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AUB Mabuhay Miles Devaluation

Effective September 1, 2019, AUB will change their point-to-mile conversions. It looks to be very bad for mile collectors.

Cardholders were emailed by AUB about their “adjustments to their rewards program. Their previous ratios were relatively okay, especially AUB Platinum with the 1 mile : PHP33.00.

Now, they’re changing it to basically say that 1 mile: PHP100.00. Take a look at the table that they emailed to cardholders:

The changes will definitely affect the usability of the AUB credit cards in mile collecting.

We suggest that air mile collectors convert their points to Mabuhay Miles before September 1, 2019! Move all of your points before they become devalued!

For any mileage collectors out there that’s been using AUB as their primary card, it might be time to find a better deal with other credit cards!

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