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How We Got Our First Million Mabuhay Miles Points in the Philippines

It’s been a rough ride but last year, we finally got our first million miles in the Mabuhay Miles frequent flyer program. All we can say is that saving up miles wasn’t easy at the start, especially since we didn’t know a lot about how we can efficiently use and earn miles during our everyday life. I’ll be discussing how we got to reach this milestone.

As time passed by, we studied how mile accrual and credit card point accumulation works and we’re confident to say that we have a very good idea on how to efficiently collect Mabuhay miles points here in the Philippines!

With that being said, we have compiled a list of tips and techniques that we used in order to reach this million Mabuhay mile points milestone! If you’re a budding Mabuhay miles collector, these tips should prove useful in all of your mile collection efforts!

1.    Use Credit Cards for ALL Your Expenses

Use Credit Cards for ALL your Expenses

A large portion of the points that we collected were all thanks to the rewards point system that credit cards had for every expense. Take note of their peso to point to mile conversions to see which ones match your spending habits the best!

One good trick is to offer to pay for everything. Household bills are a standard. But you should make use of things such as outings with friends, large family purchases, and if you can, the expenditures of your relatives (for extended families). Use your card to pay for it and just get them to pay you through cash or bank transfer.

Remember, the more you spend, the more points you can earn. The bigger your expenses, the better the chances of accumulating bonus points!

2.    Sign Up for Best Credit Cards in the Philippines

You can easily collect points with just one credit card, but you’ll be missing out on so many bonuses when you do so. Signing up for different credit cards brings about more options for accumulating bonus points and converting them into miles!

There are several different kinds of credit cards per bank—some of them specialize solely in miles collection, while others let you collect credit card points which you can in turn convert to miles. Take note that signing up for particular credit cards will provide you with some bonuses such as free luggage, phones, trips, and more importantly bonus miles!

3.    Maximize Point Collection Through Research

Maximize Point Collection Through Research

Collecting miles is not static. Although mile accrual can be seen as one-dimensional because of awards charts, and airline computations, there’s a lot of other factors to consider in becoming efficient in your mile collection!

It’s very important to always do research before you make a purchase. Is there any way for me to get bonus points if I buy this? Will buying in bulk net me with more points instead of buying single orders? Does the bank offer bonus points when I buy from these stores? These are just some of the many questions you can ask yourself to ensure that you get the most points out of a purchase.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with all of the posts of card companies. From time to time, they release new promos and such through social media posts! Often times they also announce extra special promos very late through their email. You can check out some of the latest promos and deals here!

4.    Have A Collection of Different Cards

Have a Collection of Different Cards

The problem with having only one credit card is that you’re basically missing out on the opportunities that other cards may provide. Keep in mind that there are some credit cards that are way better in point and mile collection when compared to others.

That doesn’t mean that you should focus on getting all the credit cards that have great point to mile ratios. It’s best to keep just a few on hand just in case of a special promo. Good examples include HSBC Accelerated Rewards and PNB conversion bonuses.

5.    Keep Fees in Mind

Remember that credit cards usually charge around 2-5% fees to retailers and pay users 1-3% for acquisition. If you’re particular about finances and how you can optimize them for point collection and savings, then you should learn how to use this to your advantage.

6.    Make Sure You Have Good Credit Standing

Make Sure You Have Good Credit Standing

Always remember to pay on time and in full. Stay away from issues that might tarnish your credit standing with banks. By taking care of your credit standing, you’ll find it easier to sign up for more cards—effectively increasing the ways in which you can accumulate points!

7.    Take Advantage of Bonus Miles

Aside from the free points that you get once you sign up and when you reach the required amount of expenditure in credit cards, you should also be up-to-date with all of the happenings with all your credit cards and their partners. Be aware of the so-called multiplier days wherein mile conversions and/or transfers to specific banks will net you with bonus miles!

8.    Hoard Flights and Hotel Payments

Hoard Flight and Hotel Payments

Paying for flights will net you miles—this is already common knowledge to most mile collectors, but for the budding ones, you should also know that some hotel stays, particularly those that are partners with airlines or frequent flyer programs, also get you a few extra hundred or thousand miles.

This is a great way to collect miles because not only will you be comfortable while flying, but also while you’re on the ground, making your whole journey as comfortable as possible!

9.    Sign up for ALL Loyalty Programs

Sign up for ALL Loyalty Programs

This should already be a given since it’s probably one of the first things that every mile collector should do, but here’s a good chance to reiterate that point. Most of the time, credit card reward programs allow the transferring of points with one another, other times, it all boils down to the lengths that credit companies allow. Review your loyalty programs and credit card companies and see if they allow the transfer or conversion of points with one another.

10.    Always be on The Go

Always Be on the Go

Miles won’t be collected by you sitting around doing nothing. Always go places when you can! Organize your free time wisely and find the most appropriate flights for vacations, business trips, and other kinds of travels. Maximize your time wisely and of course, enjoy everything you do!

Keep in mind that a lot of airlines offer promos for flights to specific destinations. taking advantage of these flights will also help you accumulate more miles for better value!

Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be like us in no time! A million miles wasn’t easy to achieve, but with the right mindset and an organized and disciplined personality, you’ll get it in no time!

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