit them, there was a large crowd all around. Talk about a crowd favorite!

They were the only ones that showcased promo airfare as all the other booths only offered fixed packages to specific destinations.

JTB Promo Fare

The H.I.S. booth was also one of the larger, and more eye-catching ones. It looked very much like a Japanese-oriented agency as most of their offerings were to Japan.

H.I.S. Booth

Their front looked like a temple gate and i thought it was really cool!


It’s important to know that H.I.S. doesn’t only offer packages to Japan, rather they also have packages to other famous tourist destinations all over the world!


The other booth that I was really interested in was the booth of the Sri Lankan Embassy. There was a little bit of Sri Lanka there which got me really curious about the country!

Booth of the Sri Lanka Embassy

I got a bit curious about Sri Lanka just by visiting the booth! i already added it to my bucket list for future vacations.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to secure any new promos and deals that I can share with you guys. Most, if not all, of the travel agencies there only offer discounted rates when you book your vacation packages right there in the booth.

Be sure to visit the World Travel Expo 2019. There are so many travel opportunities that are just waiting for you there!

Below are some of the few pictures that I took while at the event. There were a lot of people so please mind my rather haphazard shots.

Travel Agency Booths
Travel Agency Booths
Travel Agency Booths
Travel Agency Booths
Travel Agency Booths

The World Travel Expo happens at the SMX Convention Center. It goes on from 10 AM to 7PM and will only last until Sunday, October 27, 2019. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to find fabulous and very affordable travel packages!

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