So You Want to Be a Point and Mile Collector

There’s a certain niche of people that find happiness in traveling in style. Those include those who have never experienced an economy flight in their life and those who fly those luxury flights using credit card points and airline miles.

These people are known as air mileage collectors, point collectors, and frequent flyers. They take advantage of an airline’s frequent flyer program to get them free flights all over the globe.

With the right deal, you’ll probably get to experience a PHP600,000.00 flight all for free. But that’s not all.

You might also get the privilege to be considered as VIP members in multiple frequent flyer programs. This would lead to excellent flights and wonderful airport experiences.

That being said, it will take some time and effort to fully integrate yourself into becoming a full-fledged frequent flyer. So the question is, do you want to be a point and mile collector?

What is a Point and Mile Collector?

There are many ways for people to call themselves a point and mile collector. For now, let’s just use the term mileage collector.

To put it simply, a mileage collector is someone that accumulates credit card points and airline miles.

They then use it to redeem airline flight tickets or, sometimes, other rewards.

Mileage collectors make use of every opportunity to earn credit card points and airline miles. They use all the possible processes that they deem viable to accumulate as many points and miles as they can.

What are Points and Miles?

Points and miles are two different things that can be used to redeem flight tickets in some way. We’ve touched on their differences a bit in our beginner’s guide.

To discuss it shortly, miles are the main currency used to redeem flight tickets. Each frequent flyer program has its own specific mile currency. PAL has the Mabuhay Miles, Cathay Pacific makes use of Asia Miles, and Singapore Airlines uses KrisFlyer miles—all of which are named after their frequent flyer programs.

To get airline miles, you have two options. But first, you must join a frequent flyer program. The first way to earn airline miles is to join a frequent flyer program and fly with its airline. You’ll earn miles depending on how much you spend or how far you’ve flown in a flight. This will be your secondary source of airline miles in the long run.

The second method, and what would probably be your primary source of airline miles, is by converting your credit card points.

Credit card points are the currency you get from using your credit card. There are different rates of accumulating them, and they also provide a handful of ways to possibly earn more than usual.

Hypothetically speaking, the average Filipino will be able to earn more airline miles from credit card points instead of flying directly with the airline of their choice.

Are Credit Card Points Important?

The relevance of credit card points increases tenfold when you’re a mileage collector. The more you get, the more you can convert into airline miles, the more you can use for your high-flying fantasies.

As of now, using a credit card to accumulate credit card points is the most efficient way to accumulate airline miles. It’s also the most convenient way to do so, especially when people find out the simple secret of solely using your credit card to pay for ALL of your expenses.

At the end of the day, credit card points are INCREDIBLY important for mileage collectors. We haven’t calculated the exact percentage of airline miles that you get from flying and credit card points, but our rough estimate is that it’s around 70%.

Is Collecting Miles for You?

As much as you want to become a mileage collector, you have to always think of whether or not it’s going to be for you.

It’s not easy to accumulate enough airline miles unless your lifestyle and day-to-day expenses can help you accumulate enough credit card points. In most cases, it would take you months, even years of collecting just for you to be able to redeem a few flight tickets.

To become a mileage collector, you need a lot of two things.

The first one is patience. You need to be patient enough to wait for a very long time before your first flight redemption, not to mention the weeks between credit card points can be transferred into airline miles.

Second, you need discipline. This is particularly needed in the accumulation of credit card points.

Here’s a set of truths for you. Airline miles and credit card points are only free if you earn them through paying for things that you would usually buy—your daily expenses.

When you buy something just for the sake of getting points or miles, then you’re basically spending on them. They’re no longer a free resource.

However, if you passively earn them on the side, that’s when we consider them as free.

You need the discipline to restrain yourself from buying too much just to earn more points. Keep point accumulation passive, and you’re in for great deals!

If you think that you have what it takes to become a mileage collector even after hearing that, then you’re in the right place! We will be creating a 7-step guide to become a successful mileage collector for all of you!

We’ll list them all below along with what you can expect from them!

Becoming an Airline Mileage Collector: A Guide for Filipinos

Define Your Travel Goal

We believe that one of the biggest requirements to become a mileage collector is the ambition and the passion for travel. Without a big enough travel goal, you won’t feel the need to commit to the way of the mileage collector.

Why You Should Join a Frequent Flyer Program

You can’t become a mileage collector if you’re not part of a frequent flyer program. Understand the importance of a frequent flyer program and the difference between over a hundred of them all over the world!

Understanding Airline Alliances

Discover how a frequent flyer can fly with different airlines by taking advantage of airline alliances. This way, you can fly with airlines from around the world by just focusing on select few frequent flyer programs!

Getting a Credit Card

Figure out just how important credit cards are when it comes to collecting airline miles. Find out which one is the best here in the Philippines and how you should use them to collect as efficiently and effectively as possible!

A Deep Dive into Credit Card Points and Airline Miles

Here we discuss the difference in value between the two and how you can convert your credit card points to airline miles. Additionally, find out which airline miles we consider as the most valuable here in the Philippines!

Preparing for a Budget

Learn how real mileage collectors’ create and follow their budgets and use their finances appropriately! Find out the best way for you to rely on your credit card while also tracking down every one of your expenses!

Once you finish reading all of these, you’ll realize just how hard and how fulfilling it is to become a mileage collector!

Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot that needs to be understood and studied for a person to become a mileage collector. The best part is that you can try to learn it all on your own! That being said, we’ve structured this blog series so that your journey to become an airline mileage collector will be as smooth and easy as possible!

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