Airline Miles or Credit Card Points- Which Should You Focus On

Airline Miles or Credit Card Points: Which Should You Focus On?

To become an airline mileage collector, you have to focus on two things. First, the airline miles that you can collect through your flights. Second, the collection of credit card points. In the Philippines, there are a lot of ways to collect both.

Bear in mind that these two, though sometimes can be interchangeable, are entirely different concepts altogether. Check out this short discussion regarding the differences and similarities between airline miles and credit card points!

What are Airline Miles?

What are airline miles

Airline miles are a type of currency that you earn from flying with specific airlines. In most cases, they equate to the number of miles that you’ve flown multiplied by a percentage based on the airline.

Airline miles can be used to redeem flights for free all over the world. Bear in mind, however, that different airlines have their own brand of these airline miles. There’s the KrisFlyer miles, Asia Miles, Mabuhay miles, Skyward miles, and many more. Each of them can only be used on their specific airlines—but there are times when they can be converted to other types of airline miles.

In some cases, you can use these airline miles to book hotel stays, accommodations, and car rentals.

In summary, airline miles are the currency that you can use to redeem flights.

What are Credit Card Points?

What are credit card points?

These are points that you collect when you use your credit card to pay for transactions. Different credit cards give different amounts of points when you use them. Some even have bonus multipliers, or a set number of bonus points when you use them for particular transactions.

You can collect credit card points for every kind of transaction that you make unless there’s an exclusion detailed within its fine print.

Credit card points can usually be used to purchase items from a rewards catalog which is, again, different from bank to bank. These purchases can range from a variety of items, such as gadgets, clothing, appliances, and gift certificates.

But the most important purchase, or should we say, conversion of these credit card points is to airline miles.

You can purchase airline miles, hotel points, and the likes using your credit card points as long as it’s available in the bank. Some banks have a 1:1 ratio between airline miles and credit card points, while others need 2.5 credit card points to get 1 airline mile. It all depends on the bank.

In essence, credit card points are a form of currency that you can earn by using your credit card to pay for certain things. These credit card points can then be converted into airline miles, hotel points, or be used to purchase items from a rewards catalog.

The Difference Between Airline Miles and Credit Card Points

The difference between airline miles and credit card points?

To some people, credit card points and airline miles are interchangeable—especially those who are new to collecting miles and flying using them.

It should be well noted that although that can be the case for very specific credit card points, it’s not universally true.

Most credit card points mention a point-to-mile ratio nowadays which also shows how much they should spend to earn one airline mile. Most of them are accurate but do not detail the conversion between the credit card points to airline miles.

Aside from that, the most important thing that you should know is that credit card points can be converted into airline miles, but you cannot convert airline miles into credit card points. Airline miles can only be converted into another type of airline mile.

For example, you can convert your Metrobank Reward Points into KrisFlyer Miles, but you can’t convert your KrisFlyer Miles into Metrobank Reward Points. You can, however, convert or transfer your KrisFlyer Miles to other partner airlines.

This is very important when it comes to saving up for a flight award that you want so badly. Assuming that you need 30,000 miles to book a business class flight, and you only have around 20,000 miles on you, you will need to get 10,000 miles from your credit card points. If you need 2.5 credit card points to buy 1 mile, then you’ll be needing 25,000 credit card points.

If you convert any excess credit card points in airline miles, you can no longer use it to buy other airline miles.

Because of this, you must be very meticulous with how you use your credit card points and airline miles. to efficiently use them, especially your credit card points.

For the most part, the bulk of your airline miles will come from your credit card points. The more efficient you use them; the more opportunities will open for you.

Closing Statement

Airline miles are what you need to redeem flight tickets, but credit card points are the best resource that you can use to earn enough of them. However, you should always remember that once you convert your credit card points into airline miles, you can’t get them back.

This won’t be a problem if you like flying on a single airline. But if you want to explore your options, it would be best to convert only the exact amount that you need so you can still have some points in store for your next big flight.

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