About Points Boys

Who We Are

The Points Boys is the passion project of Paul and MJ. It is about maximizing the points you earn using your credit card for traveling and flying across the world! They believe that sharing the knowledge, tips, and techniques that they have accumulated to the people of the Philippines will bring many opportunities that would otherwise be overlooked.

Many credit cards net you points which can be used for many things — one of more the prominent ones would be converting it to miles that can be used to book flights and even hotels!

Here at the Points Boys, we believe that the number of people who maximize the points they earn from their credit cards is currently not enough. You can use it to book flights for yourself and your family once you’ve collected the right amount. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t be paying for any of your future flights with cash. Instead, you’ll be using your points!


With around 5 years of experience in maximizing the credit card points they collect, the Points Boys are more than capable of sharing tips and trips on how to get its full potential! They have booked multiple flights across the world by spending nothing but the miles they’ve collected!

That being said, we aim to inform our readers of the latest trends and know-hows in points maximization. We aim to educate the people of the Philippines regarding the opportunities that they can get if they use their points correctly. We know that the Filipino people can use a little rest and relaxation, and maximizing your credit card points is one of the many steps you can take to do so!


About MJ

MJ is currently a local executive engaged in the FMCG business. He often travels locally for work and internationally for pleasure. He has been collecting points for the past 5 years and has amassed millions of points through his credit cards and through flying. His airline of choice is Qatar Airways and his childhood dream was to become a pilot himself.

About Paul

Paul is connected with a local manpower agency. Being in that industry, he often flies throughout the country for work. He has collected millions of miles throughout his lifetime using credit card points and flight miles. He has always been a fan of traveling especially when he gets the chance to travel for free. His dream is to travel the world in different airlines and in different classes.

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