Experience Valentine’s Day Everyday with these Universal Date Ideas!

Valentine’s day. It’s the day when couples would plan outings, go on extra-special dates, and just simply enjoy their time together. But all of the buildup leading to it can either be gruesome or joyous. At the end of the day, it’s just one out of 365 days where people can show their affection to one another.

As much as we think of collecting airline miles and credit card points, we enjoy the feeling of sharing a night or three with our significant others. And that’s what this article is all about!

With that in mind, we have compiled a few ideas on what you can do to celebrate the love between you and your lover during any time of the year!

Go on a Vacation Together

For most people, one day is not enough to savor the love of their companions. The same goes for vacations, especially when it’s out of town. The only problem is that it’s hard to surprise someone with an out-of-town vacation. So, if you plan on flying to Bali or Maldives, then you better plan ahead!

Of course, vacations don’t necessarily need to be out of town. Just a short trip on the other side of the country would be interesting as well. In the Philippines, there are loads of amazing places to visit. Make sure you both agree on where you’re going to keep things as smooth as possible!

To make things extra special, use your miles when going on that vacation. There’s no better feeling than flying in comfort for free!

NOTE: This year, we highly recommend that you be careful with where you go on vacation too. There are confirmed cases of Coronavirus in several countries, including Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan. While a few more have hundreds of people being monitored.

Have a Staycation

Of course, it’s not all about traveling. If the hustle and bustle of going through the airport or commuting for three hours is not really your thing, then maybe a night or two in a hotel would suffice! The best part is the hotel doesn’t need to be far away. Most hotels are experiences on their own and would definitely help you rest and relax!

Most hotels have numerous facilities that can easily satisfy any guest. Want a workout day with your fiancé? Go to the gym! Want to go for some night swimming? Go to the pool! There’s a lot of ways to enjoy a staycation in a hotel.

For point collectors, hotel stays are great for accumulating points. Most high-end hotels have their own rewards programs that anyone can join. If they’re partnered with an airline, even better! Since the points you get in the loyalty program, you can directly convert to airline miles which you can use!

For example, PAL is partnered with several different hotels and resorts, most notably the City of Dreams and Solaire.

Eat Out

Most of the time, Valentine’s day celebrations are just nights out at a fancy restaurant and then the rest of the night is spent relaxing with each other. What’s great here is that you can do this any day of the year, as long as both of you want to!

If you do choose to eat out again, keep in mind that some credit cards have their own promos that help you save money when you eat at them.

Citibank has this awesome promo that lets you eat at any restaurant that’s part of The Bistro for 50% off every Saturday during lunch. It may be a bit specific, but 50% off is still half the price!

If fancy restaurants aren’t your thing, then you can just set up your own dinner at home! Those who are confident in their fine cooking skills can make a whole meal for their lover—to some, that’s an even better celebration than a night out! It’s cheaper, too!

Whatever you do, however, make sure that you use your credit card for every purchase so that you still get points for that oh so special night!

Go on a Shopping Spree

Different people have different styles of celebration. For some, a night out eating or relaxing is alright, and for others, a day at the mall would suffice. This one is a bit more expensive… depending on you and your significant other’s spending habits.  

As long as you both know your budget, then a shopping spree won’t be so bad once in a while. Bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be shopping for new clothes or accessories. Make a date out of looking for new bed covers or curtains, even kitchenware!

It can be a bit lame to some but going out to buy something for your significant other doesn’t have to stop at what they want to wear. Sometimes being practical can also count as a good date idea!

Closing Statement

Valentine’s day has its own special flair as the day of love and affection. But you don’t have to wait for it to show that. Just like how we take every opportunity to gain credit card points or airline miles, we also take every chance we have to show our love to our significant other.

Take your chances and make them feel your love with these universally usable date ideas!

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