How You Should Define Your Travel Goal

Many people love the idea of traveling. The concept of exploring places that you haven’t been to before is just amazing that some people get this excitement from it.

For some people it’s the destination, others, it’s the whole journey. Travelers get a sense of accomplishment and relaxation during their trips.

Mileage collectors are usually either businesspeople or glorified travelers that take advantage of air miles and credit card points to get free trips and accommodations!

Of course, with every traveler, there should be a travel goal. Short term goals are easy to achieve, most of the time, they’re not a challenge at all. Big, ambitious goals, however, can be a great thing to continuously chase for.

When you define your travel goal, two things can happen, it’s either you do everything you can to achieve it, or you just give up and switch goals.

Reaching that travel goal will feel amazing, and that’s all because you set up your own travel goal!

What is Traveling to You?

To result in your own travel goal, you have to first ask your self “What is traveling to you?”

Bear in mind that traveling is not for everyone. Some people can’t stand the thought of traveling for long periods while others fully enjoy the wanderlust that comes with it.

Some people see travel as a way to find themselves. Soul searching has been related to traveling for so long because for most, the exploration of the unknown can lead to sudden realizations of how big the world is.

At the end of the day, people have their ideas of what travel is for them. For those who do love it, travel is one of the best experiences to have.

That being said, for some people, travel is as simple as a means to get from one place to another. Most businesspeople fly just for business trips for them, it’s not the destination, but the journey that means a lot. The flight is the only time for them to rest and relax.

Understand what traveling is to you and use it as a means to formulate your travel goals.

Do you want to visit the wonders of the world? Tour the Vatican? Or have a meal on top of the Eiffel tower?

Or do you want to fly every airline in First Class? Fly around the world in 20 days?

Make sure that your travel goal is more related to what traveling is for you!

This is incredibly more important for mileage collectors because point collection takes a long time. Point collection is rather slow. Without your own travel goal to keep things in check, It’s hard to devote yourself to this long term yet an incredibly rewarding habit.

Mileage Collection is a Commitment

You can’t enter the hobby of point collection without at least a bit of commitment. You will need a lot of patience and discipline. Without these two, most people will just give up and settle for saving up for a nice vacation.

It’s this mindset of the rewards being too far that ultimately prevents people from succeeding as a point collector. These people end up settling for the low point rewards such as fee waivers and vouchers which have a terrible point conversion value.

It’s not easy entering the world of mileage collectors. Unless you spend a lot consistently, then it’s going to be difficult to quickly earn points. Once you create a budget and plan that lets you maximize point collection, it will begin to lighten up.

That being said, you can take up point collection as a hobby. But without that commitment, the rate in which you will be earning will be slower, and the timeline for when you can redeem your points and miles will be longer.

If you’re ready to commit to it though, then you’ll find yourself ready to reach some travel goals and achievements that you won’t even dream of before!

What are your Travel Plans?

So, you’ve chosen what you’ll focus on and you’re ready to commit to being a mileage collector. Now you have to plan out a few of your trips.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t need to be immediate. Rather it should be like a bucket list of the things that you want to happen in one of your trips.

One plan will encapsulate one of your travel goals. You’ll plan out what, why, and how you’re travel goal will pan out.

For example, one of your travel goals is to experience a first-class flight for the first time.

First, you have to decide on the destination, then the airline, and then the date. Most of the time, you’ll get to decide in that order.

In this example, our goal is to travel to Singapore with Singapore Airlines for First Class by December of 2021.

In doing so, you create a timeline for yourself. Bear in mind that you need 32,500 Krisflyer points to redeem a first-class ticket.

Now you know that you have over a year to collect that 32,500 Krisflyer points.

This is a simple way of setting up individual travel goals. Of course, you can make your own travel goals however you want to. Just make sure that you can put a realistic timeline for yourself!

Closing Thoughts

A travel goal is needed for someone to fully become a mileage collector. Without the love and passion to travel, it won’t be easy to find the motivation to do some of the more routine activities to collect points such as relying solely on your credit card to pay for everything.

Make sure that you create a travel goal or goals that you will focus on in the future so that you will have something to energize you and push you forward in your point collection journey!

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