How You Can Fly in First Class for Free

Most people are fine flying economy class. Some people enjoy the finesse of business class. But true aviation lovers would always aim to fly in First Class.

In the world of Aviation, there’s nothing much like flying in First Class. You get all of the perks and the most amazing service that the airline can provide. The first-class cabin is the pinnacle of every airline’s service. It’s the best that they have to offer… and the most expensive one as well.

Truth be told, paying for your first-class ticket is not an easy feat to do. For reference, booking a First Class flight from Manila to Hong Kong would cost you around USD600.00. That’s PHP30,000.00 for a 2hrs 45min flight.

To the layman, it’s not something easy to do, nor is it a very cost-efficient way to travel. Most Filipinos stay frugal and would prefer to cut their travel budget by looking for the cheapest flight ticket possible!

That being said, what if it’s possible to fly in First Class for free? It’s totally possible!

In this article, we detail 4 simple steps that will eventually lead to you flying in First Class in the future!

1. Join a Frequent Flyer Program

The first thing that you should do is to join a frequent flyer program. These are basically loyalty programs of airlines that let members earn points, or miles as they call it, for their flights and other transactions.

These miles can be used to redeem flight tickets—including First Class. You cannot redeem any seat class tickets if you’re not part of an airline’s frequent flyer program.

By now, you should know that you will be using these miles to get that First Class Ticket.

Bear in mind that these miles would usually be usable only in that specific airline unless they’re part of airline alliances or are partnered with other airlines.

We’ll show you two ways to fly first class. First, we’ll show the Awards Chart of KrisFlyer for Singapore Airlines.

The Philippines is considered to be in Zone 3. Meaning you will need around 32,500 KrisFlyer miles in order to redeem a First Class flight from Manila to Singapore.

Next, the Award Chart of Asia Miles for Cathay Pacific.

The Philippines is within the Ultra-Short Distance Zone which means you only need 25,000 Asia miles to redeem a First Class flight from Manila to Hong Kong

Bear in mind that countries in different zones, based on their respective award charts, will require more miles to redeem.

2. Earn the Points

Now that you can collect points, you must earn the points that you need. The only way people can earn points conveniently is by using credit cards.

Most credit cards let you earn reward points which you can, in turn, convert into airline miles. in the Philippines, this is the most efficient way to accumulate points for flight redemptions.

What you should expect is that earning points will take time. It largely depends on your spending capacity.

Different credit cards let you earn points at different paces. We have a handful of the better ones reviewed here if you want to check them out.

We highly recommend the Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa, Citibank PremierMiles, and the new EastWest Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer World Mastercard if you really want to level up your point collecting potential.

Of course, there are some really good tactics to quicken your point collection… and we have an article detailing what strategies we think are best for point collection. You can check them out for reference!

3 Budget and Plan

You know how many miles you need, and you already know how to earn them. The last thing that you should do is to have a budget to follow and plan for your next vacation.

In order to earn points, you have to use your credit card to earn your money. Earning points should be passive.

You must not spend money just to earn points. You earn points by paying for your everyday expenses. By collecting points passively, you slowly build up your stack of points for that sweet first class flight!

This is why you should plan your next vacation thoroughly. Not only should you plan for it, but you should also be flexible with the time when you will go. Bear in mind that relying on an award ticket means you need to adjust your trips to when they are available. Sometimes they’re released a year before the flight, while sometimes you’ll find them open around two or three days before the flight.

Follow your budget while earning points and make sure that the date of your vacation is as flexible as possible. That way, once you want to redeem your first-class ticket, you’re free to do so when you please!

Book Your Flight

Once you’ve collected enough points, you can then redeem your flight!

You can do so by booking the flight through the frequent flyer program’s website. They should have the option to use miles instead of paying them outright.

You can also process your booking in ticketing offices or by calling their hotline!

Final Thoughts

We can summarize the article in these four steps:

Join a frequent flyer program.
Earn credit card points and airline miles.
Follow your budget and plan a versatile vacation.
Book your flight!

Flying in first class is a luxury that very few can experience. But with the help of frequent flyer programs and mile redemption, this becomes more accessible! The only downside to the accumulation of points for award tickets is that it will take time. But once you finish your collection of points, you’ll experience something amazing in First Class!

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