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6 Hacks to Comfortable Air Travel

Let’s face it, even if air travel is amazing in premium cabins when you only fly economy, it can get really bad at times. Flying into a small cabin filled with hundreds of people bunched up together is just not a very comfortable scenario. That being said, with the help of a few tips and tricks, as well as the benefits from frequent flyer programs in the country, you can turn your cheap economy flight into a fairly comfortable one!

These hacks are mostly tailored towards budget travelers and those who have no choice but to fly economy or premium economy. Premium cabins are such because they bring forth a more comfortable experience. Fortunately, you can try and enhance your experience for both using these hacks!

Dress to Rest

Airplanes, no matter how full, can still be very cold, or warm. In fact, you can’t exactly know the temperature until you’re inside the plane. Because of this, you should be careful about what you wear. The best that you could do is your most comfortable shirt.

Wear something that lets you breathe easily. Aside from that, we highly recommend you wear a comfy jacket and sweatpants. You don’t need to dress as best you can for your flight—that is unless you have a meeting immediately after it (which rarely happens).

The same goes for the shoes that you wear, make sure that you choose those that can easily slip on and off so going through security won’t be a problem. Your feet tend to swell a bit as you fly so wearing shoes that you can’t remove easily can be very uncomfortable.

Consider this: Some airlines provide pajamas for business or first-class products. They don’t care about how you look as you fly, they care more about your comfort and wellbeing. Most pajamas are amazingly comfortable and quite loose.

Keep in mind that anything that is tight-fitting is a bad choice when flying. When your seat is just around 18 to 20 inches, you can’t exactly move around and adjust your position. This is especially true for long haul flights.

Bring a Hoodie

…or any overcoat that is comfortable for you. these can be used as a jacket during the flight, a blanket when you want to sleep, and a pillow when you roll it into a small clump. Hoodies are probably the most flexible out of the extra clothing you can bring.

Bear in mind that even when some airlines provide a pillow and/or blanket in premium economy, they’re generally extremely light and won’t be of comfort at all. In these cases, it’s much better for you to bring something like a hoodie or a jacket as an alternative.

Make a DIY Amenity Kit

In premium cabins, airlines provide passengers with an amenity kit filled with some hygiene and relaxation items. These kits usually have skin products such as lotion, lip balm, face and hand cream, and a toothbrush set.

They provide these to help passengers adjust to the dry environment within the airplane. For some people, the environment can be a bit irritating. But with the help of this hygiene kit, you can keep your skin and your experience a bit more comfortable and smooth.

Going the extra mile, you might as well bring your own eye mask and earplugs. These would be a great help in helping you sleep soundly during the flight, especially if you’re alone and you don’t know who your seatmates are.

Start Comfortably

If you can spare a bit more just to make your stay at the airport more comfortable, then you might as well do so. Fortunately, you don’t need to be part of a frequent flyer program to enjoy some of these lounges. Paid airline lounges might come at a price, but at the right time, they are worth it. That being said, the exclusive airline lounges are usually way better than these paid lounges.

Airline lounges are an amazing alternative to waiting by the boarding area and buying fairly overpriced food at whatever fast food chain there is.

Keep in mind that there are over a thousand airport lounges around the world, a good chunk of which can provide access through payment. It’s easy to find a lounge by using some third-party lounge locating apps!

Book Online

When you book your flight online, sometimes you can choose which seats to get. This can be a bit more expensive, but sometimes, it can ensure the comfort of your flight. Depending on what you want to do during the flight, the ideal seat for you varies.

In most cases, there are two or three columns of three seats each. The window seat is best for people who don’t want to be disturbed. This is best for people who want to sleep. The downside is that you’ll be the one that will have a hard time getting in and out of your seat.

For the best and most accessible seats, aisle seats towards the back or the front are for you, particularly where the galley is. It’ll be very easy to get the attention of the flight crew. The downside here is that when you’re seated near the galley, it can get quite noisy from when food is being prepared and served. Aside from that, you’ll be the one who is disturbed the most as people will be walking on the aisle and your seatmates might go in and out of your seat.

For extra legroom, aisle seats are nice, but some seats, particularly those in front and those near emergency exit rows, have the most space. There won’t be any seats in the front that might recline to you.

For most of your flights, you can check out their seatmaps through seatguru.com!

Become a Frequent Flyer

There are only so many that you can do to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Becoming a frequent flyer—a member of a mileage program is probably the best thing that you can do. By becoming a member, many opportunities to make your flight more comfortable open up.

First is the priority status that they bring. When you have priority status, you’ll have access to priority check-in, priority boarding, and even a few benefits when it comes to your luggage. You’ll also gain access to exclusive airline lounges around the world!

You’ll also be able to earn miles which you can use to book a flight in the future. There’s nothing more comforting than flying for free!

Becoming a frequent flyer will also make it incredibly easier to book flights, get upgrades, and enjoy more benefits on specific airlines—that being said it’s also the option that is better suited for the long-term.

Closing Statement

Air travel doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, especially when you’re flying economy. There are many things that you can do to keep yourself as comfy as possible during so. Check out the points we’ve presented above and make your next flight as comfortable as possible!

For more air travel-related content, check out the rest of the Pointsboys! We post-flight and lounge reviews, the latest promos and deals, and a few blog posts regularly!

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